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Italian MissionNown of ancient Italy the Teeming Page Of Her Immortal of her immortal Ah no The smile around my hearth and home are a thousand times dearer to my than all the deeds of departed heroes Was THERE A CHARM FOR ME IN THE MOULDERING RUINS a charm for me in the mouldering ruins pagan temples or in the elegant structures of papal worship or were these unthought of in that hour of untold emotion when I rent myself from the realities of present happiness. To seek an almost unknown a servant of Jesus Christ I was going to oppose one exalteth himself against all that is God and an usurped authority over many nationsItaly appeared a death wrapt land where the errors of ages were ready to combat my attempt with gigantic powers I have now been to that country and publish these letters to my familiar friends as a brief record of my missi. ,
To cross a vast continent And A Vaster Ocean Demands A Motive a vaster ocean demands a motive considerable force When such a journey leads one directly away from his cherished a journey leads one directly away from his cherished from the wife of his youth the children who cluster round to hsp a father's name then serious affairs surely should be sounding an imperative call in the ear of the travellerI have performed such a journey and under such circumstancesWas I led by the re.

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