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Ather a strange plot twist I certainly didn t see it coming but it felt like a deus ex machina hide spoiler I would ive this of a 35 than a 3 stars I really enjoyed the first two books but was very disappointed in the third so there was a year or so ap between finishing that and picking this up Whilst I did enjoy this one much than the third I feel like the series ot a bit weaker as it went on For example the concluding portion of this book felt rather anti climactic I was expecting of a show down to happen after a four book build up but found it a little rushed instead There are definitely aspects that I liked one of which being Jill I enjoyed where she ends up as a character but find my enjoyment of her spoiled slightly by some of the events of book 3 which pissed me off no end Whilst I am not entirely satisfied with the micro story I have other Kerr books to read so am looking forward to continuing on with the macro story and seeing how it unfolds in other cycles This is the final Deverry novel There are others but this is the final novel of the first Deverry series It s really a very satisfying book to read and I think the best one of this series I know I ve read it before I think at least twice but this was published in 1990 so it was a long time ago There are a lot of this was published in 1990 so it was a long time ago There are a lot of to love Jill and Salamander s friendship as the travel about Bardek searching for Rhodry Rhodry enslaved in Bardek suffering from amnesia and trying to find a way to live out his life Alaena finding Rhodry and losing him Nevyn s battle with The Old One was a bit of a miss however after being built up over four novels it seemed to end too uickly and easily I think however the way this ends is satisfying Perry s escapes from Nevyn and finds his own place in the world with a woman as strange as he is Jill realizes that she has to leave Rhodry if she wants to study the dweomer and her and Rhodry s heartbreak feels so real after all that they have been through together In the end Rhodry marries a timid mouse of a woman who will eventually row to hate him so that he can burn Slaith to the round the town where he has his life stolen from him from which he is shipped of to Bardek to be sold as a slave a town of slavers trafficking Deverry citizens to the southern Archipelago While I admire what he wants to do I can t help but pity the Moonrise girl he forces to marry him While it isn t the romantic ending we imagined it feels real for all of that Life really isn t all that romanticreat love stories end tragically or not People marry other people they aren t really well suited to all of the time In the end Jill remembers all of those lives she lived before She remembers Galrion Nevyn when they were both young and forgives him the thing he has been waiting for for 400 years As I said it is satisfying It s hard to overstate how disappointing this book was Long Dull Uninspired Anticlimactic A pale passionless shadow of the way the series started outI m Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi glad all the loose endsot tied up and the story all sorted itself out but boy was it a slog to et here Unlike the others this book takes place in a single ti It has been 16 years since I first picked up the first Deverry novel DaggerSpell and here in am 16 years later about to fin So far this is the first book in the series with no flashbacks And I was ood with that because we ot the entire Bardek story in one beautiful volume Even though I knew the end result I had forgotten most of the actual story It was almost like READING THE STORY FOR THE FIRST the story for the first and that made me so happyI will admit to being a romantic and I think that the end of this book had probably my only dislike of the series view spoilerThat Rhodry and Jill don t end up together broke my heart hide spoiler. ImKatharine Kerr's novels of the Kingdom of Deverry unfold in a world of stunning richness and depth  Her vivid portrayal of characters caught in a complex web of fate and magic captures the imagination with a realism that few can match  Now she retums to this enchanted kingdom where the wheels of destiny are tuming an. Ter I realise exactly what a huge influence they were on me for wanting to be an author of epic fantasy I admit to love the idea of exploring past life relationships for characters and this is a story seed for my Those Who Return seriesAlso what struck me about Kerr s Deverry Cycle is her envisioning of a magic system which as far as fantasy magic systems o is extremely well thought out even if the dualistic light vs dark ood vs evil split is evident Contemporary fantasy has to a large degree moved on from this sort of worldview but in this regard I think it s fine if you look at when the novels were first publishedDragonspell is a culmination of all the events of the preceding books but without the flashbacks to past lives Rhodry has been kidnapped and whisked across the ocean to Bardek where he has had his memories wiped He spends a fair portion of the book a clueless slave owned by a rich widow and you can well imagine that his ood looks will appeal to her Jill with Rhodry s half brother Salamander have made the perilous crossing across the ocean and are actively hunting Rhodry because the death of Rhodry s other half brother back home means that his time in exile is over Rhodry s return means his taking on responsibilities that will prevent the outbreak of war so it s a bit of a race against time to see him returnedOf course there are bigger problems at play Rhodry is but a pawn in the longstanding struggle between the dweomers of light and dark with Nevyn finally coming up against the rather sinister Old One All the while Jill is slowly discovering that she has a real knack for the dweomer herself and by the time she reaches the end of her journey she has a terrible decision to make Will she marry Rhodry and live happily ever after as his wife or will she pursue her magical studies and fulfil Nevyn s centuries old vow to bring her to the dweomerthat she can bring her to the dweomerThat she can have both becomes apparent from uite early on and it s terrific watching her row dweomerThat she can have both becomes apparent from uite early on and it s terrific watching her row a character in a milieu where women traditionally do not possess much freedom Jill is a prime example of an empowered female characterKerr in my mind is possibly one of the reatest and unsung masters of fantasy and if you ve fallen in love with names such as Kate Elliot Karen Miller and Robin Hobb and have yet to discover Kerr then do yourself a favour and begin with the first four books in the 15 book Deverry CycleHere you ll discover a I had thought to ive this book 4 stars because of one part but thought that was unfair as I really enjoyed everything else and it seemed stingy to remove a whole star just because of one part even if that was a fairly major part Unlike the previous books this all takes place in the current timeline and mostly on the Bardek islands with some cutbacks to Deverry Plot I won t mention at all being the fourth and last title in the series but let s just say that things moved well and I really liked that the author didn t try to drag things out I had thought one particular part was probably oing to last most of the novel but no things ot sorted out fairly uickly which was refreshing The ending was long and might put some people off similar to some complaints I ve seen for LotR but I thought it was very ood and fitted the book well Now to the part that bothered me view spoilerIt s basically when the Old One s dark room for want of a better word ets destroyed by the "KINGS OF THE AETHER NOW I WAS UNDER THE " of the Aether Now I was under the that they didn t interfere except subtly in the world of men and this was blatantly not the case here It basically made the final show down a bit of an anti climax as the Alexandra, Gone gooduys had already won and though it was acknowledged in the book it removed whatever tension was left in the story It just seemed Tion and circumstance the immortal wizard Nevyn begins to see that all the kingdom's problems can be traced to a single a master of dark magics backed by a network of evil that stretches across the sea  Now Nevyn understands that he too is being lured away to Bardek and into a subtle deadly trap designed especially for The Dragon RevenantThe book that closes a first cycle in this series So I was expecting something climactic that will make this closure memorable but in expecting something climactic that will make this closure memorable but in opinion it didn t Of course the author arranges the most immediate accounts of the protagonists of the story in a very ood and satisfying way continuing through narrating their adventures to make them understandable and dear to us and with a magical encounter puts an end to this phase of threat by the forces of evil with nothing breathtaking but with something that contains many symbolisms This endeavor h We reach the final Book In The First in the first of Katharine Kerr s Deverry series It picks up directly after the events of the Bristling Wood Jill and Salamander set out to rescue Rhodry who is now enslaved on the Bardek Archipelago where their enemies lie in wait Nevyn resides in Aberwyn with Lovyan and Cullyn and begins to discover that Rhodry is just a pawn in his enemy s plans to destroy him I felt this was a really ood book to end the first Act Kerr manages to draw the storylines in Dragonspell to a satisfying conclusion albeit not the happiest The story structure continues like the previous three books from multiple POV characters chiefly Jill Nevyn and Rhodry and also with some of the antagonists This worked well but I do feel Kerr would have done better to divide the novel into chapters to make it easier to read I had divided feelings about the absence of time jumps Partly because I had enjoyed seeing into Nevyn s backstory but at the same time I did find them uite disruptive Book 4 doesn t have these and I found it flowed so much betterKerr had me uite attached to her characters I have become really uite fond of the three main protagonists but Nevyn has to be my favourite I also found Salamander to be really uite entertaining at times but infuriating at othersThe pace was relatively uick compared to previous novels Perhaps this is due to the nature of this of

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of the not so much in first third but definitely in the last 150 pages which I managed to read through in one dayIt felt so F. Scott Fitzgerald good to return to reading the Deverry series after nearly a year I don t know why I waited so long as I enjoyed this one so much Katharine Kerr is such an underrated fantasy author In my opinion her writing is up there with the likes of George RR Martin Robin Hobb John Gwynne and Kate Elliott I wouldive this a solid 4 stars out of 5 and I look forward to reading the next act of the Deverry Cycle Book 4 The Dragon Revenant known as Dragonspell in the UK marks the end of the first cycle of the Deverry Saga More details about the saga plot style etc on my comment here for Book 1 DaggerspellI found the end of this first cycle really satisfying Book 3 had ended on an unbearable cliffhanger You re taken into the suspense again right from the first pages of this 4th installment Unlike the 3 previous novels this one won t make us discover in flashbacks parts of our heroes past lives for the simple reason that there is too much to say and show already about our present time story I really love these flashbacks but there s nothing to be disappointed about with the pace of The Dragon Revenant you won t The Devil Hath Been Raised: A Documentary History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Outbreak of March 1692; Together With a Collection of Newly Located and Gathered Witchcraft Documents get much time to long for them The last pages of the book almost moved me to tears in the way the charactersrew and became better persons A beautiful conclusion to this taleNote that Book 5 will portray some of our protagonists again several years later but with a new plot that will last 4 novels too Finally I can now say I ve read the first four books in the Deverry Cycle in their chronological order These four books form act one which Katharine Kerr subheads as Deverry And now looking back to when I first read these during my mid teens and now 20 or so very odd years la. For years the provinces of Deverry have been in turmoil; now the conflict escalates with the kidnapping of Rhodry Maelwaedd heir to the throne of Aberwyn  Intent on rescuing him his beloved Jill and the elven wizard Salamander infiltrate the distant land of Bardex where Rhodry is held captive  Tied to Deverry by obliga.

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