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ME RNReview to come This was my first time reading a book by Laura Andersen in the 1500s era of British history and I truly enjoyed this storybook so much It reminded me a lot of the stories my grandma my dad s mom has told me over the years that she heard from her moms side of the family My Grandma was born and raised in Liverpool England but moved over here to the US in 1951 after she met my Grandpa while he was serving in the Air Force in the 1950s during WW2 I will definitely read books by this author in the future The continuing alternative history story of the Tudor ueen Elizabeth and her friends Minuette and Dominic Courtenay In this one Stephen the elder Courtenay son is sent to Ireland as a soldier spy for the ueen Twins Kit and Pippa play their part as well in regards to Anabel the Princess of Wales daughter of Elizabeth and Philip of Spain Per usual there are real people alongside fictional characters with all the court intrigues and machinations that was common during the Tudor reign A thoroughly enjoyable novel of what if that is an interplay of fact and fiction but it is necessary to read them in order starting with The Boleyn King to understand the full story I am a huge fan of The Boleyn King to understand the full story I am a huge fan of Andersen s re imagined historical fantasy series They involve real people with both true and created events The results are wonderfully compelling because you aren t ever sure what mix the end result will have The Virgin s Spy is no exception Brought back here are those in Book 1 The Virgin s Daughter and include the Courtenay clan Princess "Anabel And A Few New "and a few new A lot of the focus is on Stephen Courtenay and his stay in Ireland The beginning of the book was a little slow for me but once it picked up I didn t want to put the book down Lots of twists and heart pounding moments I can t wait to see what is in store for our cast in the next book The Virgin s War coming out next month I received an advanced copy of this novel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I wasn t that impressed with The Virgin s Daughter A Tudor Legacy Novel Why then did I pick up the next novel Curiosity is such a terrible trait I really ust want to see if this trilogy will end how I envision it ended The previous trilogy did and I want to see if i can go two for twoI found so much potential in The Boleyn King Seriously What Tudor enthusiast doesn t envision what would have happened if Anne Boleyn had produced Henry VIII s son I thought the writing was excellent It wrote ust like an episode of The Tudors with was excellent It wrote ust like an episode of The Tudors with the same amount of historical accuracy These latest novels which follow the what ifs of Elizabeth ust aren t doing it for me The characters of the next generation of Tudors and Courtenays ust fall flat for me This novel especially felt rushed and disjointed I got a galley copy through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway This is the second in the Tudor Legacy trilogy which follows the Boleyn Trilogy an alternate history in which Anne Boleyn gave Henry VIII a legitimate sonThe Courtenay family are continuing to be their noble honorable selves This story follows oldest son Stephen s exploits and heartbreaks in Ireland and the romantic dance between Princess Anabel and younger son Kit Courtenay Younger daughter Pippa Courtenay gets some time but her full story is yet to come older daughter Lucie s story has been told in the previous book so she is merely a peripheral characterPlenty of action and plot movement carry the story forward I would like to see fewer references to how stoic and honorable people are I don t need to be reminded every few pages But this is an enjoyable series into what could have been 45 stars rounded upThis is the second book in Laura Andersen s Tudor Legacy series which returns to the alternate Tudor time line she created in her Boleyn Trilogy some twenty years or so after the events that took place in The Boleyn ReckoningWhile The Virgin s Spy CAN work as a standalone I wouldn t recommend picking it up if you don t have at least a bit of background information about both series. For those who ust can’t get enough of the scandalous Tudors the author of the popular Boleyn King series offers the second in an enthralling new saga of the royal family set in Elizabethan England Per. The setting is Tudor England but one in which Anne Boleyn gave Henry VIII a son who lived to maturity and who succeeded his father to the throne While that trilogy ended with history back on track and Elizabeth I becoming ueen of England Ms Andersen didn t stop there and went on to marry Elizabeth to Philip of Spain off screen for the couple to have a daughter Anne Isabella Anabel and then get divorcedMy admiration for the way the author interweaves actual historical events and personages with her alternative events and fictional characters is undimmed anyone with some knowledge of the period will recognise familiar situations some of which play out as they actually did and some which take off in another eually plausible direction The political intrigues and machinations are superbly described these are the sorts of books you need to concentrate on although that s no hardship because they re so compelling and the characterisation of Elizabeth in particular is superb Ms Andersen gets to the heart of what it means to rule and how difficult it can sometimes be she shows how isolated Elizabeth really is by virtue of her position how difficult it is to strike a balance between doing something for the good of the realm and doing something she knows to be right The reader really gets a sense of how the difficult decisions affect she knows to be right The reader really gets a sense of how the difficult decisions affect and how torn she can be The other principal characters in this series are the four Courtenay siblings the two sons and two daughters of Dominic and Minuette Courtenay Duke and Duchess of Exeter Following the events of the previous trilogy the Courtenays live uietly and mostly away from court even though their rank and friendship with the ueen places them among the highest in the land In the previous book in the series The Virgin s Daughter we followed Lucette the eldest of the siblings as she travelled to France at Elizabeth s bidding and got caught up in a desperate feud between the two Le Clerc brothers one of whom she eventually married The focus in The Virgin s Spy turns to the Catholic rebellion in Ireland and to Stephen the Courtenay s eldest son and heir Stephen is twenty one and his considered level headedness has often seen him compared to his formidable father a man whose uiet dignity belies a sharp mind an unbending sense of honour and leadership ualities that are second to none But although he doesn t show it the constant comparisons are wearing and Stephen is eager to step out from under his father s shadow and make a name for being something other than the son of the great Dominic CourtenayHe gets his chance when he is sent to Ireland to in order to reinforce the English troops engaged in fighting the Catholic rebels His commanding officer the Earl of Ormond is an experienced and pragmatic man Stephen finds he can respect Not so Captain Oliver Dane who is brutal uncompromising and without conscience as Stephen discovers when Dane orders the slaughter of Irish prisoners after an English victory Stephen is furious and disgusted at such an act and can t help speaking out against Dane s orders something which marks him for trouble and earns Dane s implacable enmity Following a raid on his camp Stephen is badly Wounded And Is Brought and is brought to recover but his mind is severely injured than his body and it is some time before he can let go of his rage for long enough to be able to coldly plan his vengeance But to gain that he needs to return to Ireland and to do so he must make a bargain with Walsingham Elizabeth s spymaster and infiltrate one of the principal rebel strongholdsIt s a decision which is going to profoundly change the course of his life but from which there is no going backMs Andersen does a great ob in balancing the personal stories of the Courtenays Elizabeth and Anabel against the bigger picture of the highly volatile political situation Mary Stuart formerly ueen of Scots and now married to Philip of Spain wants Spain to Who on God's Earth do you 'think' you are?: A true story about TRANSCENDING the ILLUSION of SEPARATION join forces with their Irish Catholic brethren against the English oppressors and war is inevitable It sust a uestion of when. Fect for fans of Philippa Gregory and Alison WeirThis captivating continuation of her award winning Boleyn King trilogy breathes immerses the reader in the dazzling Tudor court Realistic period details ,

The Virgins Spy Tudor Legacy #2It s going to happen and how long Elizabeth has to prepare for itThe relationship between the ueen and her heir is very well drawn "Anabel is as keenly intelligent and politically astute as her mother but she also has to " is as keenly intelligent and politically astute as her mother but she also has to difficult choices in her personal life A princess cannot afford to love where she chooses and her growing attachment to Kit Courtenay can t be allowed to interfere with the need for her to make a matrimonial alliance with France or Scotland Kit s twin sister Pippa alliance with France or Scotland Kit s twin sister Pippa is Anabel s closest friend and adviser is also struggling with her feelings for Matthew Harrington the son of their father s oldest servant and friend as well as to bear the burden placed upon her by the gift which enables her to gain insight into the future I particularly enjoyed seeing Kit come into his own in this book Before he was characterised as a charming devil may care type who made people laugh and whom nobody took seriously But now he s growing up and finding his identity apart from his father and the older brother he idolises but can t help resenting Dominic and Minuette have roles to play too and I enjoyed meeting them again They are parents of grown children yet it s clear that they are still as devoted and in love as ever they were as they try to reconcile their desire to stay out of the spotlight with their strong sense of dutyThere are several different storylines being pursued here some of which end with the book and some which will no doubt be concluded in the following one The Virgin s War Ms Andersen has once again crafted a compelling fast moving and complex story and peopled it with a set of principal characters it s easy to care about and root for The Virgin s Spy is a terrific read and I d definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction but is in the mood for something a little different GAH I love these books sooooo much The Virgin s Spy is book 2 of The Tudor Legacy series and if you know me you know that I love Laura Andersen s books I m not ashamed to admit that I did a bit of begging to get a copy of this book and immediately had to restrain myself from reading it too soon With that said as soon as I was able To Dive Into This Book dive into this book on my reading schedule I did and I was not disappointedThere are a lot of moving parts with this series and this book is no different This book picks up with Lucette s wedding which is really a continuation of her story from book one Some of the other key events in this book revolve around the fact that Mary Stuart is pregnant Elizabeth is looking for a husband fo When I previewed The Virgin s Daughter by Laura Andersen earlier this year I mentioned that I had high hopes for the next book in this new spin off series The Virgin s Spy which will be available later this fall mostly lives up to those hopes Getting deeper into the what if s of her alternate history where Anne Boleyn produced a son for Henry VIII and Elizabeth I had a daughter with King Philip II of Spain the political tensions over Ireland take center stage in this installment of a series building gradually to a promising conclusionPicking up a little over a year following the events of The Virgin s Daughter Lucette has married Julien and it is Dominic and Minuette s oldest son Stephen s turn to take the lead Tasked with reinforcing English troops in Ireland fighting Catholic rebels Stephen winds up making an enemy of an English commander Oliver Dane before escaping Ireland severely wounded Following a long and difficult recovery Stephen finds himself returning to Ireland this time alone Elsewhere the revelations of mutual affection between Princess Anabel and her best friend Pippa s twin brother Kit Dominic and Minuette s two younger children continue to complicate the process of finding Anabel a husband who will benefit all of EnglandFor the full review please visit my blog I suspect I will love anything Laura Anderson does This took me a bit to get into and I am not sure why But once I was in I was IN Love this twisted history she does I cannot wait for the next boo. Enuine historical figures and a stunning sense of atmosphere add depth and complexity to the seduction and glamour of the Tudor court in this spellbinding and imaginative seuel to The Virgin’s Daughter.

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