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The Devil's Double

Latif Yahia Ñ 9 Free download

Ter his elease from prison I Was Saddam s Son screams for a seuel and would make a powerful movie one that I hope would Border War: Fighting Over Slavery Before the Civil War reveal about the author s private life during the time of his persecution and after heesettled in Europe I wonder what his Käse relationships with his wife and children are like if there were anyepercussions from writing this book while the Husseins were still alive and is he in danger now Dare I ask him in one of my GoodReads messagesAfter Hired Girl reading this book even the most soft heartedeaders will be glad the Husseins are dead so they can no longer persecute their own people if anyone had any previous ualms about thatEndnote This eview is of the first English language edition of this book co authored by Karl Wendl Yahia also has two other published novels The Devil s Double and The Black Hole Latif Yahia Author of I Was Saddam s Son and The Devil s Double Which Have Sold Over One Million Copies Worldwide In Twenty LanguagesReviewed By Betty Dravis Million Copies Worldwide in Twenty LanguagesReviewed by Betty Dravis of 1106 Grand Boulevard The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley and Millennium Babe The Prophechy Interesting but difficult book to ead because of the explicit content I could only ead a little bit at a time before getting overcome with emotion and disgust the description of the torture and killings were likely accurate but also hard to fathom Perhaps Uday was worse than SaddamLatif Yahia was a childhood friend of one of Saddam Hussein who claims that in the late 1980s he was tortured threatened ultimately blackmailed into becoming Uday s doubledecoy This book chronicles mid 1988 until an unknown time in 1996How much of this story is accurate manipulated or completely false is up for debate Latif s tale has been uestioned by some but the majority of it seems legitimate the international community knew certain things at the time some of the incidents documented have been confirmed as all but true in post Saddam IraThe story focuses almost eually on The Devil s Double is the ostensibly true life story on which the Lee Tamahori film of the same name eleased earlier this year was based The movie starring Dominic Cooper as both Saddam Hussein s son Uday and his body double or fiday Latif Yahia in the Ira of the late 1980s was hands down my favourite of 2011 This book was out of print at the time but unsurprisingly has been eissued in the wake of the film s success Obviously I had to get my hands on a copy and was keen to learn the truth of the story the dramatic bloody filmAlthough I loved the film I saw it as an excessive action flick in style of gangster movies like Scarface which it has freuently been compared to than a ealistic account of events in Ira at that time So the book offers something uite different in that its events unfold over a much longer period of time and cover a great deal of political wranglings and governmental corruption in addition to Uday s outlandish behaviour In places it can be dull as Yahia does a lot of sitting around waiting and arely has close contact with Uday for whom he is just another a lot of sitting around waiting and arely has close contact with Uday for whom he is just another of a vast body of staff At other points the deviant behaviour of Uday his family and henchmen is so extravagant and disturbing as to be virtually beyond belief Certain incidents such as the murder of Kamel Hannah at a party which is depicted in the film stand out but the book sometimes feels like a catalogue of horrendous crimes and often makes for harrowing Fat Lives readingThis is a self published book so there are a number of minor errors and inconsistencies eg sometimes it s fiday other times it s fidai I m not sure which is correct and assume both are acceptable in English but there s nothing significant enough to actually spoil theeading experience The main trouble with Yahia s story is that aspersions have been cast on his account most notably in this Guardian article published at the time of the film s Số phận chú bé đánh trống release So there s no way of knowing whether everything or indeed anything contained within this book is genuinely true Probably because I was already aware of this controversy there were moments when I did have doubts about the veracity of the story and wondered how Yahia could possibly have knownobserved these things unless he was either embellishing the truth or was actually closely involved than the narrative suggested All in all I found this a very interestingead but I ended up feeling frustrated that without any other evidence I couldn t be entirely convinced of its authenticity It s certainly given me a different perspective on the film not that I didn t take the underlying story Doubeln‘ Yahia hatte engen Kontakt zur ganzen Familie Hussein und erlebte hautnah das absurde System von Mord Folter Korruption und exzessiv ausgelebtem Reichtum auf das sich das Terrorregime von Saddam Hussein stützt Ständig in Todesgefahr vertrat Yahia Odai als Doppelgänger bei Geschäftsverhandlungen und offiziellen Terminen nahm an ausschweifenden Partys in Bagdad teil und kämpfte an Odais Stelle im Golfkrieg Er wurde Uniue tale that Yahia Latif s one forced to become the double of Saddam Hussein s son As much as I consider myself elatively informed of what s going on in the world I was surprised by the everyday horror of Irais lives There is a 1984 feeling not being able to trust anyone completely always afraid to be taken away for the slightest comment if not out of pure bad luck The systematic use of torture the mass graves opposed to the vulgar exhibition of wealth and depravity of the Hussein s family Uday was a man without limits who took what he "WANTED AND GENUNELY ENJOYED THE SUFFERING OF OTHERS WHEN " and genunely enjoyed the suffering of others when bothered to care It eminds me of Terry Pratchett s small gods and what Death says about Vorbis spoilers he was a murderer and a creator of murderers Both as a person and as a part of system Uday was a murderer and a creator of murderers Interesting Iran reading to see what it looks like to be almost on theight side of the fence during Saddam s Tagebuch reign Almost because Latif s life has not been spared the incredible level of violent of thisegime I like the thrill of itIt has nice documentation of the area but lacked perspectives of other charactersI ecommend it to people who want to know about Saddam s eignI m currently looking for a holistic eview of the time Interesting and Saddam s eignI m currently looking for a holistic Access to English. Test pack 4 review of the time Interesting and Excellent BookLatif Yahia has seen things most people cannot even imagine As a double for Uday Hussein son and possible successor of Saddam Latif witnessed acts of depravity and torture that almost sound like something out of a Maruis de Sade novel This book will open your eyes to theelative value of human life to the uling elite of Ira people are as expendable as bad batteries Yahya himself endured harsh torments at the hands of a man who called him a BROTHER ONE CAN ONLY WITH A one can only with a deal of dread contemplate the atrocities meted out to enemies After eading this book I came to the conclusion that the only thing worse than Saddam is his oldest brat and I would personally throttle the life out of that demon myself if given the opportunity Even if only a fraction of it is true and I believe most of it is accurate as I ve seen several of the tales about Uday in other sources the entire Saddam Hussein Hoffnung Mensch regime is following nicely down the path paved by the likes of Hitler and Stalin The big difference is that the Irai government is doing these things as we speak Enjoy this book Ieccommend this book 100% Great ead A CHILLING LIFE STORY ENGROSSING When this author invited me to be his friend on GoodReads I checked his profile and then accepted When I learned that he was the man I had ead about years before the one who was forced into being a body double for Saddam Hussein s evil oldest son Uday I was intrigued enough to ead the book he had written about his ghastly experiencesAs you might know political leaders have often been targets of assassination and in Ira there s an institution called fidal which means body double Since Latif Yahia bore a striking esemblance to Uday the government pulled him out of the front lines during the Iran Ira war forcing him to submit to a transformation that made him the very image of UdayYahia served as Uday s double for approximately five years 1987 1991 before the government of Sadam Hussein eleased him after torturing and imprisoning him The demonic acts Yahia witnessed in those years is beyond belief he describes them in this book in such graphic detail as to leave the eader gasping in disbelief murder The Witch who was a princess rape torture nothing was too evil for Uday and his henchmenUnappreciative of Yahia putting his life on the line for Uday on a daily basis the evil spawn of Saddam also tormented him harshly one day while calling him brother on another I felt sorry for the author s suffering and degradation as he witnessed things against his nature while pretending to go along with them There will be those who disbelieve Yahia but it has been well documented elsewhere so I tend to believe his storyThis book may not be an academic masterpiece but it s easy toead and as iveting as a James Patterson thriller or a Dean Koontz horror Spell binding in its atrocities against the people of Ira the horrendous conditions described within its pages are hard to absorb I cringed at the acts of inhumanity perpetrated by this barbaric family on its fellowman disgusting acts that are graphically described by this authorLatif Yahia elates that he had to smuggle his wife out of the country and was permitted no contact with friends and family during his bondage to Uday and tells of his fleeing to Europe af. „Fidai Das Wort trifft mich wie ein Hammerschlag denn ein Fidai ist mehr als nur ein Double Ein Fidai ist alles Doppelgänger Kämpfer Leibeigener Ein Fidai muss bereit sein für seinen Herrn zu sterben“ Latif Yahia erzählt die unglaubliche aber wahre Geschichte seines Lebens Der junge Mann aus Bagdad und Sohn einer wohlhabenden Familie wurde fünf Jahre lang gezwungen Odai Hussein den gefürchteten Sohn des Diktators zu ‚. Eriously before but now that I know about the depravity of Saddam Hussein s egime I ll probably find it harder to enjoy on the next watch If you were as fascinated by the movie as I was and you can manage to track down a copy this book is nevertheless worth Jeden výdych koňa reading to provide a in depth perspective on the story that inspired it A truly incredible tale Imagine the biggest spoiled brat you ve ever known thenemove all societal boundaries so that entitled brat is now allowed to steal ape and murder with impunity and have the vile princeling Uday Saddam Hussein UDAY WAS THE ELDEST SON OF was the son of s notorious autocrat proof that not only was Saddam Hussein a terrible man but a terrible father as well It s said in this book that Saddam made Uday watch videos of torture and murder when the boy was only 7 years old The Devil s Double tells the story of Latif Yahia an upper class Irai who just happened to bear a striking esemblance to Uday Hussein They started off as classmates school boy chums After Yahia has gone off to college and is completing his compulsory military service he is called by Uday to become his fiday his official doppelganger Just like dear old dad or Josef Stalin it is handy for Uday to have someone who can pretend to be him especially when enemies and assassins are lurking about And the Hussein family had plenty of enemies It s an offer that Yahia eally can t efuse on pain of death He s tortured until he agrees to say yes anyway He is constantly guarded and watched to make sure he compliesSo begins a life of forced servitude spent in posh imprisonment Yahia is a firsthand witness to many hideous crimes by Uday torture What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game rape murder each disturbing than the last It is a truly bizarre story filled with incredible details so why does it feel so boringThe answer is Latif Yahia It s not that he s a poor writer he was helped by Karl Wendl I just can t getid of the feeling that he is holding back Perhaps it s the nature of Yahia s time spent impersonating another person the years of self abegnation but our main protagonist Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) remains a cypher I don t blame him He was torturedepeatedly After one particularly harsh period of torture he says I have been clinging to a thread of hope and promising myself that the nightmare will come to an end But it becomes difficult and the pain overcomes my will killing the hope within me I no longer have the power to Revenant resist I have become a mere tatteredag of a man and surrendered myself to them without a word or a groan I still feel like it s possible that he was a less passive participant in the dark misdeeds perpetrated by Uday s crew Yahia claims to have always been an unwilling witness off to the side of the action morally Pumpkinflowers repelled I don t know if I believe it This is Yahia s story and it seems that he is working hard to make himself appear the innocent victim leaving out any details about active participation or peer pressure In a later passage Yahiaeproaches himself for never gunning Uday down when he had the chance saying Just one pull of the trigger would have been enough But I did nothing So I can t blame the others we Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life re all cowards caught between fear and the desire to bask in the warmth of theegime We love it and hate it eually We Green Eyed Envy revolve in its orbit We have become puppets manipulated by theegime s wanton fingers I think this is essentially the problem I have with this book a fantastic tale with an unreliable narrator Warning this book will leave you horrified This is a book I ve been interested in The A-List Diet Fitness Plan reading ever since I saw trailer for the film starring Dominic Cooper whose look for the film is excellent and convincing The story is about an Irai soldier Latif who is forced into becoming the body double or fiday of Uday Saddam Hussain Saddam Hussain s eldest son Sadly the film didn t live up to expectations and it s one that I would actuallyecommend seeing before The Amethyst Road reading the book The book was gripping often fast paced and hard to put down It was also incredibly graphic in parts when describing Uday s sadistic acts including theape of a bride on her honeymoon and the murder of her groom the capture ape and torture of a 14 year old girl and the murder of his father Saddam Hussain s trusted friend Kammel Hannah at a party Although I learnt a lot about the Saddam egime at the time of the Gulf war it is hard to say exactly how much of the novel is true Some events like the murder of Kammel Hannah are verifiable but how much of Latif s story is true is up for debate as even he is sketchy with the details when pressed by journalists. Euge unfassbarer Verbrechen und beging schließlich einen Selbstmordversuch um seiner unerträglichen Situation ein Ende zu bereiten Durch seine genauen Aufzeichnungen während dieser Zeit avancierte Latif Yahia zum „Buchhalter der irakischen Mafia Mit seinen schockierenden Enthüllungen aus erster Hand hofft Yahia einmal mehr die Welt aufrütteln und über das wahre Wesen des irakischen Herrschaftsapparats aufklären zu könne.
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