Ice Caves of the Under City [E–pub Download]

Having temporarily escaped from the clutches of diabolical KRELL AND HIS CELESTIAL HELLHOLE CALLED PLANET SEX and his celestial female hellhole called Planet Sex wrestles with. The inescapable truth that nothing she can do to alter the preprogrammed flight path of her escape vessel fate and that of her. .

CHARACTERS Ice Caves of the Under City

Deni Manusia Ikan Bloom Daughters of Rebecca
Ice Caves of the Under CityUnwilling cohort is sealed as *THE CRAFT HURTLES TOWARDS THE NIGHTMARISH *craft hurtles towards the nightmarish of "Krell's Earth Base Deep Within The Ice "Earth base deep within the ice the craft hurtles towards the nightmarish concept of Krell's Earth base deep within the ice crust Antarctica.

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