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Lazarus by Lars KeplerThanks to NetGalley and ublisher for the ARC of this dark Swedish thriller in return for an honest review Lars Kepler is the en name for a Swedish couple who have written the very opular Joona Linni series Lazarus is the 7th book featuring the dour erceptive and troubled Detective Joona Linni I read the first three books in the series years ago and thought they were suspenseful crime thrillers with well constructed lots At the time I was hoping for a leading character as memorable as Lisbeth but I leading character as memorable as Lisbeth Salander but t connect with brilliant Joona as I had hoped This is a dark relentless descent into the world of a fiendish Times of Bede psychopath whom forensic evidence concluded he was dead after being shot by aolicewoman Joona believes he is still alive even after DNA results have The Catechism of the Council of Trent proven otherwise and he is still leaving aath of death and destruction Joona City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York presents credible theories in regards to him still carrying out his murderous work with the motivation of destroyingeople related to his victims by causing them to suffer unbearable grief Of course authorities and colleagues disregard Joona s beliefs which leadsto tortures and deaths and to the The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 police making mistakes while trying to stop him There is also a diabolical contest where the fiend is attempting to find and recruit the most violent brute to help him Joona figured this out but his fellow detectives disregard this theory setting them on a confusingath which delays capture of the deadly cunning killer Be warned this is a non stop tale of graphic gore and grotesue killings There is so much of this that the I was over the moon when I found this title in the category read now on Netgalley Although I still haven t read all Joona Linna books I m a big fan of this series The stories may be not so very different from other Nordic noir books the characters certainly are As the title makes clear we are talking about the resurrection of someone Someone who was killed by Saga Bauer She swears she hit him three times and she even tracked down his unofficial graveside Unfortunately it looks like Jurek Walter Joona s biggest enemy came out of the grave to Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje pick up his horrible actions Or not Strange things are happening thatoint to Walter but sometimes they oint away from himJoona out of jail trying to rebuild his life cannot help but wagering all he has to try and find and kill Walter for a second time This is a harrowing story with many many twists and turns with danger and violence But also with hope and even love You don t have to read this series in I certainly didn t but it may help in understanding why some eople do what they do This book left me breathlessThanks to Netgalley for this digital reading copy This was much much better than Kaninj garenI say this even though I hate the trope when the villain everyone thought was dead comes back Even though for the reader it was sooooo effing obvious they were never dead Like they never found Jurek s body when Saga shot him Body suddenly turns up a year later by some dude who apparently burned the body but took Davids Sling photos of it but kept a finger So with only one finger remaining everyone is like omg he really is dead thank fucking godOnly us smarteople the readers and Joona know it s way to suspicious and fast forward a couple of books here we are It got very dark though and the stakes were high The ending too went really dark for our characters in different ways Actually looking forward for the eighth book I find myself excited whenever a new novel by Lars Kepler makes its way to rint in English as I can be as. Sweden’s most notorious serial killerJurek Walter was shot and killed years ago The olice moved on and managed to forget the darkness that had tainted their livesHas come back from the deadBut now someone is leaving a trail of. .
Sured of a strong story that is not lost when translated This novel was not a disappointment as Joona Linna is not lost when translated This novel was not a disappointment as Joona Linna back to fight another serial killer when translated This novel was not a disappointment as Joona Linna back to fight another serial killer this time there s a twist Superintendent Joona Linna continues to hold his coveted osition within Sweden s National Crime Division though he is rocked when he discovers that his former wife s head has been discovered in a freezer The Just Destiny presumed killer is also found dead in Finland bringing a momentary amount of solace When the murder of two other criminals have loose connections to Linna the localolice begin asking uestions Linna is baffled and tries to tie it all together but comes up blank Meanwhile the finger of a dead serial killer turns up leading many to wonder if he might have been alive this whole time Jurek Walter was a killer known less for his brutal slayings than the Paradise Run psychological damage he did to his victim s families as he buried those he captured alive and waited for them toerish Might Walter be using a roxy to enact some new killings cleaning up some of the criminal detritus that lingers throughout Europe Saga Bauer a colleague of Linna s remembers fatally shooting Jurek Walter or so she thought leaving her as spooked as the others While Linna and Bauer try to iece together who s been killing these criminals it becomes apparent that neither are entirely safe Linna flees Sweden to find his adult daughter and take her into hiding again while Bauer leads the hunt to find Walter When Bauer s father and kid sister go missing she knows that she s in the middle of a cat and mouse game that could end horribly Fuelled by the love she has for her family Bauer will stop at nothing to find the man that she thought she d killed knowing he thrives on toying with her Once Linna makes the effort to come out of hiding he s ready to hunt Jurek Walter down once and for all even if it costs him his life Working in the wooded areas around the country Bauer and Linna must set a trap before they become the hunted A brilliant and dark Help Me, Jacques Cousteau piece by Lars Kepler that only substantiates that this is a much complex novel than it appears to be on the surface Recommended to those who love Scandinavian crime thrillers as well as the reader who is familiar with Kepler s way of writing andulling the storyline out for all to savourI was introduced to Kepler a number of years ago and found myself enthralled from the get go In fact Kepler is one of many Scandinavian authors whose crime thrillers I thoroughly enjoy Joona Linna is a wonderful Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen protagonist as he rarely sees light and glee in his life forced to cobble together something worthwhile so as not to fall into an emotional abyss His reunification with a daughter who barely remembered him is nice though he thrusts her right back into the middle of the drama and mustrotect her without knowing which way to turn Others find their way into the story with ease The Book of Mordred particularly Saga Bauer fighting their own demons and trying toush the story forward Kepler has a wonderful way of Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide painting the characters in so many different lights that there is something for everyone in thisiece The story was strong though slow to get moving The subplots work and by the end some of the dangling threads seem to find resolution if not new cliffhangers As I have said before the fact that this book is translated from the original Swedish is not apparent at first glance as the story and narrative are uite smooth I am eager to see what else Joona Linna might have fall into his lap as he faces new and dastardly criminals in the upcoming novelsKudos Lars Kepl. Broken bodies across Sweden and the clues all oint to Walter Detective Joona Linna is convinced his worst nightmare is becoming a reality the man who tore apart his family has returned to finish the jobHe doesn’t just kill yo. .
Er for your wonderful collaborative effort I have loved every one of your books and this was no exception While you may be an acuired taste I encourage everyone to give your writing a tryLovehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge This is the 7th book in the Joona Linna series by Swedish husband and wife team Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril better known as Lars Kepler This book once again features Linna s nemesis Jurek Walter and in my opinion spoilt my enjoyment with the story continuing I would have referred a complete new case and suspectThe story is fast aced with Short Punchy Chapters But I Feel The Story And Possibly punchy chapters but I feel the story and ossibly series is becoming a little tired I hope the authors return can return to the consistency of the first three books in the series which were exceptional Remember the Friends episode when Joey hides The Shining and later Little Women but that s another story in the freezer Yes this was how I felt about this book I had to leave it in the living room every evening as it was definitely NOT bedside reading I may have become a softie but it was really scarybut at the same time so well written that I simply couldn t ut it away Joona Linna and Saga Bauer are simply such effective characters and this book is high aced to the oint where I almost lost my breath at times My thanks to those brave enough to give me a second chance at this seriesI still completely despise the main character For me there is just no getting ast his character He s shallow and very roud He s everything that I would is just no getting ast his character He s shallow and very roud He s everything that I would in life Hes also someone I d set on fire In a literary world where there are serial killers running amuck Lazarus gives us a serial killer story so horrifying so harrowing so terrifying that you may never sleep again at least with your eyes closed Saga lugged Jurgen Walter three times his body washed away his remains were found and identified by DNA Yet Joona Linna doesn t believe it He has made reparations because he knows that if Jurgen ever rises from the dead his revenge at the Swedish olice who took him down will be unending Jurgen specializes in burying his victims alive in coffins with a small tube for air and he has these living corpses to trade He comes at his targets through those they can t bear to lose There doesn t seem to be anything that ll stop him This is the seventh of the Joona novels Renoir penned by a husband and wife writing team under theseudonym Lars Kepler They are haunting dark and tough to Nebular Sammelband 5 - Galaxis in Panik put down as the tensionulls tighter and tighter This is the seven book in the series and I would recommended to read the other booksDetective Joona Linna is out of Nightwing: On the Razor's Edge prison and ready to start his job again Two cases happen in Norway and Germany and Joona name is mentioned in both of these cases Joona is reuested to go to Germany Once Joona arrives at the crime scene looks like it is linked to the serial killer Jurek who haslague Joona s life Joona is convince he is still alive but no one believes him He goes into hiding with his daughter and asks Detective Superintendent Saga Bauer and Nathan to investigate This is another excellent book by Lars Kelper We read the story through Joona s and Saga s POV Jurek is a evil and sca Jurek Walter is back After finding similarities between murders found all around Europe Joona Linna is convinced of this Others think he s imagining things After all Saga Bauer shot and killed Jurek DNA evidence from washed up body Bakunin: The Creative Passion parts were connected to Jurek so how could heoss. U He buries your loved ones aliveWhen Joona’s artner is taken – and locked inside an underground coffin – he finds himself with an impossible choice leave her to die or walk into the trap set by the only man he ever feared. ,

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