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Not Your Mothers Food StorageY shopping goes A friend bought this book because she knew I

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looking into topicand this book which states it covers food storage not actually do that This is a how to plan food on a monthly basis book It wasn t ntil page 56 that I actually got to food storageand it covered all of a page and a half There were several recipes but none that I haven t seen in a dozen places I would not recommend this book The book has good ideas for food storage It doesn t ite match my eating style as I don t really by prego bisuix cereals and other boxcanned foods Has good info for storing frozen meats suggests jarring and canning which I do and has you plan out what you eat I think this one was of a 2 12 stars You basically plan your meals for a month and then figure out what those meals take Times everything by 3 since you re trying to get a 3 month food storage and then buy everything you need for those meals I didn t find the thought of eating exactly the same thing for 3 months very appealing I like to mix it p The meals they gave as examples were basic and not very We re trying to be a little healthy and food conscious so for me this was another reason I don think this would work for s They had some good tips and a few recipes that looked intriguing Would have been nice to have some pictures to go along with the recipes They do have free worksheets that you can se on their website I enjoyed the book found it to be very do ableI have been interested in startingadding to our food storage but haven t found a method that I thought would work for The Last of the High Kings (New Policeman, usuntil nowSome of my favoriteotes from the book areCalculate how much of each storable item you ll need to last for 3 months Then begin purchasing and The Gi War Against Japan using the food on your list replacing it as you go so you always have a rotating 3 month supplyChange your attitude toward food storage Start believing that the food you store is for eating now not just forse during emergenciesShop the sales like just before major holidays you Month supply of food items that can be Things Mother Used to Make used to make the meals your family already enjoys Using your familys favorite recipes as the basis for your personalized food storage program eliminates waste andnnecessary expense reuires no additional storage space assures the peace of mind of being prepared and guarantees that. Speed read this book and found that I already HAD ALMOST ALL OF THE INFORMATION THIS WOULD BE almost all of the information This would be good resource for someone just setting Ghost of a Hanged Man up their own home and making a plan for emergency preparedness Includes worksheets with every section so you can immediately personalize the information and instructions just presented The main idea of this book is to plan all your meals for a month list the ingredients you d need and then calculate how much of everything you need for a month for three months for six months etc Then you stockp during sales and keep replenishing your supply as you se it The authors point out that with their system you won t have the added stress of a radical diet change should you come into a financial emergency and have to live off your food storage That may be true but I looked at their meal plans and it looked like they sacrificed healthy tasty food for food with a good shelf life I m not willing to cook like I m living through an emergency all the time just so I can be consistent in the kitchen if an emergency does come Using pancakes for sandwiches when you run out of bread No thanks I ll just go to the store Or I ll get out my wheat grinder and make some bread And I m not willing to give p fresh fruits and vegetables just because they have bread And I m not willing to give p fresh fruits and vegetables just because they have shelf lives Nor am I willing to switch to foods stuffed with preservatives fat and high fructose corn syrup just because they don t spoil Don t get me wrong I like my desserts and all bu I read this book to help prepare for a Releif Society activity and loved the help prepare for a Releif Society activity and loved the shared in it As I was reading I realized that at times I was actually doing this plan in by own way but then get lazy with my grocery shopping and decide to se all that food I had stored Nyx up just to start again with storing food It gives great suggestions on how to get your food storage going especially the three month supply but by doing it with foods you already buy and recipes you alreadyse I hope to give the worksheets a try and see how my grocer. Finally a food storage program that actually makes sense This is not your grandmothers method of storing large containers of wheat or cases of freeze dried food that your family will never eat With their practical innovative approach to food storage Kathy Bray and Jan Barker make it easy to develop and maintain a three.

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Ill find hot dogs hamburgers at greatly reduced prices That s the time to stock your freezerDuring Thanksgiving Christmas baking goods are often on sale Use those months to stock p on sugar flour baking powder and so onShop online for bulk Walton Feed waltonfeedcomOr Augason Farms augusonfarmscom Write down 5 to 7 breakfast meals in the breakfast meal planning worksheet Do the same for lunches dinners desserts Very basic not mesh with my healthy eating which I want include in my food storage Lots of mixes and canned soups I also like a bigger variety in my menu which is also healthier Could be good for some This book is a great resource with easy be good for some This book is a great resource with easy charts and tips and even recipes I might have to buy this one It s slim and easy to read I appreciated the charts especially because I don t really have any plans per se and we ve been eating our food storage for the past couple of years along with our regular food without having much extra to replenish it and it s almost gone so I m almost starting from scratch What I learned from the book and the seful downloadable charts will really help me to get going again Even on a limited budget if I can see that I need a certain number of items I can add one here and one there Any size family can Jake Millers Wheel use her method Reading the book was almost a duh moment for me it s so logical and common sense based but I hadn t really thought about planning it out like she recommends I read this book to get some ideas for anpcoming Relief Society Activity that I am in charge of on Provident Living This easy practical food storage system is very similar to what I already do which I thought was very interesting You can save a lot of money buying things with coupons when they are on sale and buying several instead of paying full price for one every buying things with coupons when they are on sale and buying several instead of paying full price for one every you need it There were some good recipes in this book and also I liked how they figured their food storage in servings which is something I am going to add to my own system It is a SUPER FAST EASY read. Everyone in the family will be happy with the results Includes More than 50 sample recipes Directions for substituting non perishables for fresh food items Worksheets to help you calculate and track your food storage or you can download the charts from the authors Web site Creative ideas for how and where to store food.

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