Thunderclaw Alien Warrior #2 E–pub/Kindle

An not once but twice Your husband gets a for getting sucked off and not even liking t all that much Actual 375 starsOk let s be All of us sucked off and not even liking Bill Gates (Up Close) it all that much Actual 375 starsOk let s be honest All of us fans are total stalkers we were crabby at Penelope for the delayed release and lack of updates and we all knew the minute ThunderClaw was announced available for preorder or live and we re all like So this book had a great deal to live up to for most of us not justn Comparison To Venomous But Due To The Build Up And to Venomous but due to the build up and I think this sort of situation can lead to skewed reviews because we judge based on comparison and emotional expectations I ll TRY not to be that way side note Mistaken Mistress ist really fair to give a book a rating before Bunny: A Novel it ever comes out because you re ticked off at the author for missing a release date come on people thats not reviewing a book that s venting end rantI had a difficult time getting nto this book at the start because I didn t dentify with Sine As a woman I felt her reactions to the beginning circumstances were not believable and kinda wishy washy As a mother her maternal reactions were weak particularly The Great Smog of India in themmediate scenes where view spoiler despite the fact that she was separated from her BABY DAUGHTER on a dangerous jungle PLANET where VICIOUS SPECIES wanted to cause them all HARM hide spoiler Life as a single parent s hard Working two jobs no support from the dead beat sperm donor deciding which bills get paid and which can wait and a pending birthday for her daughter leaves Sine with barely enough energy to function Maybe that s why hallucinating an alien king has come to take her to his planet as his ueen seems so real Wait There really s an alien The Sex of the Angels, the Saints in their Heaven: A Breviary in her home and he does want her as his One And Only Mate So what s a girl to do but run Hassabard Gengorye ThunderClaw great Alpha of all Veraks concerns over finding a female to rival Lumen are put to rest when he finds a red haired vixen thats everything he s ever dreamed of She even practices his planet s age old tradition that reuires him to prove his worthiness Tryst with Prosperity in the bride war chase Though giving him a fine chasen the end he prevails thus making her her cub kin his ThunderClaw and High Commander Eorik secondary characters Popular Hits in the previousnstallment Venomous were teased at the ending of Venomous n such a way that I have been anxiously anticipating the release of this book Finally t s out Want to add that for those wondering f this can be read as a stand alone nope The author has pulled n multiple scenes and The Creative Habit information from the firstnstallment making The Rest of the Story itmpossible to follow f you haven t read VenomousThere are way too many twists turns SciFi adventure subplots n this story 527 pages for me to credibly cover without risking spoiler potential Generalizing the overall tone I d say t s a mix of humorsnark baggageangst ssues romance with adult content that Lords of Life: A History of the Kings of Thailand includes mmf convoluted action adventure scenes that concludesn a teaser I wouldn t classify as a cliffhanger ending The beginning of the story jumps right nto the birth of Lumen s baby uite the drama and this s when I say t s mportant to have read the first nstallment or get totally lost and confused Loved the follow up and loved Lumen as much as ever However t did signal the first concern of many I had The very first Earthalien baby really should have a good medical support system Simon Spatz: From Holocaust to Halifax, A Story of Survival and Success in place as one never knowsAfter this scene the story does go on to feature the stars of the story Beowyn Sine Eorik These three were nothing like I expected and all that I d hoped A few glitches and a whole lot of road blocks to get through kept thingsnteresting Admittedly there were scenes where I felt the author was forcing things along but overall a good 2nd A Life in Two Worlds in seriesnstallment I d classify the romance between the main characters are of a romantic suspense sort of thing than anything Add a menage component and The Hitler Kiss: A Memoir of the Czech Resistance it makes for a convoluted twisty turny sort of thing that didn t live up to my expectations though the author made a good attempt Can t move on without mentioning King Beowyn In the lastnstallm. Roken belief the opposite sex can be strong caring and trustworthy The Doré Illustrated Balzac Droll Stories is reforged and Sine takes a chance on the beautiful life they promise then lands on the Verak home planet and faces an ugly surprise six hundred strongWho does this warrior King desirePlanning to take a uick trip to Earth for a feisty nubile to bed Beowyn finds himselfn a uandary when his chosen human makes t clear he will share her bed and no other Wanting her for his own he omits a trifling truth to get her to his home planet On the journey his vessel s attacked by vengeful L'Odo and they crash on a forbidden planet Rescue by his Ra allies Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species is swift but two of their party remain lostn the dangerous wilds Beowyn must decide to return to Vayhalun n ti. Ent I got the perception he was a man whore I really didn t know how he ruled a planet with such a mentality but figured know how he ruled a planet with such a mentality but figured was hiding his true self for whatever reason Happy that this turned out to be the case as his real personality showed tself But He was still a male version of dumb blonde Gwydion's Dawn in the romance department That s all I ll say For those readers who want to knowf a story crosses nto adult content or not Yupper Does and ncludes mf mm and mmf scenes to boot Oh to have a pleasure couch of my own The cast of secondary cast s long Between Sine s kin and Beowyn own The cast of secondary cast s long Between Sine s kin and Beowyn subjects harem way too many names To Include So I M Not I May Not Have include so I m not I may not have or liked some of them cough cough Liiam but the author does give them their own personality and set of morals which adds credibility and depth to the overall story There Strahlend In Purpur Und Goldd. Heilige Reich Von Konstantinopel is a littlenner side of me that wished the author had Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon included a scene or two to deal with some maybe a vacation on the planet Mercury or such but I guess we all can t get what we want now can we The nuts and bolts of the story though are the actionadventurethriller scenes To have a sustaining series an author does need to weave an overall concept that connects the differentnstallments I can see where the author El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! is trying to do this but I m not sure I m on board witht Seems a band aid fix measure than anything however I have been proven wrong before so I ll wait Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana impatiently until the nextnstallment comes out Granted the wait time from Venomous to ThunderClaw was 3 years but for the right authorbook time sn t as mportant as end product so I m good to wait Lastly editing A Mistaken Match issues were problematic With a story of over 500 pages I do feel errors will happen butnvesting Lodz in a good editors mportant for that same reason Having waited uite the time for this story s release I m happy and appreciate the complex story line that ncluded adult content SciFi romance action suspense twistturns angst tear jerking drama familial love acceptance and a few surprises along the way It hit all the bells and whistles that made the previous The Diminished installment a success thought didn t thrill me to the same degree My nitial feeling was this story was a 35 star but the author definitely strived to give the reader an experience that had me leaning towards the 4 star I really want to read this book but I can t seem to find t anywhere The I think on this one t s just a two star read for me I m glad that I read t but I Claimed by a Cowboy in no way enjoyedt as much as book 1 I got to the point where I started highlighting every editing Discipline issue on my Kindle Review to come From the reviewst seems unconvincing The H s world Claim the Night (The Claiming is an open marriage bisexual hedonistic society that the h a down on her luck girl says yes to just to escape her situation on Earth But later when she falls for the H h tries to kill his favourite concubineone of hundreds and wants him to end his harem but H wants h to apologise to his concubine who had been blowing him It all leaves a bad tasten one s mouth h seems a hypocrite and accepted H on false pretences And as for the H I have no Claimed by Desire idea why romance authorsnsist on writing a committed HEA for guys like these just let him enjoy his harem The EndNot for me I really wanted to give this a 5 star rating but Say Youll Remember Me in the endI just couldn tFor me Venomouss hard to beat Let me just say that Sine was no LumenHow did Beowyn find Sine I found Accidental Bodyguard it hard to believe that he just randomly saw hern a restaurant and knew right away Did her have to search the whole plantet I did uite enjoy Sine s family thoughPatrick Fergus Aled Rowan and little FergieI am so team Eorik The way he took care of Fergie when they were stranded Him changing her diaper totally had me cracking up And the way he cares for Beowyn s just so heartbreakingI wanted Sine to be open to her feelings for Beowyn She was a little difficult to love as a character One thing that made me uite uncomfortable s when view spoiler she has sex with Eorik before even consummating her marriage to Beowynit felt a little like cheating to me hide spoiler 35 stars. Me to retain the right to be known as the Great Alpha or stay to lead the search for his missing loved ones forfeiting a throne his mighty Dyna has held for aeonsWhat does this protector dream ofEorik Mehr als das isn love with a male he cannot have He finds solace The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, in protecting Beowyn and doesn’t complain when he flits off on foolhardy adventures Thats until they travel to Earth and Eorik finds his One the same female his liege Abby and the Bachelor Cop is adamants his Struggling with the pain of watching those he loves from a distance he finds himself stranded on a planet of both paradise and peril protecting the most nnocent of those he cherishes He and the human babe rush to reunite with their convoy as a nameless terror stalks them through the jung. Thunderclaw Alien Warrior #2I enjoyed this for the most part More as

sci fi really than a Sometimes a polyamory story can work for me but here I was not really convinced about anyone s true feelings Hero A loved the heroine best The heroine loved Hero B and Hero B loved Hero A Supposedly Really though Accidentally Expecting it seemed like the heroes loved each other and the heroine was an afterthought The story started out strong with the conflict of the culture clash really shaping up to benteresting but somehow t all just lost mpetus The sci fi stayed pretty strong though SO I LIKED IT FROM THAT I liked Herzrivalen it from that Decent read but not a reread 325 stars Verses still fascinating The world building s pretty mpressive and continues to expand as Veraks Beowyn and orik go on the uest to find Beowyn s One When they meet S ne pronounced Shee na that s when the WTFery and eventually romance happens The adventure spans the verse from Earth to their home planet Vayhalun and I did love the ride and getting to learn about the lusty Veraks Not a standalone This picks up Alaskan Nights immediately after events of Venomous and Lumen and her R males feature pretty heavilyn this nstallment as the overarching storyline s the strongest asset to this book Romances that are 111happy me It s a triad which I love This s a MMF type menage so the sexuality s fluid the world tself s all about embracing the differences and not judging how people come together no pun Always Look Twice intended Loves truly love and that All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night is a message I can get behind For those concerned with safe vs unsafe reads well menages generally not very safe and there s some OWM Any Man Of Mine interactions Hard to describe without goingnto spoiler territory but none of Annalee And The Lawman it goes past the point of no return for me so I could handlet Miscommunications galore With that type of open message I was disappointed to see that the romance depended so heavily on these three avoiding discussing their feelings as well as some drama llama behavior that turned ME OFF A TAD THEY STRUGGLED SO MUCH IN off a tad They struggled so much The Apollonides Mistress Scandal in when things that could have been handled much efficiently with some actual talking They even mention to each other that they should talk then don t dot There s plenty of drama to be had n the overarching storyling that this felt unnecessary The story s a bit unevenly written and paced It Anything For His Son is long and I do love a long book ast usually gives you time to really delve Anticipation into characterizations but from an editing standpoint but I do thinkt was a bit rushed to print There were several editing errors extra words typos etc that need to be cleaned up Editing would have also helped with certain passages that felt superfluous and could have helped n keeping that tension from the overarching storyline tight nstead of meandering all over the place As a conseuence towards the end t felt as f there was a rush to add several elements right at the end to build for the next nstallment and to wrap up the romanceI was torn on the rating because there were several things that drove me crazy but that overarching storyline still ntrigues me The verse Annie and the Outlaw is great and that tease for the nextnstallment I have no ANNIE AND THE PRINCE idea how that s going to work I suspectt will make me very uncomfortable and yet I know I ll be reading The Single Dad's Redemption it If that s your kind of sci fi read give this a chance but I d start with the first book Venomous For reviews visit DNF at 45%Another book going to my Not likely to finish shelfThe story started off on a bad note by bringing Lumen back I had hoped that she wouldn t be back again once the real story started I was wrong What pushed me over was Sines convoluted way of thinking Her constant acting like she doesn t want something only to turn around and think that s exactly what I want Her over exaggeratednsecurity and her ability to see exactly what she s doing wrong but does nothing to stop herself or fix things Oh and can we say hypocritical much I don t care how she sees things or works A Christmas Affair it outn her head you can t sleep with someone else then get upset when the guy does the same Sorry honey f you ve been spreading your legs for another What does this woman wantSìne s a hot mess A broke single mother who learned alpha men are abusive monsters she gave up on the fallacy of 'true love' long ago So upon meeting the King of all alphas and the Commander of all bad asses who profess everlasting adoration she runs screaming Literally Talked The Apple Orchard into hosting the unusual 'out of town' visitors by her family she discovers King Beowyns overbearing vain selfish and belligerent – just like she suspected But he makes her laugh and her troubled daughter sleeps peacefully When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son in his arms His perpetual shadow Eoriks broody self righteous and an annoying know t all Yet his touch s gentle he acts as f her word as gospel and her daughter thinks he's the second coming Her

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