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For the record I am Team Ranger I have no expectations that 1 Stephanie will age 2 Stephanie will choose Joe or I have no expectations that 1 Stephanie will age 2 Stephanie will choose Joe or and live happily ever after 3 Stephanie will mature in any way I do expect that this book will have a mystery to solve and that Stephanie will be right in the middle of it That is than enough for meThis book fulfilled my expectations and I enjoyed it very much I love these books for what they are and not what everyone expects them to be You cozy fans may be offended as there is a lot of foul language and several sexual situations but nothing explicit Stephanie doesn t age Stephanie doesn t choose Joe or Ranger Stephanie does show slight signs of a tiny bit of mature growth but nothing to be concerned about She does wreck another car and begins and ends with Joe But the middleStephanie finds herself with a frozen dead body covered with chocolate and nuts which tumbles out of the back of an 18 wheeler Ranger is overhauling the security for the ice cream factory and needs Stephanie s eye for detail to help find out who is trying to sabotage the plant Working closely with Ranger has Stephanie in a uandary the same one she has been in for the Ranger has Stephanie in a uandary the same one she has been in for the 22 books Joe or Ranger Joe is steady and or less settled Ranger is every dark fantasy but not at all permanent commitment material She and Joe are engaged to be engaged but Ranger still lights a fire for her 35 stars Always a fun easy and comical read It was fineNothing has changed It s like the Simpsons where the ids never grow up and everything goes right back to the start each week Sure you might smile a couple of times through it but it isn t going to stick with you give you strong feels or make you think poor Class of 92: Out of Our League kid probably has a raging case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by nowThere aren t even sex scenes and that would be fine if you could actually feel chemistry and romance between Stephanie and her two boyfriends I mean Ranger sends out sparks but Stephanie seems to just go along with having sex with two men I don t get it Maybe it s her diet of continual junk food Maybe she has constant indigestion or something and that s why she doesn t seem to care about the sex She s trying not to burp the whole time or something Stephanie must be very hipster then She ll be able to wear these if sheeeps eating like she doesSpeaking of which doesn t it bother anyone else that she is in a committed relationship with Morelli but is still Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story kissing Ranger constantly and having sex with him occasionally If Morelli was having sex with someone else on the side we would all hate him for being a cheater But Stephanie is totally screwing him over and it s like it s no big deal poorittySo there are a few chuckles but this series is not progressing in any way If you ve read one of these books you will find nothing new hereOh and Rex is still alive This is the oldest hamster in history And yet she doesn t even get him a decent house He lives in a soup can I m thinking that this magical hamster deserves better after living longer than even a sea turtle lives He s obviously immortal It s time to provide him with a nicer lifestyle Oh okay then Never mind Team Ranger or Team MorelliThis is like Watching A Train Wreck You a train wreck You the series to stop but still you can t look away or add it to your wishlist for that matter Probably repetitive like the previous one though TURBO TWENTY THREE If no. In the heart of Trenton NJ a iller is out to make sure someone gets his just desserts Larry Virgil skipped out on his latest court date after he was arrested for hijacking an eighteen wheeler full of premium bourbon Fortunately for bounty hunter Stephanie Plum Larry is just stupid enough to attempt almost the exact same crime again Only this time he flees the scene leaving behind a freezer truck loaded with Boga. ,

Ne of the characters are going to grow at the least Stephanie should find Rex the hamster deadimage error Evanovich s Stephanie Plum series is a little like going to McDonald s uick serves a purpose and consistency you now exactly what you are going to get Grandma Mazur and her very funny antics Lulu wearing clothes she has to sueeze in to trying to help Stephanie but usually making things worse fires wrecked cars and either Morelli or Ranger coming to the rescue The cases may change but not much else does Choosing between Morelli and Ranger been the big hook with these well that and the humor of course Not much changes but I think I have For many years these have served their purpose admirably during times of stress less concentration or just for a shot of ridiculousness But now alas I fear we must part I have actually reached my limit become impatient with the sameness the lack of growth and have lost interest in the uestion of whom she picks or rather no longer care Still it was a good ride fun while it lasted My three rating reflects the fact that I new exactly what I was getting it is not the books fault that I no longer find it filling Because apparently I hate myself Let us all join in on the Stephanie Plum prayer that hasn t worked over the last five years Please dear God let this be the last book Let her choose or not Just let it be overpossibly probably longerEdited to add 11162016 after readingMy prayers went unanswered In fact any growth we ve seen over the last few books which was minimal was completely undone The men are just caricatures of the guys we liked so much The feeling of frustration when Stephanie is still in her life threatening situation that happens at the end of every single book and there are fewer than ten pages left in the whole book is such a bitter one Because you realize there will be no resolution Possibly ever And you also now that you will continue to be fooled into reading one of these books every year because surely it has to end at some point right RIGHT I saw it comingAfter reviewing her last two two books I new another one was than likely going to be publishedSighAt least in her Last Book There Was A book there was a of a hope for some character development I just hope Turbo Twenty Three continues in this vein and does not leave the main character in an endless loop that has plagued the previous six or seven booksMake a decision Do something differentJanet Evanovich please throw us long time readers a bone hereI will be getting my copy from the library as I cannot make myself buy any of them after the first 15 They have just been too similar After readingExactly as I feared The love triangle still bothers me even when you add in a trip to Disney world Her revelation also annoyed me I just want this series to end on a high note Something big and awesome and unexpected Maybe by book 25 Or it will just go on and on and on with no character growth and similar plot lines I am almost current with the Stephanie Plum series written by Janet Evanovich I just finished Turbo Twenty Three and there are two left to be fully caught up I should get to them both next month it s been an exciting and fun ride While always humorous and page turning treats this one left me a little bored by the mystery hence the 3 rating It has all the normal adventures and comical moments but I felt like ha. Rt ice cream and a dead body frozen solid and covered in chocolate and chopped pecans As fate would have it Stephanie’s mentor and occasional employer Ranger needs her to go undercover at the Bogart factory to find out who’s putting their employees on ice and sabotaging the business It’s going to be hard for Stephanie to eep her hands off all that ice cream and even harder for her to eep her hands off Ran. .

Lf the mystery was missing and the parts ept in the book were disconnected and way too simpleFor the most part the culprit was nown from the beginning Although there was an extra level added it didn t happen until about 90% thru and it wasn t someone we d even gotten to now well I FELT A BIT CHEATED BY THIS STORY BUT THAT a bit cheated by this story but that I couldn t sit still from the laughter at all the normal antics Between the ice cream geese and change in the Ranger Morelli dynamic it was wonderful No one does crazy try to ick ass but fail epically better than Evanovich I would love to have someone like Lula better than Evanovich I would love to have someone like Lula Stephanie in my life When Lula and Briggs do a demo tape for Naked and Afraid I wasn t sure whether to get sick or be the first to sign up to watch their nutty adventuresHere s the thing about these books they re meant to just make us laugh It s not about solving a mystery It s not about choosing between two guys It s not about learning anything It s all about throwing people together in crazy scenes and seeing what happens I m good with it I now what it s for I just wish there was a little better balance in this one to eep the interest on all levels with a common theme throughout the book Onward I go to get 24 to read next TGIF or Thank God I ve Finished My rating of 3 stars is rounded up to the generous side from a real 25 but only because a few lines made me chuckle Alas the rest of this one came across as just plain sillyAnd I m truly bummed I haven t missed reading very many in this series featuring bounty hunter Stephanie Plum And while I admit the last two or three weren t as stellar as the others How Old Must Stephanie Get Before She old must Stephanie get before she up and stops making goo goo eyes at possible husband and cop Joe Morelli and the hunky mysterious Ranger for instance the story itself and the fairly freuent yuk yuks were sufficient to eep them enjoyableNot so here When it comes to her love life Stephanie s stuck at 30 something going on 14 still annoying even though I long since resigned myself to the fact that this will never change Her offbeat agency colleague and former streetworker Lulu has lowered her jokes gutter level and other attempts at humor never get much beyond something that would make a fourth grader giggle Passing gas Pooping in the street People who don t look good fully dressed going naked in public Spare me Even the antics of Stephanie s Grandma Mazur who s usually a shoe in for a few belly laughs fell flat this timeThe plot itself doesn t fare a whole lot better Stephanie is called in to capture Larry Virgil who missed a court date Then he hijacks an ice cream treat maker s freezer truck and is stopped after which he takes off When the truck doors are opened out falls a dead guy who is frozen and wait for it covered with chocolate and chopped nuts Conveniently Ranger has been hired by the truck company s owner it seems someone is sabotaging the business So he brings Stephanie in to help Meanwhile Lulu and her height challenged friend Randy are trying to break into nude reality TV who new and Grandma when she s not crashing funeral wakes is getting down and dirty with a new boyfriend Ah will the action never stopFinally it did but from where I sat behind my Kindle not uite soon enough I can t believe I m saying this because it s like saying goodbye to an old friend but I think I ve had my fill of this series Over and ou. Ger It’s also going to be hard to explain to Trenton’s hottest cop Joe Morelli why she is spending late nights with Ranger late nights with Lula and Randy Briggs who are naked and afraid and late nights eeping tabs on Grandma Mazur and her new fella Stephanie Plum has a lot on her plate but for a girl who claims to have “virtually no marketable skills” these are the inds of sweet assignments she does be. Turbo Twenty Three

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