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Fragments eAnswers both the 1887 Michelson Morley and 1925 Michelson Galexperiments the universe which contains Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries ether is rotating around a motionless Earth is the only solution that answers all thempirical vidence One wonders which health Sungenis believes might best uphold the four humors Einstein takes a beating in this book As an xample from P138 139 Hence the Special and General theories of Relativity seem to suffer from internal contradictions and that is because they are both based on a fundamental rror a moving arth It was only a matter of time before the rrors of ach Theory Were Exposed Unfortunately For were One Ticket To Texas exposed Unfortunately for rest of the world the Einstein srrors were xposed the the press and academia sought to cover them UP AND THE COVER UP IS and the cover up is very reason Einstein remains as the hero of modern science todayPerhaps most annoying are all of the uotes from many famous scientists mathematicians and philosophers since these are selectively x. Is the best favorite book format Paperback and others 244 Tracted from their context in order to press the words into the service of geocentrism This is done throughout the book and in a section in the back ntitled Famous Scientists Support a Geocentric Universe The name dropping includes Einstein Hawking Poincar Mach Fresnel Lorentz of course Arthur C Clark Hubble Lawrence Krauss Martin Gardner and Bertrand RussellWhile he presents his views as course Arthur C Clark Hubble Lawrence Krauss Martin Gardner and Bertrand RussellWhile he presents his views as informed by vidence they seem to actually be motivated primarily by Biblical considerations It s asy to reject the Copernican principle One only needs to read Genesis 1 with an open mind and a willing heart P192 And he concludes his arguments on P218 219 with the idea that those who don t believe in geocentrism Are Worshiping The Creation Rather Than The worshiping the creation rather than the uoting the apostle Paul to describe such people today as those who suppress the truth by their wickednessFor those who would prefer this content in the form of the novel Sungenis has got ya covered. Ages and has a text language like English isbn 9781939856227. ,
Geocentrism 101

The Meaning of Science

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