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Anna and the Duke An Avon True Romance #3Ce And I ll probably read the seuel because A I have it and B I do love a terrible Regency novel This was a sweet and clean romance I would definitely read books like this It held my Attention From The Beginning To The Very from the beginning to the very The book was short and uick to get through I would recommend this book to just about anyone As book covers go its pretty bad And the writing isn t really great either its cliched and cheesy However its an interesting story line and your sucked into the story of Ewan and his birthright as the next duke It is most definitely no Georgette Heyer but it serves its purpose as a light read I read the whole avon true romance series in high school and I rate this one as one of the better ones of that grouping This historical teenya romance starts off when Ewan McLaughlin who has lived with his Grandmother all his life in a small Scottish village where his amily s Castle lies alling into dilapidation receives a letter to say that he must go to London at once because his ather who he has never had contact since baby and early toddler hood has died and has left him the title of Duke Angry and wondering why his ather left the title to *him Ewan is reluctant to go to London but goes to meet his Father s new *Ewan is reluctant to go to London but goes to meet his Father s new who have been left behind There are many challenges along the way such as the hostility of his half brother Richard towards him and the new ways of London society but when Ewan meets Anna Welsley and unsuspectingly alls in love with her that just anger s his brother as she is her Dona Flor fiancee The storyollows what happens to all the character s relationships between eachother and the obstacles that they have to overcome to Rocker Babies Wear Jeans follow their heartsI have heardrom other people that this plot has been done several times before but this didn t spoil my enjoyment as I had never read a book like that before but even if that is the case or the reader I think the well developed and uniue characters make up or this as I really cared about what happened to themI loved the romance between Anna and Ewan it was so cute and just what I was looking Sono with Visits from the Seventh for a clean teen romance as many of the adult historicals are unsuitable Anna s shy but bubbly occasionally kind personality and the things that she did reminded me a bit of myself and Ewan was a great hero tall and handsome but withlaws too so that he seemed human You get to know both Ewan and Anna well by the end of the book as each chapter although written in the third person Remarkable Creatures follows what happens to either Anna or Ewan Rightrom the beginning I thought they would be great together especially with their love of books and poetry However this book doesn t just ocus on love as there is an element of adventure and mystery to it that adds an extra dimension to the book and makes you desperate to ind out what happens at the end as it is uite unpredictableI would recommend this to anyone who wants a light hearted book with an adorable romance set in the past that keeps your heart luttering and makes you sigh If you have never tried reading a historical romance before but enjoy modern "day romances this would be a great innocent "romances this would be a great innocent to start with. O del título de su progenitor A su llegada a Londres debe enfrentarse a la viuda de su padre a su hermanastra y a su hermanastro Richard ue esperaba convertirse en el duue Y mientras se amiliariza con sus recién encontrados parientes se da cuenta de ue cada vez recuenta más la prometida de Richard la hermosa AnnaCuando resulta evidente ue Richard está conspirando contra Ewan Anna se siente obligada a advertirle Pero lo ue comienza de modo inocente pronto se convierte en traición cuando Anna encuentra la respuesta a su corazón en Ew. Ve never read an adult romance novel nor do I want to This "a an Avon Teen Romance so it s a sweet clean romance book "an Avon Teen Romance so it s a sweet clean romance book s no 40 page sex scenes so I think that it s appropriate or any age Anna Welsley is a sweet kind girl who is engaged to a man who grew up thinking that he was going to be a duke after his Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old father died only toind out that his Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs father had been married before and he had an older half brotherrom Scotland who would actually become the duke Ewan MacLaughlin hates his Gray Bishop fatheror leaving him

and his mother 
his mother end or themselves when he was a small child He goes to England to claim his inheritance inky because he needs the money to save his lands and his people He has no wish to be a duke but in order to take the money he has to take the title He is surprised to ind a sweet and loving stepmother Hester with an eually sweet and loving half sister Emily He is not surprised to ind a bitter and angry half brother Richard who thinks that he is entitled to the dukedom The book goes on with Anna eventually realizing what a spiteful man her Liar fianc really is and what a kind man Ewan is She can t help butall in love with him and *Ewan can t help but all in love with her Imagine how angry that made Richard This *can t help but all in love with her Imagine how angry that made Richard This was very well written and I plan on reading books by Kathryn Smith What an absurd book It is a starter drug Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are for real romance novel addicts the teen version of a much lascivious tale I hesitate to even tag it as Regency because it is so historically inaccurate I don t even know where to begin There is no way a girl like Anna would be allowed in Almack s Her Mama s vulgarity alone would keep her out Or this nonsense about the Duke s step mother and sister going into half mourning and out in public before theull year concluded I don t care what the Duke wished not happening And also special licenses aren t just some piece of paper you Gaffer fill in after the wedding Theact of having a special license in no way means you can just marry wherever you please UghHistorical inaccuracy aside these characters Where to begin First of all they re sugar sweet Like even the semi villainous ones are good people And not good people in that they generally make positive life decisions I mean they haven t a single Circumstantial Evidence flaw Anna and her Scottish lord are horrendously perfect people who read poetry and moon over one another which someone everyone misses They are really uite terrible at hiding their loveor one another They also jump to the most random conclusions There is literally no proof the Duke s brother is plotting against him a Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers few veiled commentsrom Anna s mother about how it would be better if the title went to the brother and Anna is sending panicked messages to the Duke letting him know his life in danger But she bases it on literally nothingYou might say that of all the emotions in this book The characters innate and unexpected goodness the alarm about a possible attack the romance which arguably comes off the best because it stems rom physical attraction all comes out of nowhere But overall the story kept things clean Loads of kissing but not a hint of anything else I guess that was ni. NaCualuier en la posición de Anna estaría como mínimo satisfecha ya ue va a heredar una ortuna y después de un rutilante debut en Londres durante la última temporada se encuentra comprometida con el hijo de un duue A pesar de todo un sentimiento de descontento no deja de carcomerle el alma y mientras su madre se afana en planear su boda Anna se pregunta si está enamorada o se trata nada más ue de un matrimonio por convenienciaEl DuueEwan MacLaughlin el hijo desconocido de un duue inglés ue acaba de allecer es el reticente hereder.

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I just re reading this one because I couldn t remember what happened It s an easy read that has clean romance It s connected with Emily and remember what happened It s an easy read that has clean romance It s connected with Emily and Scot so read Anna and the Duke irst I have read this book many times It is a romance novel with a bit of action thrown in In this book Ewan Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) finds out that his estrangedather left him a dukedom When he go to claim it he inds out *that he has a half brother and a half sister as *he has a half brother and a half sister as as a stepmother This is the story of the ight between Ewan and his half brother Richard God Said, Ha!: A Memoir for the dukedom andor Anna s hand in marriage Anna and the Duke packs tons of drama into a uick paced cute romance This isn t a groundbreaking story by any means but the main characters are highly likeable and the villains are a delight to despise The plot itself is ull of twists and turns and there s tons of drama There were some unexpected things that I really enjoyed Ewan s stepmother is welcoming and loving towards him despite the act that he is a child of her late husband s previous marriage This was nice because it would have been so easy to despise Ewan s On the Right Side of a Dream father s secondamily but his stepmother and half sister were way too loveable to do thatThere were a couple of moments where I elt like the conflict was rustrating because it came about Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II from simple lack of communication and there would have beenar interesting ways Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq for the plot to develop but other than those small moments I was overall intrigued I love how the revelations about various characters came in small amounts so that I kept getting surprised as I read alongThis is a sweet romance with lots of intrigue and thriller elements to keep it interesting If you canind yourself a copy of this and want some light reading this is definitely the perfect book to do that withAlso posted on Purple People Readers This was a cute one It was a romance or teens there seems to have been a whole series of them written several years ago an idea which is pretty smart Ewan grew up in Scotland with his grandmother His mom had "died and his dad had abandoned them before "and his dad had abandoned them before He was very happy there but then he gets the news that his real ather has died and that he is needed in England When he arrives in England he inds that his ather had remarried and had another son and daughter The wife and daughter are overjoyed to ind out about him but the son is not so much Ewan had gotten the title as irst born and Richard rom the second marriage had been counting on that Richard is determined to prove that Ewan is a ake Along the way Ewan meets Richard s What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World fiance Anna As Anna spends time with Ewan she realizes that she has never heard Richard say I love you and that she is no longer sure of hereelingsThis is a pretty well written book I Got a New Friend for teens I like that these books are not as centered around sex as adult romance so sometimes the stories are better developed if not better written If you have a teenager who wants to read romance these would be a great way to introduce them Okay so this is totally a YA romance novel but I loved it It s a good love story without any mushy adult scenesIt s good to read if one is in a nostalgic mood FYI Ewan MacLaughlin jamás conoció a su padre de modo ue cuando hereda el ducado de éste se siente reacio a viajar hasta Inglaterra y conocer a los hermanos ue siempre ignoró ue tenía Pero una vez allí también conoce a la prometida de su hermano y se siente prendado de ella de inmediatoAnna Wesley sabe ue debería estar contenta con su vida tieneortuna propia y un maravilloso prometido así pues ¿por ué no es suficiente Y cuando conoce a Ewan comprende ué es lo ue siempre le ha altado en la vida y lo ue le haría realmente elizAn.

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