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Mervyn LeRoyE and to ease any tension there might be He gives many examples of such tomfoolery as well as glances at many of his films Unfortunately he does not go into great detail about many events in his ife so this book only A World on Fire leaves the reader wanting In fact the most developed seuence is the beginning when LeRoy describesiving through the great San Francisco earthuake that destroyed most of the town This seuence is fascinating and works as a great hook to draw the

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in The rest is but not as amazing as it could have been Very enjoyable to draw the reader in The rest is enjoyable but not as amazing as it could have been Very enjoyable A Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life light read My only regret is that it was notonger and filled with details and account. ' as well as romances such as 'waterloo bridge' and 'random harvest' in all he Bridge' and 'Random Harvest' In all he over 70 movies in his distinguished 40 year career. Ble s ears I had no idea that was responsible for so many of my favorite movies So glad I read the book and got to know the man behind the films And thank you Mr LeRoy for the hours and hours of top notch entertainment you gave us Hollywood would have some missing pieces without you Mervyn LeRoy was a highly successful director who never made a film that ost money whose career began during the silent era and extended through the studio era His profession allowed him to fraternize with some very famous people and he discusses His Experiences Here LeRoy experiences here LeRoy a jokester who oved to play tricks on people on set both for his own pleasur. C movies of the Golden Age in a variety of genres including gangster movies such as 'Little Caesar' and 'I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang. I knew very ittle about directorproducer Mervyn LeRoy before reading his memoirs and I have to say that I found him delightful He started his career during the silent era and was responsible for so many classic films that I ost count He produced The Wizard of Oz 1939 and directed some pretty remarkable movies such as Gypsy 1962 uo Vadis 1951 and Mr Roberts 1955 just to name a few He had great stories to tell for example when he wanted to cast a newcomer Clark Gable in one of his gangster films Little Caesar at Warner Bros After watching what LeRoy thought was a great screen test jack warner nixed the idea because he Jack Warner nixed the idea because he t get past Ga. Mervyn LeRoy was an American film director and producer who began his career as an actor in silent films and went on to create many classi.

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