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Hell and GoneGangbustersA 4 Star rating for one of my favorite authors "The Story Was Good Don T Get Me Wrong The "story was good don t get me wrong The interesting although not unsolvable by the reader The MC s "As Contrasting As They Get And In "contrasting as they get and in good way The genre Go Cowboys and ThrillerUST yes of course Tal knows how to WORK the USTHeat Plenty once things got going which wasn t until ast the 12 way mark I LIKED THISBUT I did not love it I m not sure why really I ve been thinking about it for a few days and can t come up with a reason Maybe the fact that I kept utting this down to read other books maybe because there were absolutely no warm and fuzzies in this book One thing that I did love was the amazing resence that the setting The Crazies Montana has in this book The sense of Cocksure place really grounded the story for me and helped to lend the air of mystery that a thriller should haveYou like cowboys Go for it You like mysteries and unexplainable murders This is your bag of tricks You want to see someone come out of a serious PTSD shell You know Tal had to throw some military in here Pick this up Just don t expect fluff or declarations of love PS there is a fantastic HFN I love Tal s writing As I ve said in myreviously review of Tal s last book I reviewed the research he does for his writing is brilliant and this book is no differentThe two MC s are a Everett a stock detective who is a veteran and Lawrence a cowboy I looked the stock detective up as I had never heard of a stock detective before and didn t realise there was that many types of law enforcement You learn something new everyday when you read They both have had difficulty Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, pastsThey come together to investigate the crimes that has been going on in The Crazies and two MC s connection begins from thereI had a feeling who the villain was from the start but it didn t spoil the story for me at all as you can t wait for the reveal Tal s description of The Crazies is fantastic Youicture being in this vast untouched beautiful land with the charactersI cannot wait to read Tal s next book I received an ARC for an objective review Law and Everett team up to investigate This is a fascinating story from awesome writer Tal Bauer Up in the wild Montana territory we have something horrible going on New Stock Detective Everett ex Army solid and fit is *sent to sort it out he heads out *to sort it out He heads out meets Law a veteran of cowboy ways and a big tough man They investigate a hanging and when a shot rings out later they head that direction to find another dead man this one shot in the back The suspicions are all about who is killing who s cattle rustling who s dealing drugs and The sheriff thinks it s Law but after some investigating Everett knows it isn t him So he and Law ride out on horseback again to find the culprits They camp talk and become interested in one another We get the hot rough raw and Porto Bello Gold powerful sexy times we know Tal Bauer can deliver The action discoveries and bad guys are figured out but there s a twist I didn t see coming Beautiful descriptions deep inner thoughts and a captivatinglot keep us engaged We get violence fire murder and mayhem Highly recommended Enjoy From the very first book I read from Tal Bauer he has been a favourite of One hanged man Two vanished cowboys Three hundred missing cattle The Crazy Mountains are devouring everything they see Everett Dawson Montana’s newest Stock Detective has been sent from Helena down to the Crazy Mountains Cattle are going missing in the Crazies and Everett is charged with finding these modern day. IneI fell in love with his his olitical *thrillers but have loved everything he has ut out so far in eual measure This was just of *but have loved everything he has ut out so far in eual measure This was just of same uality of writing just about a vastly different subgenreNow cowboys are not something I usually go looking out for If I happen to chance upon a book on cowboys that interests me I read it but I don t actively go lookingBut this was a Tal Bauer so you bet your ass I reuested for it and I m glad to say I wasn t disappointedThe writing was great and the acing fast and intriguing The first chapter throws you off a bit to the baddies but if you ay enough attention you could Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah probably make educated guesses to their identityOur MCs developed a connection right off the bat even when they didn t know who to trust but it was as authentic as it could be without being rushed and without anyremature I love you s It was wonderful to read aboutMy only issue with this book was that it endedlol I wish we had another full chapter of Everett and Law after the whole debacle of them just being together and an epilogue for after they ve settled with each other But wishes and all that This ARC was rovided by the author in exchange for an honest review 45 stars from me Tal Bauer is just full of surprises and that s what makes him such an outstanding authorhe can turn his hand to any genre His words are crystal clear and so darned descriptiveI almost felt as though I were in the Crazies myself for this articular murder mystery storyooh not forgetting those cowboys I loved Law and Everettthe only reason I haven t given it 5 stars is that I egged the bad guys at around 25% and suspected that they d had some help from a few othersand I was right about that too and the reasons As far as Tal s stories are concerned His First Time was a iece of ure erotica and very enjoyable too A Time to Rise Second Edition is a vampireparanormal series and full of historical theories about the Knights Templar and set in Rome Enemies of the State Executive Office 1 Special Edition is a series set around the POTUS falling in love with his Secret Service agent and battling a complete loony of a US general who thinks it disgusting that a President can have a male lover and that the lily livered eople in charge of Bear Boy practically everything in the USA need teaching a lesson or two my favourite duo of his stories are Hush and Whisper which are spy thrillers with some terrific action andretty awful treachery and actually feature two of my favourite couplesTom and Mike and Kris and DawoodYou keep writing Tal and I ll keep buying those books DNF Time of death 63%Couldn t get in to it I m in a serious reading slump Exceptional MM western with a crime mystery twist I only wish it had ages A Joyfully Jay review 45 starsHell and Gone is an engaging romantic mysterysuspense that is enriched by Tal #Bauer s incredible ability to bring the fascinating setting to life The story is twisty and well developed and I never # s incredible ability to bring the fascinating setting to life The story is twisty and well developed and I never got a handle on who was behind it all until the ending reveal What is clever here is that we know as readers from the first chapter that Carson was murdered just not who killed him So while Everett and other law enforcement aren t sure whether th. Rustlers and bringing them in When he arrives he finds a hanged cowboy and a heap of uestions Was it suicide or was it murder Why are cowboys fleeing the Crazies Far from a simple investigation Everett's case lunges deep into the mountains' dark ast Lawrence Jackson the bad boy who runs the Lazy Twenty Two was th. Is is a murder or suicide as readers we know the truth "all along but are watching as everyone sorts things out I found Everett s role as a "along but are watching as everyone sorts things out I found Everett s role as a detective very interesting as it is nothing I have ever heard of before Basically he works law enforcement for the Department of Agriculture investigating cattle thefts This is Everett s first assignmen 45 starsAh I always love a good Tal Bauer book He always is able to create such interesting well written fun stories His main couples are amazing 910 and Law and Everett were one of those 9 because I adored them I do think we didn t uite get enough of them but that s only because this story was fairly short I guess I m just used to full length Bauer books been at least over almost or over 300 ages and a lot of time is spent building the couple up and getting to see them be together I felt even with not as much time building these two up that Bauer did a good job of it But with the mystery needed to be solved we didn t get as much time with them just being together and I wanted of that But other than that I thought these two had amazing chemistry the sex scenes were ah mazing and I felt the growing love these two had for each other Maybe it would have been nice to see a solid HFN but it was only robably a week or two where the main events of the book take Monster der Woche place and then they get together at the end so we didn t uite get to see them in the full on love stage even though they were getting there The mystery was really interesting too and I don t think I ve read one like it at least in MM romance novels But I was surprised at times and at other times not but in a good way Because I had my suspicions for who the badeople were and some who turned out to be bad I didn t think of and some who were I was like yep called it so it was fun reading it and unraveling the mystery just as much as it was fun reading the growing romance between Law and Everett So overall I loved this and can t wait for stories from Bauer They almost always are ones I love and adore Two massive thumbs up from me D 35 stars Hell and Gone is a Tal Bauer book uality is guaranteed as is flawless writing and engrossing storytelling and creativity It is not one of my favorite Bauer stories but I still finished it within a dayThis is Bauer s first mystery and western to boot wink wink Although it didn t the wheel and occasionally felt rushed it had thrilling moments Yet despite the fast Fragen Und Wege Zur Rechtseinheit in Deutschland paced intrigue the character development was somewhat sparse and the romantic development was lacking I also really and I mean really dislike the dead lover theme and there are not one but two dead lovers in the story Everett and Law s relationship seemedrimarily informed by circumstance and convenience especially on Everett s art The ending is a very tepid HFN and while it may have been fitting it wasn t very romanticPerhaps it is me and not the book Perhaps I just wanted a character driven story Because again I still finished it within a day Because again it s a Tal Bauer book My superfan self appreciates everything that he writes and is already looking forward to his next release Read for SBTB April June 2019 uarterly Challenge Read whatever you lik. E last man to see the dead cowboy alive There’s a whole forest fire of smoke swirling around Lawrence and where there’s smoke there’s flame and maybe even murder But Everett is drawn to Lawrence and if he takes the risk Lawrence offers will Everett find what he craves or will the Crazies claim their next vict. .

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