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El día e se perdió la cordura

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For that reason but even when judged simply from a stylistic point of view it leaves much to be desired in imagery and depth of vocabulary A lot of it is dialogue That dialogue is presented in Spanish of course but since the story is set in the US and the characters are all native course but since the story is set in the US and the characters are all native speakers who obviously speak English to each other what you are really reading is their English conversation rendered into Spanish as if the book were a translation of itself So enjoy it but don t expect too much because you will be disappointed A very foreseeable plot Although It was supposed
to be a 
be a it didn t scare me that much Also I didn t find it misterious The writing was not as good as I expect from a book Easy read but not my type Is the best thriller that I ever read Amazing I heard about this book through various YouTubers from Spain and it was highly recommended As you can read in the book blurb a man is seen walking in town with a decapitated head in his hands He seemed to be insane and then everything will be around to know who is this person who was placed in a psychiatric hospital Who is this man Did he commit the murder Who was the woman decapitated What is his relation with the FBI agent who is investigating the case What is his relation with the Psychologist What happened in 1996 th. OpsisEn el centro de Boston a las 12 de la mañana de n 24 de diciembre n hombre camina desnudo con la cabeza decapitada de 12 de la mañana de n 24 de diciembre Hell Phone un hombre camina desnudo con la cabeza decapitada de joven El Dr Jenkins director del centro psiuiátrico de la ciudad y Stella Hyden agente de perfiles del FBI se adentrarán enna investigación e pondrá en juego sus vidas su. Really amazing and addictive Liked it soooo Much Of Those Books Of Suspense That Of those books of suspense that can not stop reading Occurred Salt Lake by the madness of a Crazy changes the life of Amanda her beloved her parents and several closeAs it is sometimes difficult to choose your partner and friends because everything happens because Jesse with everything and who is a psychologist chooses a couple truly disturbed Thus in life there are people who truly affect your life to evil And others for goodThe book is very good to entertain The general idea is good the developing IS CATASTROPHIC BAD WRITING EVEN THOUGH THE AUDIBLE IS catastrophic Bad writing even though the audible is good and way too expressive Plus the romance is insta love that s not even developed nor explained Overall not ite happy with this one Suspenseful but otherwise mediocre no memorable characters and an outlandish improbable and confusing plot whose twists and turns are made all the indecipherable by having been broken p into tiny chunks all happening at times and different places Boston Salt Lake ebec and then intermixing these do that the reader is continuously being hopscotched from one to the other Read it in Spanish Picked it out at the bookstore as a A Land More Kind Than Home uick to read thriller that would help my mind remain fluid in Spanish I like to read half a dozen Spanish books a year just. Opiniones de lectores“Una historia de amor rompedora e inuebrantable den autor hasta ahora desconocido y Outlaw Bride ue sin duda se va a convertir en el fenómeno literario del año”“Un libro aupado por el boca a boca de esose te dejan toda James Still una noche sin dormir”“Maravilloso No puedo decir nada más”Sin. At connect each character that appear in this novel At the beginning of the book you will be captivated by the story and the writing style Full of suspense Plot and characters are developed on events that occurred in 1996 and events occurring in 2013 This techniue I could say was well mastered by the author However in the middle of the book the story became repetitive in my opinion giving me the sensation that the story was forcibly extended and then you got bored at some point There were someestionable events like how Jacob travel around the world without having any income Same as Steven Then you have cult that doesn T Make Any Sense But make sense but guess you can find those in real life Then the ending was simple in my opinion I will continue with the second book to see if some of my estions can be answered I still like author writing style 34 stars I still recommend the book because I know there Will Be Readers That Will Enjoy The Story Started Off be readers that will enjoy the story Started off well those kind of books you can t put down But by the middle of the book some things didn t make sense or were badly connected and by the end it was just absurd and I didn t like how the story turned out too much fantasy with a lot of loose ends So clich Excellent marketing campaing by the publishers I read 23 and couldn t handle it any Nope. Concepción de la cordura y e viajará atrás 17 años hasta nos eventos fortuitos ocurridos en el misterioso pueblo de Salt LakeNarrada magistralmente a tres tiempos el autor nos sumerge a ritmo de thriller en na historia de amor y odio a partes iguales en las e se exploran los extremos del ser human. .

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