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In a Glass Grimmly gThis is the first novel featuring Detective Sergeant Logan McRae who is a very human and flawed character When we meet him he has been off work for a year after being seriously knifed in the stomach We also learn that whatever happened on the day he was injured resulted in his losing his relationship with pathologist Dr Isobel MacAlister This is unfortunate as their paths will cross many times in this book In fact almost as soon as McRae returns to work the crime rate is about to soarThis is aritty and hard hitting novel involving two different investigations which somehow merge along the way The first involves the fact that little boys are being abducted and killed The second concerns the murder of a New Directions in American Intellectual History gangster who has ended up in the river minus his kneecaps Thrown into the deep end McRae finds himself trying to solve the crimes stay warm which doesn t sound easy in the portrait the author paints of a freezing Aberdeen and try to discover who is leaking information to the press There are some fantastic characters DI Insch with his constant munching of sweets slimy journalist Colin Miller possible future love interest WPC Watson and that isn t even mentioning the criminals encountered Stuart MacBride manages to tie in several storylines in a believable way hasreat dialogue and a fast moving plot I look forward to following this series It s raining it s pouring The old man is snoringHe bumped his head and went to bedAnd couldn t African Immigrant Families in the United States: Transnational Lives and Schooling get up in the morning English nursery rhymeDetective Sergeant Logan MacRae could only wish for such a case But no His very first day back on the job after a year of sick leave after being stabbed while on duty is uiterim Stuart McBride s debut novel of the Logan MacRae series begins with Aberdeen police at the scene of a The House of Saulx-Tavanes: Versailles and Burgundy, 1700-1830 grisly discovery a young boy s strangled mutilated body lying in a ditch The poor wee sod was only three years old It s not long before it s raining missing and dead childrenIt s been a hot humid August in Minnesota and there s nothing like a cold wet thriller to chill me to the bone Cold Granite certainly fits the bill Aberdeen the third largest city in Scotland is known as the Granite City and statistically is the coldest city in the UK I love a thriller where the weather almost becomes another character and Mr McBride certainly manages to make Mother Nature a key figure If it s not raining it s miserably damp and misty If it s not doing either of those it s snowingWhat is most chilling of course is the work of the serial killer But is there really only one killer That s what Logan and his team must learn The victims are all uite young but there are differences between them and things that don t add up Reading about a child abuser was not really what I had in mind when I was looking for a break from the summer heat but McBride manages to skirt around some of the nastiest details In addition he throws in a second case It s supposed to be DI Steele s case but she manages to pass it on to him and he ends up trying to solve the murder of auy who ended up in the drink with his kneecaps hacked off Entertainment at its best There are twists and turns some of which are predictable but a few wrinkles surprised me The characters are superb DI Insch Logan s boss is a The Bodhisattva's Brain : Buddhism Naturalized gruffuy with a sweet tooth Man I hope that Dark Tapestry (Colin and Leora Mysteries) guy has aood dentist a ood endocrinologist and excellent insurance Every time MacRae was around him Insch was popping some kind of candy into his mouth and offering him a piece too Then *there s the aforementioned Steele What a tough cookie she is *s the aforementioned Steele What a tough cookie she is I can t forget Constable Jackie Watson AKA BALL BREAKER I LOVED HER THOSE Breaker I loved her Those just the cops We also see a lot of Colin Miller the newspaper fella with no scruples and Isobel MacAlister the pathologist Logan used to date another source of ice in this tale We don t et much background but the temperature drops every time the two are anywhere near each other Stuart McBride s characters are flawed funny and so much fun to read His witnesses suspects and killers are very well written also The writing is excellent I so enjoyed the Scottish isms and the bits of humor Don t et me wrong Cold Granite is serious stuff and much of it is really not meant to be read at the breakfast table But if you ve ot a strong stomach you may very well find it to be your cup of tea They drink a lot of tea in this book and plenty of stronger stuff too I can t wait to read of this series By the way I read Mr McBride s Goodread s bio It s reat for a than a few chuckles Thanks Chris for your recommendation It won t be long before I m on to Dying Light 45 stars 45 stars rounded to 5 starsHot Dog I have myself another fabulous series to dig into I love discovering these older series as there will be books waiting for me whenever I et the urge to revisit the characters In addition there is something about some of these vintage novels that you do not see in books published today Some sort of IT factor that is difficult to explain Cold Granite is the debut novel and a reat start to Mr McBride s Logan McRae collection The setting is Aberdeen Scotland What a totally miserable place It s like chapter 20 and STILL raining At least it finally stops When we reach December Then it doesn t stop snowing I ll say one thing though Mr McBride is such a creative uy that I could not help marveling at how many ways he is able to mesmerizingly describe the never changing weather He makes sure we never forget where we are and how wretched an environment it is Made me feel cozy in my nice warm house with a steaming cup of coffeeDS McRae is coming off sick leave after being seriously wounded during his previous case He s supposed to be easing back in Right For the next 2 weeks he does not et any time off as he chases down the suspects of multiple abductions and murders Do we have a serial killer Or are these crimes even related The plot is fast moving and complex It seemed like every time I thought I was starting to figure things out yet another event would occur "messing up my thinking This book totally engaged me with all that was oing on "up my thinking This book totally engaged me with all that was oing on characters are very well written Even all the potential baddies are well drawn despite the reader not actually etting into their heads Roadkill was my fave along with Desperate Doug what a loser I loved the cops McRae had my sympathy almost right off the bat His two DI s are a treat DI Insch who I wasn t sure about at first eventually won my affection He s a ruff uy but has a ood heart His penchant for eating sugar laden treats DS Logan McRae and the police in Aberdeen hunt a child killer who stalks the frozen streets Winter in Aberdeen murder mayhem and terrible weather It's DS Logan McRae's first day back on the job after a year off on the sick and it co. .

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Cold GraniteTh action My only regret is that there are 10 in this series already and I m really slow to read series fiction Stuart Macbride will et his chance to wow me again With red herrings than you can shake a fishing rod at Scottish author Stuart MacBride has kept me The Million Dollar Goal (The Million Dollar Series, guessing pretty much the whole way through Cold GraniteAberdeen Scotland is the setting and in the midst of winter it s a bitterly cold and unforgiving location The icy chills stem not only from the weather though as there is a monster of a serial killer stalking its streets The disturbing storyline of child abduction and murder means it s alwaysoing to be a difficult read but The Selected Poems gosh it was so compelling the cha This is Stuart MacBride s debut novel and I was pleasantly surprised howood it was It s not perfect though and I ll A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent get to my criticism in a minuteI liked the complex story With toddlers missing the kneecapped body from the harbor the bin bagirl and this was a busy book but the story flowed very well I liked DS Logan McRae I could be wrong but most books set in the UK that I ve read seem to have a lead character who is a DI with a DS sidekick Main character DS McRae was a nice change I liked DI Insch and his laid back management style I even liked Roadkill and I could just smell his steadings I also liked the humorNow critically at 458 pages the book was too long There was a lot of repetition that eventually became boring Examples are Insch with his constant eating of sweets and sitting half cheeked on desktops McRae with his vulnerable abdominal scarring and the constant denigration of the lawyer I don t need to be constantly reminded of these things and the book would have benefitted from a strong editing Some characters like Dr Isobel MacAlister didn t My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA get as well developed and her history with McRae had no depthOverall I enjoyed this book and will continue with the book number 2 I am hoping forrowth both in the characters and the author My first book by this author and definitely not my last I became uite attached to DI Logan McCrae and enjoyed many of the other characters too The story was excellent if a little too The Book of Leviathan graphic at times I am uite accomplished at skimming the really upsetting bits so the nasty details did not bother me too much I found it to be uite neatly put together and rather realistic in terms of police procedure etc Another new author Hooray Dead things had always been special to him Their delicate coldness The feel of the skin The ripe sweet smell as they decayed As they returned to God Detective Logan McRae comes back to work after months of recovery from a savage knife attack from a suspect which left him severely wounded His stomach is a mass of scar tissue His mental state is reasonably stable considering that scars on the body tend to leave scars on the mind as well He works for the Aberdeen police department located in the Scottish Highlands The weather is wet and windy and because it is wet theranite hills surrounding Aberdeen seem even desolate to the eye and because it is windy the cold chills the body to the bone It all begins barely before McRae can warm a seat at the station with the discovery of a dead child Then another Then another child oes missing The window for a live recovery of a child taken is a very small amount of time and McRae soon finds himself in "A Pressure Cooker To Find Something Anything "pressure cooker to find something anything will put him on the right trail He also has another case involving an adult male He has a pretty ood idea which of the local heavies has thrown this Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia grotesue artwork into the water but he needs some evidence to tie the bastards to the crime And no kneecaps Both hairy legs had ragged holes in them where a normal person would keep their knees The flesh was torn and tattered around the joint yellow bone poking through the mess of hacked up tissue Whoever had done this hadn t been bothered about making a tidy job of it This was unelective surgery by enthusiasm rather than skill As if Logan McCrae s life isn t difficult enough in walks Colin Miller local reporter who has information that will help him with his case The only problem is Miller is ambitious and wants a uid pro uo The type of information that will jam McCrae up with his pocket full of sweets boss DI Insch the inspector who had discovered an open packet of winegums in his overcoat and was busily picking off the little bits of fluff and pocketrit Ahh yes do be careful about the tuffs of lint
"When Accepting A Piece Of "
accepting a piece of from DI Insch Another complication for McCrae is watching his ex شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى girlfriend the medical examiner walking around like God sift to all mankind Isobel MacAlister turned up looking as if she d just stepped off a catwalk long Burberry raincoat dark The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) green trouser suit cream high collared blouse delicate pearl earrings her short hair artistically tousled Wellington boots three sizes too big for her She looked soood it hurt A further problem is if McRae and the team can not make progress soon the professionals from down south will be up both their nostrils If we don t watch out Edinburgh are Riding Hard going to take over And we ll all end up looking like sheep shagging small town halfwits Needless to say all of these elements increase the pressure on an inspector who is trying to shake the rust off before one of his mistakes costs a child his life The people populating this novel are refreshingly not PC The setting is damp and cold adding hindrances to an already complicated investigation There is a defense attorney who is loathed by everyone but his clients The police officers refer to him as Sandy the Snake or Hissing Sid and much worse The press through the manipulations of Miller are creating havoc with the direction of the investigation There are also vigilantes just to add some extra curry to the mix who are deciding who isuilty The uestion is can McRae set aside the myriad of distractions and focus on the slender stack of clues Can he catch the killer before another young child is taken I m definitely continuing with the series The bungling the luck the exploration of human weakness and the intuitive deductions Arabian Challenge give this series a feel of a real life human drama The setting in coldranite Aberdeen certainly adds some fascinating elements to the plot Stuart McBride is creatively descriptive of rather rotesue situations so a word of caution for those who like their mysteries softboiled rather than ritty and of the Scotch egg variety If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at. Od Soon the dead are piling up in the morgue almost as fast as the snow on the streets and Logan knows time is running out More children are Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students going missing More areoing to die And if Logan isn't careful he could end up joining them. ,

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S very entertaining especially to a sugar fan such as myself I learned a lot about English confectionaries many I would love to try myself I feel bad they are not available to me here across the pond Then there is DI Steel Oh my She doesn t have a huge part in this story but enough to intrigue me I hope to see of her tough stuff in future books WPC Watson assigned to drive McRae around is a ILLERAMMA Kathalu gem Her nickname is Ball Breaker Enough said Oh and Colin Miller the hated by his colleagues crime investigator from the local newspaper I loved seeing the evolution of his relationship with McRaeThe writing is top notch PeriodI am thrilled to have finally discovered Stuart McBride I was totally captivated by Cold Granite and look forward to reading of this series I rate this book 45 stars I cannot help but round up to 5 stars despite the fact thatives me minimal room to award future books a higher rating Oh well it American Literature Student Text gets what it deserves Needless to say I highly recommend Cold Granite to all crime fictionthriller fans Aye Shame He was fucking tasty in his day uite the lady killer But we couldn t prove it Detective Inspector Steel There is a lot to like in Stuart MacBride s police procedural Cold Granite To start with the story is sprinkled with humorous lines like the one above delivered by likeable almost uirky characters Some moments actually made me laugh out loud which I found surprising as I didn t expect it to be filled with such dark humor The author does areat job of balancing the humorous moments with the serious and uite Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance gruesome aspects of the main story Detective Sergeant Logan McRae the MC is also very likeable I liked that he was human sometimes heot things wrong and sometimes he The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems got things right He was also just a man trying to do his job One thing I would have liked though was a little insight into his personal life We doet a backstory involving a case he worked prior to the events of Cold Granite but I would have liked to learn about his family parents friends outside of the police force etc It would have been nice to have seen a bit of interaction with them I think because of this Logan initially felt like a bit of a void to me But of course this changed as the story progressed And I assume we ll et of this in later books of the series Another aspect of the story I liked was the setting It takes place in Aberdeen Scotland and the city itself truly becomes like a secondary character The author intertwines the city the weather the regional slang etc with the story and makes it come alive The main mysterycrime was really well done Some things I caught uickly and then had to wait for Logan to catch up but the main part of the mystery kept me uessing until the very end Just a word of warning that MacBride doesn t hold back when it comes to the horrifying aspects of the murders There are minor descriptions of autopsies and detailed descriptions of the children s injuries as well as other horrors endured by these poor kids So just keep that in mind All in all an extremely enjoyable read Highly recommended for fans of police procedurals Final Rating 4 stars With DS Logan McRae back at work after spending a year recovering from a near fatal stabbing he had been directed to ease into the job But when the call came in that a body had been found and that body was of a child he found himself lead investigator in a case that would consume him and the local police for the next few weeks The weather in Aberdeen was cruel an icy cold winter had attacked the residents with the bitter wind relentless in its fury The snow removed any chance of finding evidence the constant rain made everyone s lives miserable He could see this would be one that no one would want to volunteer forWithin days there were children missing bodies being found A sadistic serial killer was on the loose and the full resources of the law were needed to stop the horror But it seemed the media knew than the police Did Did The Department Have Did the department have leak How could the reporter know immediately they did even sometimes before the detectives knew As the dangers intensified and the suspects multiplied Logan felt the intense pressure of looming failure would they find the vicious killer before died I thoroughly enjoyed this brilliant crime novel by Scottish author Stuart McBride Cold Granite is Black Wings of Cthulhu gripping and intense with a rollicking pace that kept the pages turning until the end I hated having to put the book down wanting toet back to the thrill of the chase the chills of discovering the answers I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Cold Granite and will be Girl on the Verge getting my hands on 2 in the series very soon The Hook My GR friend Jean and then Christine bothave Cold Granite rousing thumbs up reviews I trust these women so thought Why not The Line The lasagne tasted like damp newspaper to him Lasange is the Scottish rendition of lasagna just in case someone wants to correct my spelling The Sinker As Christine said Hot Dog It s a debut and a humdinger Now if you re expecting cream puffs and muffins a humdinger Now if you re expecting cream puffs and muffins this one Though there s lots of candy floating around in "this police department this is no fluffy police "police department this is no fluffy police If mistletoe Christmas Carols and the spirit of the season is making you merry and bright wait until the doldrums of January or maybe even February to take this one on It s brutal in its killing and the images and smells of the dead reek off the page are descriptive if not a bit Women and Alcohol in a Highland Maya Town: Water of Hope, Water of Sorrow Revised Edition gory So why did I like it Well drawn characters dialog that sounds real though I ve never been at a crime scene like any of these and a superior officer Insch who is well superior The main character Detective Sergeant Logan MacRae is on his first day back after a leave of absence only to be hit with the mutilated body of a young boy found in a ditch Makes one want to take a couple of weeks off His ex not certain you could call her airlfriend the pathologist he doesn t want to see shows up at the crime scene MacRae who d rather be anywhere than here can t help this non professional thought running through his head Dr Isobel MacAlister thirty three bobbed hair brunette five foot four Makes little mewing noises when the inside of her thigh is nibbled She was dressed immaculately in a fitted The Quickie (Sexy and Short Erotica Story) grey trouser suit and black overcoat the effect only slightly spoiled by a huge pair of Wellington boots flapping about up to her knees Add in Constable Jackie Watson know as the Ball Breaker who becomes MacRae s charge and you veot a station house that comes alive and pumps wi. Uldn't et much worse Four year old David Reid's body is discovered in a ditch strangled mutilated and a long time dead And he's only the first There's a serial killer stalking the Granite City and the local media are baying for blo. ,

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