E–pub (The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives: A Student Introduction)

The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives: A Student IntroductionIf you are doing any degree IN UANTITATIVE FINANCE YOU MUST HAVE uantitative finance you must have book on your ersonal library I am doing an MSc in uantitative Finance and this book is like the handbook for this kind of studies I City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York personally recommend this book if you want to improve your maths androgramming skills I have always been fascinated by mathematical models that simulate real world activities I am no mathematical genius although I hold an honours degree in Physics so do have a nodding acuaintance with the nature of the random walk and can handle artial differential euations to a fashion The book is described as being usef. Finance is one The book is described as being usef. Finance is one the fastest growing areas in the modern banking and corporate world This together WITH THE SOPHISTICATION OF MODERN FINANCIAL the sophistication of modern financial rovides a rapidly growing impetus for new mathematical models and modern mathematical methods; the area is an expanding source for novel and relevant 'rea. Ul for students intending to embark on a detailed module covering derivative roducts In this sense it fits the bill Davids Sling perfectly With just aassing interest I found the content to be uite readable and could follow the text with reasonable ease It is however not a book for those who have not an inkling about the nature of randomness and statistical measures or who do not have any skill or knowledge of the calculus Having said that neither does one reuire a degree in mathematics to be able to understand the authors explanations of the Black Scholes euations I would say an HNC or HND in old money or its euivalent. L world' mathematics In this book the authors describe the modelling of financial derivative roducts from an applied mathematician's viewpoint from modelling through analysis To Elementary Computation A Unified Approach To elementary computation A unified approach to derivative roducts as Learner Strategies in Language Learning partial differential euations isresented using nu. In either maths or engineering would fit the bill The authors do refer to a fair amount of mathematics with which one the bill The authors do refer to a fair amount of mathematics with which one to be fairly familiar but they also rovide very good descriptions and explanations of derivative behaviour Well recommended if you intending to take this for further study or just have a Paradise Run passing interest The book is very heavy mathematics but I found it a good source of reference An extremely good introductory book for university level financial mathematics or if you want to start in the field Would highly recommend you read this before you attend an interview Useful reference sourc. Merical solutions where appropriate Some mathematics is assumed but clear explanations arerovided for material beyond elementary calculus robability and algebra Over 140 exercises are included This volume will become the standard introduction to this exciting new field for advanced undergraduate students.

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