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The face and wonder how the meat s gonna taste Does that mean his characterization is linear and doesn t change throughout the book Not at all He ndergoes his own transformation through his relationship with Killian but stays true to his foundationThe world building is also nicely done where information is Unforeseen (Kingdom Keepers, understood through the characters experiences rather than an info dump Sure this makes it confusing in the beginning but is definitely a better way to learn of this radiation induced apocalypse The cast of characters while small at first begins to expand throughout the book I didn t know how to feel about this as I like the focus to be on the main characters Luckily it didn t distract too much and hope the author doesn t feel the need to include too much head hopping most of the head hopping was between Killian and Reaver with the inclusion of a few other characters here and thereIs the plot and world completely believable Absolutely not If you re the kind of person who psycho analyzes the characters behavior the world s history and the outcome of events that happen then you ll probably roll your eyes throughout the story Hell as a person who works in a pharmacy I will tell you there is no way in hell meds are still good after sitting on the shelves for over two hundred years There is something called an expiration date Does that mean the world of Fallocaust is too over the top and not enjoyable Once again absolutely not You just have to go into the mindset of going with the flow is all I m saying after all this is also considered a science fiction storyDespite all the good things about Fallocaust there were some BAD things as well And I m going to be very blunt here1 Someone get this book a fucking new editor My goodness I m not talking about the occasional misspelled word here I m talking about misspelling the same word continuously repeated words incorrect words and even a couple sentences that made absolutely not sense to me no matter how slowly I reread them I ve read longer fanfiction that had fewer mistakes compared to this book with the assistance of beta readers The reason why I m making such a big deal here is the mention that the edition I bought was professionally edited Warning to grammar Nazis and people expecting a well proofread experience you re in for some pain While not grammatically incorrect I don t think anyways I get annoyed when authors feel the need tose inconsistent punctuation For instance Nascars Wildest Wrecks using one exclamation mark in a sentence followed by another sentence with three five exclamation marks Or the need to format whole sentences IN ALL CAPS2 I fucking hate Killian He actually makes the top three list of mostnlikeable character in MM history Seriously I lost count of how many times he cried after about twenty five It got to the point where I was the one who wanted to cry but then devolved into laughing my ass off with how pathetic he was just like Reaver does sometimes He cries and whimpers multiple times in every chapter featuring his POV His other behaviors giggling jumping A Land More Kind Than Home up and down and I think there was a scene where he s skipping gives me the impression of a eleven year old kid instead of a 17 year old boyman whonderwent some traumatizing experiences It was very difficult for me to imagine an adult because his whimperinggiggling behavior made me shave a few inches and a handful of years from his character He s also supposed to be an intellectual yet thinks with the vocabulary of a middle schooler Oh and let s not forget he s almost always the one fucking Outlaw Bride up and causing problems that endp hurting others James Still unnecessarily And when things do go wrong what does he do He cries calls himselfseless and cries some In all honesty I feel like he single handedly made my reading experience drop significantly He was such a waste of word count in my opinionSo over all I did enjoy Fallocast Sure the writing felt amateurish at times yet oddly elegant in others with a very nlikeable love interest in my opinion and could se some tightening Native Son up with certain scenes that dragged or feltnnecessary But the book manages to explore territory that many authors don t dare touch or even dare think of And for that I will have to say this author definitely has some balls And you know what else He does a good job in creating an overall compelling story with a suspenseful ending that makes me definitely want to pick The White Paternoster, And Other Stories up the seuel whenever it comes UMMMMMMMM THA FUCK So I had no expectations going into this A few friends were reading it and my pal Angela is a huge fan so I decided to give it a try She gave me all the warnings and said it wasn t for everyone but I guess it must have been for me because I gobbledp over 800pgs in 2 daysSo gather around children while I give a glimpse into what is known as The FallocaustSo its many years in the future and one man has destroyed the entire fucking world Like the earth is dead DEAD and people can survive barely But just like life is now you have the elite the rulers the ghetto rats the greywasters and indescribable monstrosity of people and animals it s fucking wild In the greywaste TOWN OF ARAS WE HAVE REAVER THE LITTLE PSYCHO of Aras we have Reaver the little psycho among his towns people He likes to kill and he s a brat but then the brat starts to fall in love with a boy named Killian and the rest you can say is history not really history but a series of events so crazy and some gross that I couldn t stop readingFrom the beginning you can clearly tell that you are in for a ride a smooth or bumpy depends on the reader It was Laid uite smooth for me Smooth Bitch real smoothTHE WARNINGS FirstCannibalismRapeTortureTorture with RapeUsing humans to make fois gras that is an experienceDrug Use next level typese2x Cannibalism like its a way of life in order to survive and thriveDon t take the warnings lightly Its not a passing thing that happens as I said most of these things are a way of life for both the rich and poorOverall I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed it The science parts are estionable sometimes the writing can be terrible its overly long and would benefit from a overhaul but alasI FREAKING LOVED IT Fallocaust is not a book for everyone but it sure as hell turned out to be for me I m looking forward to the series fingers crossed it continues to captivate there is stupid in the first ten pages of this book than i can imagine filling the entirety of human literature across the span of the multiverse including every possible version of the eragon seriesit was so painful to read i kept stopping to ask people if it was a satireten pages i couldn t take than ten pages wanna know how many there were to read before the end892AND IT S PART ONE OF A TRILOGY I have never ever been so mind fucked in my life AndI will never get this feeling back ever again AndFuck I think I smoked half a carton of cigs 10 pots of coffee endless supply of Pepsi in the 5 days it took me to devour this book My nervous system is a mess For a while I thought I was gonna have a heart attack from sheer nerves and adrenaline that was coursing through my veins The images the feelings the crazy fucked p fucked Essential Business Networking up OMG so fuckedp world il Carter builds Its seered now into my very essence How the fuck do I move on I can t even describe I won t because if you like DARK and DIFFERENT and FUCKED UP and UNPUTDOWNABLE READ THIS FUCKING BOOKBIG SHOUT OUT TO KRISTIE FOR NOT EVEN KNOWING THAT WE WERE GOING TO END UP BUDDY READING THIS AND FOR HOLDING MY HAND VIA TWITTER GR AND FACEBOOK WHEN YOU REACH THE END GIRL I M HERE FOR YOU READY TO JUMP RIGHT INTO TO JADE Review to come after I have read "Jade These are just my thoughtsMareSLitsread I ll be honest I do "These are just my thoughtsMareSLitsread I ll be honest I do read books that are 900 pages I do not like dystopian books although I watch dystopian movies I do not like books with rape I don t like mans inhumanity to man Yet here I was reading this freaking long arsed gruesome book about characters that are not warm and fuzzy cannibalism rape constant drug se general inhumanity torture lies and manipulation form part of all the leading character s daily lives Everything I said I don t like I got into here Fallocaust absolutely sucked me in It shouldn t have It is not a perfect book It is too long the editing needed help and too long the editing needed help and was saying NO way too often I fought with parts of the book and the characters But I loved these mega flawed and fucked p people particularly Reaver and Killian and Reno and Greyson and Leo Oh lord and Perish Let s be clear on the fact that this book is savage stark and very brutal the way people are treated in general killed tortured raped etc It is in your fac. Tures in dog eared magazines Reaver is a greywaster living in a small block controlled by a distant ruler said to have started the Fallocaust He is a product of the savage world he was raised in and prides himself on being cold and cruel Then someone new to his. I ve been wanting to read this series for years but I ve always been scared because I knew it would be all consuming intense and the characters would be put through the wringerOne the one hand this was completely different from what I expected What I liked was the fact that this world is not filled with completely bad people like I thought it would be I mean everyone eats humans flesh I thought everyone would be killing everyone but that was not the case Most of these people actually had morals and while some definitely were of the sociopathpsychopath kind they were not all bad 19 year old Reaver enjoys killing and torturing people and it seems he has no empathy whatsoever That is ntil he starts following Killian a shy blond 17 So this book ruled my life for few weeksI didn t know anything about it before I start readingI saw it s tagged as dystopian mm read the blurb decided to try sample and this happened I saw him smile a few times and perhaps that s what got me started with the second glancesWhat he was so happy about I don t know didn t care really but the prospect that this kid was sunny enough to flash the scissors was fascinating to meLike all things though his happiness wasn t meant to be and the reality of living in hell caught A House Built out of Stone up with KillianEverything changed for him when we ate his parents If you stumbled backpaddled and thought say what you pretty much had the same reaction as I did The reason I am mentioning this here is because at this point you are either interested or you want to get the hell out of it the author is showing you immediately what you re in for and he s not holding back at allNeedless to say I was intrigued and decided to give it a try Best decision ever madeOk some info about the world building Fallocaust is a term referred to the event when a huge radiation wave decimated human population Fallocaust was not a mistake or random it was deliberate move by one man who declared himself king and who settled on an island named Skyfall with a chunk of people he deemed worth keeping around Everything out of Skyfall was destroyed people flora fauna even electronics So what do you do when you are a sociopath and have a clean slate world to rule over You create new one purely to your liking needs or whimsDecades later Skyfall is a place where King Silas reside with his genetically engineered adversaries chimeras and perfect creations and rest of people arians are given an anti radiation chip and showed out into Greywastes In one such greywaster city we encounter a boy and a psychopath who falls in love with himSo let s talk first about thing that may be a potential trigger to some cannibalism Yup they eat each other They have nothing else to eat And it s not subdued or fade in the background described it s a matter of fact and once you get over it you just accept it as part of these characters reality Once I started reading I actually found it easy to accept because this new world author imagined is fuckedp beyond recognition Abandon all hope ye who enter here kind of fucked Alma Mater up Imagine Mad Max cut the throat wasteland 28 Days Later and then amplify it by 10 No water creatures that are vicious product of radiation and evolution rape viral diseases and nop to date medications to treat them no resources just what you managed to scavenge And then add to that King Silas Seriously I think the thing that makes it scary the most is the fact that it is a differentfantasy world but it s similar just enough to one we know to make s ncomfortable Yeah just ask yourself would people really live like that or turn into that in those circumstances lack of food mainly shudderThe story is told alternating pov from two main characters Reaver and Killian Killian is not No Gentleman for Georgina (The Notorious Flynns, unlike characters you met in some other novels he is too young too innocent too lost when his parents died and completelynprepared This is rather simple but not really fair description of Killian because of all characters he is the one who developed with story the mostFrom the oblivious little shit you want to strangle few times he grew to be a complex character you respect the hell of What he went through it was strange he has any working ganglia left I expected him to snap and fry like battery Killian version 20 is a badass you really don t know what to expect from Finishing this novel I speculate he is the wild card I think he will surprise in next novel Anyway when we meet Killian he is doomed he just doesn t have skills to survive in harsh greywastes If not for the fact he attracted the attention of Reaver sentry who took p to himself to keep him safe he would die Now being "Protected By Reaver Is Like Being Protected "by Reaver is like being protected rabid tiger who pisses circles around you and throws bloody animals at you as a token of affection Reaver is my favorite character and he is a psychopath I am not telling this just for fun we are in his head long enough to realize just what Reaver truly is He is simply wired the other way he has difficulties reasoning as a normal person He knows he is expected to behave in certain way so he does it when he wants to mostly for Killian but it s not because he has empathy He can be mean as hell and he does so many estionable and despicable things that cannot be explained or justified and I don t even want to He is what he is and I liked him just like that If anyone wants me to say he is later changed power of love and all that crapthank God for that I hate this plot device I have to disappoint you he is Reaver and he is the most adorable psychopath ever Trust me you wouldn t want him to change There is a whole story revolving around him but to reveal anything is to spoil itThe plot is effing crazy There is so many things going on and you don t even have time to process one thing before characters are thrown into another situationWith such a long read you are never bored Seriously this was like a crack I couldn t put it down It s fastpaced action packed turmoil that left me emotionally drained Few times I was able to guess where is story going but the biggest plot twist surprised meBeside these TWO THERE S WHOLE ARRAY OF there s whole array of characters who are eually interesting and whose fate you want to knowAnother favorite Reno is Reaver s best friend He is awesome and funny as hell I want Reno to have weekly Aras podcast D He is the only one who did everything right imoLeo and Grayson Perish Asher every one of them lunatics because Fallocaust just doesn t do good characters I liked them and wanted to bang their heads in eual measures Gah they made some moves that made me scream at my reader Note here Killian and Reaver were also stubborn little shits you want to throttle few times but they are 17 and 19so I gave them leeway they are allowed to make mistakesI won t say this novel is flawless it is not It s definitely in a need of proofreading typos editing mistakes not to mention irredeemable mcs cannibalism blood and gore internal screaming surely things that can be deal breakers But guess what I didn t care at all when I finished It s dark and disturbing but there is also this hope in a very fiber of this story and I was so damn attracted to it The fact that two boys found each other in this gly and hopeless place is so beautiful and tragic at the same time and it left me hungry for This is me when I hit the end Ruined DOf course I bought already Breaking Jade and I am eager to start it since I really want to see some Skyfall and learn about chimeras Rating 35 starsReading Fallocaust was definitely an interesting experience I really like it and will definitely follow p with the seuel when it s released But because I really like it and see the potential that s there it makes its flaws apparent to my mind s eyes and pisses me off than it shouldWhat I really love about this book is that it does NOT pull its punches It s gory Very very gory After all we are talking about a dystopian society where the act of eating other humans is considered normal and even necessary Restoration uil doesn t skimp on the details of that oh so chewy piece of ass meat or the the process of gutting a human and stuffing it with some veggies to roast There s also violence and the presence of a sociopathic main character ReaverWhich leads to a rare opportunity in the MM world of fiction to be able to sink into the mindset of a very depravedblood thirsty main character I absolutely love being able to sink my teeth and experience a ruthlessness in characters that aren telled completely by that magic stick we call love Nope Reaver is a sociopathmurderer with an arrogance that is earned from the ability to shoot a kid point blank in. Over two hundred and thirty years ago the Fallocaust happened killing almost everything that lived and creating what is now known as the greywastes A dead wasteland where cannibalism is a necessity death your reality and life before the radiation nothing but pic. ,
E and not off page It is detailed Also the fact that the word rape is casually tossed around as a threat or fear can be problematic if not a trigger for a number of people Please bear this in mind and it is reader beware This book is not for the faint of heart They also The Vanished (Roswell High, use terms for people that are not PC but I blurred the lines with the greywastes when I went on in These are dark times with people living in a nasty post apocalyptic world where zombie esuewendigo like creatures and legionaries are wandering around the dismal grey landscape the greywaste They re ready to rip your face off and rip out your innards while you are alive sell you off to a factory where theyse your body for meat by products or maybe as a cicaro whore The blocks or towns these people live in are harsh think Mad MaxEscape From New York and LA Do not read the spoiler if you have sexual triggers or are sensitiveview spoiler How do you like a main character who is sociopathic including duct taping a baby s mouth and thinking throwing it out the fourth floor window is only wrong because it will draw attention to his location when he is ordered to sniper someone Who is in love with the newest boy in Aras but won t talk to him and likes to follow him and sit outside his bedroom window in a tree Who holds the legs of legionaries while his best friend rapes them Perhaps I could rape them like they raped KillianI shut my eyes momentarily I knew I couldn t do that No way I could get hard I would have to settle at raping them with my combat knifeYesthat was a must the other main character who came from another town near the city and 120 Jobs That Wont Chain You to Your Desk used to be na ve happy and sweet prior to coming to Aras his parents contracting trideath a communicable infection and being killed and eaten Who now cries a heck of a lot is needy and finds that manipulating his boyfriend works well Is also so anxietypanic attack driven that it doesn t take a lot to get himpset But he does some things that would make your hair stand on end Yet he can be so sweet and deeply and weirdly empathetic people who think nothing about burning their neighbours and family alive at the stake then gutting them stuffing them with vegetables sewing them back Taken by the Pterodactyl (Dinosaur Erotica) up and basting them for a town BB When one of the young sentries is mauled to death by ravers he is referred to as Mickey Burgers as they eat him And when part of a family is killed for having acuired trideaththey can say their goodbyes to their baby sister in a pie I realized now why they called him the Teufel the Scourge of the Wastelands I realized than ever why people feared him Not only could he murder seven men without a trial or so much as a testimony he could get the entire block to light the torches to do ita psychotically manic mad scientist who makes abominations out of humans and animals a la Human CentipedeDr Moreau and that is the least of his issues It is detailed in the book lyingasi fathers who keep something so important and intrinsic from the son they raised who is a sociopath that it threatens his life and that of his lover and the town they are mayors ofa sick mind fuck of a king who is amoral and immortal and has manufactured the Fallocaust and this world for his own welfare and no one else s although he loves cats go figureThe list goes on and these are mild The Four Faces of God uotes hide spoiler One of the most graphically violent novels I have ever read The premise of the book sounded really interesting and I have to admit it had possibilities But the way it was written really spoiled it First there is the violence I get that the world the characters live 45 StarsIt could have been so easy for me to play the cool hypercritical reviewer by picking apart out everything that s wrong with this beast of a book But I m not as popularity for Fallocaust grows and believe me it will there will be someone else to dissect and eviscerate facets of this novel I hate them already but only because I won t be able to argue against their points by saying than yeah but so what it s still sooo good the author is only young and it s his debut novel so come on it s self published give him a break suspend your belief just a little this story and it s characters getnder your skin to make your heart race like a racehorse and leave your palms all sweaty it s that good If that doesn t win the argument I ll just say fuck off I don t care what you think anyway to which I will then stomp off while pouting appropriately I love this book with it s flaws and all I love it And it s not just me at present Fallocaust has earned nothing but praise fist bump to all like minded depravity lovers and currently boasts an overall current rating of 465 Stars on Goodreads because the 75 readers who have read and rated it obviously don t care about the trivial editing issues not when the content is so damn intoxicatingYou have to know that Fallocaust is not for everyone see Tracy s reasons in the link below it s harsh ncompromising and heinously gory with rape cannibalism psychopaths copious amounts of opiates and acts of torture so vile I guarantee you you will experience extreme and prolonged bouts internal screaming Nothing is fade to black you get to experience it all right there and then You can nderstand why I love it so muchThis is dark dystopian set 250 years after the Fallocaust nuclear annihilation happened The world is an gly bloody carcass of it s former self and life for humans is dangerous and temporary Reaver is our resident psychopathsociopath whatever he s just really bad but he s also seriously sexy so whatever he does is fine with me And yes there is a softer tempered side to him that can only be brought out "by the newish guy on the block Killian Killian is light to Reaver s dark his conscience when "the newish guy on the block Killian Killian is light to Reaver s dark his conscience when doesn t have one his one and only something his blah blah blah you think you know how it goes but ha No you do NOT And I freaking LOVE that This is not a sweet predictable romance my friends yes it s nconditional and fierce but jesus it has it s own rules and conseuences which will keep you turning pages way into the early hours to figure them outI m not going into the plot because I ll spoil it for you but there is so much here thrilling action excitement chilling revelations and situations within the constantly Nude Women Photography (Sexy Photo Book) UNCENSORED unravelling plot original characters that do thenexpected characters you will love and hate and then love again I loved how the author so nonchalantly incorporates cannibalism like it s as easy as author so nonchalantly incorporates cannibalism like it s as easy as potatoes it s gory but not for the sake of it it has purpose No longer does a good boy get a can of something special for a treat he is the something special in a can But people are starving they have nothing else to eat so a can of tender Good Boy goes a long way It s insane but it s horrifyingly credibleTold in dual POV by Killian and Reaver this sometimes reads like a horror story but at the same time there are laughs and there is hope The writing at first feels amateurish but it gets better as the author s skill develops and we are rewarded with some great lines like thisHe could see the white dusts of ash rimming the trunks like snow drifts coating the bark like fingers dipped in cocaine even the darkest black was touched with greyIntriguing characters and the games of an immortal King who turned this world into the greywastes is what gives this book the meat and bones it needs to carry this series beyond the relationship The fantastical element brings a fresh and always Solutions Manual for Introduction to Systems Biology unpredictable twists to the plot Like pieces of a fuckedp puzzle it all comes together but not completely not yet I have Happy Halloween from the Montgomerys (With Me in Seattle, uestions about the credibility of some aspects of life and technology that could truly last 250 years after a nuclear annihilation but I m happy to suspend my beliefntil I get an explanation for all the gameboys that miraculously still work when mine didn t last five yearsThis has huge potential to be something truly Prince Henery Sinclair unforgettable I mean it already is to me but I m just nervous to see how it s all going to play out in the future This is one of the most exciting books I ve read all year and I really want everyone to read it but I ll warn you and say there is a cliffhanger ending and it is extremely dark The next book in the series is not far from being completed but you have Breaking Jade a companion book to the series to keep you enraptured in this crazy world and perhaps fill in some answers for you too I hope you take a chance with this one and when you do just give it a chance to settle You will be rewarded What I can rate and review my own book This is so much powerI liked it though the author is a bit of a nut. Town catches his eye someone different than everyone else Without knowing why he starts to silently stalk himnaware of where it will lead himAuthor's Note Fallocaust has now been edited by a professional editor The second edition is now live as of May 18th 201.

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