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Fractions The First Half of The Fall RevolutionIncomprehensible Lemmed after 59 ages In a balkanized future of dizzying ossibilities mercenaries contend with guns as smart as they are nuclear deterrence is a commodity traded on the open market teenagers deal in theologically correct software for fu Star is a olitically imaginative market teenagers deal in theologically correct software for fu Star Fractions is Option Writing Strategies for Extraordinary Returns politically imaginative on where high technology canotentially take the human race in the near future If you re into olitics which I am you get to see olitical theory through the lens of an European writer Seeing things through that erspective makes it interesting enough for me The book drags a little but still somehow holds your attention due to MacLeod s skill for writing in a cyber unk literary style Additionally you get a well worth reward at the end of the journey The last couple chapters is where the story culminates into a beautiful realization that you ll hold in your head for a while The Genocide of One politics treatment is dizzying and reuired freuent web searches to follow up on what the heck Ken was talking about The science fiction and the ideas about the Fast Folk are interesting reads like a thinly veiledolitical manifesto little character development some interesting ideas about AI and what not but after struggling through the first book decided to Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide: Design, Develop, and Share Your Games Online put it aside may come back to it later but not likely Credit for a sophisticated treatment ofolitical ideology in fractured futures including socialist and communist strains that you seldom see in sci fi outside of Robinson But as novels they don t don t hold up well for a few reasons There is a disappointingly unrealistic Star Wars - Jabba the Hutt - The Art of the Deal portrayal of all these exoticolitical systems so that you never really get a feel for the way that things actually work they feel like thought experiments than societies The characters are rather thinly drawn and their thought experiments than societies The characters are rather thinly drawn and their often feel forced The dialogue is often clumsy with The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage pervasively didactic tone though in fairness all of the characters are ideologues and that is often how ideologues actually talk Perhaps it is just me but I found thelots somewhat difficult to follow especially at critical oints This book contains the first 2 novels in MacLeod s The Fall Revolution series The first one The Star Fraction is a near fut. In a balkanized future of dizzying ossibilities mercenaries contend with guns as smart as they are nuclear deterrence is a commodity traded on the open market teenagers deal. Ure CYBERPUNK ISH STORY SET IN A ish story set in a version of the UK after WW III The second one The Stone Canal A Novel is artly set before the first novel and artly far in the futureThe Star Fraction reminded me of olitically focused early William Gibson novel but not in a good way Despite having been written 10 years after Neuromancer it somehow came across as dated Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set probably at least inart because Gibson didn t know much about computers whereas MacLeod tried to drop in some then current computer terms and technologies which now seem dated The main character is Moh Kohn a Security Mercenary Who Accidentally Obtains Informationtechnology That Could Change The mercenary who accidentally obtains informationtechnology that could change the Other characters are a scientist working on Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals proscribed technology and a teenage kid escaping from a hyper religious enclave Expect lots ofolitical arguments and glimpses at the hard life of a Robot Programming political splinter group interrupted by the occasional action scene I barely felt any connection with any of the characters and at severaloints almost stopped reading despite the fact that the future history MacLeod created is actually uite interestingThe Stone Canal A Novel alternates telling two stories the first one focusing on the life Jonathan Wilde showing glimpses of his life as a student in the 70 s 80 s and 90 s and the second one of his adventures on New Mars in the far future Once again expect a considerable amount of olitical discussions Fortunately Wilde is actually an interesting character making this second novel a enjoyable read Also reading his story uts the first book in Our Fake Relationship perspective and explains a lot of the events that led up to the Fall Revolution leading me to think that it would actually make sense to read book 2 before book 1 However I thought the far future story set on New Mars was far less interesting and that the novel completely derailed towards the end I don t think I ll be reading the final two books in the series which are due to be re released by Tor as Divisions later this year Difficult to follow Veryolitical This was MacLeod s first book too ambitious for a beginning writer and it certainly shows The writing itself shifts between sentence fragments and overly complex rambling sentences that remind In theologically correct software for fundamentalists and anarchists have colonized a lanet circling another star Against this background men and women struggle for a better. .
E of the 18th century Before I Uit Reading At I uit reading at 50 he seemed to be developing an interesting society but the Über Nacht plots and opposing factions were uite complex and he was not a good enough writer to manage themI MIGHT haveresevered a little longer if I had nothing else to read but my shelves and kindle collections are bulging with books that I am sure are better My SF group will be discussing this next week I ll see if they convince me to resume the reading Hmmmm I read this book because I know that Iain Banks asked Ken MacLeod to finish any of his unfinished writing before He Died However The Two Really Do Not CompareWhere Banks died However the two really do not compareWhere Banks megaworlds and huge events and spaces believable I felt that MacLeod fell very short on that His worlds and ideas ARE huge but for me not believably enough so That was one of the major let downs However I read the book all the way through The main reason for this is that the ideas behind the Fall Revolution are very compelling the resurgence and emergence of socialist capitalist and anarchist elite who are able to transform their ideas into a New World Order where technology Ad Astra plays a central role in them being able to do so in the near future is understandable and frighteningly believable The first book within the bookuts down the basis of this idea but sometimes delved too murkily into the olitical theoretical depths this detracted from the interspersed action scenes of the main lot and contrasted too much with them to be a comfortable read This was corrected in the second book The Stone Canal which was written only a year later but was enjoyable At one Everything But The Girl point I even thought I was getting into it especially as MacLeod hadut much intrigue and a really good backstory to some of the characters He also supplemented the societal and technological issues with uestions on self virtual reality and artificial intelligence But 10 Sport Social Work: Promoting the Functioning and Well-Being of College and Professional Athletes pages from the end it suddenly seemed like he had a deadline to meet and rushed the end into incomprehension Thisut me off MacLeod for a bit I may or may not indulge in the 3rd and 4th book just because of the Modern Art Death of a Culture political aspects buterhaps MacLeod should use his knowledge to write future history with less extreme science fiction element. Future against the betrayals that went before Death is sometimes the end and sometimes something altogether differentThis volume comprises The Star Fraction and The Stone Cana. ,

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