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S TRUE TRUE TRUE AND TRUEThere is a lot of mistakes and too much shit and piss in it but Wow What a Story Written In The Form Written in the form a diary this story taught me several things chief among them that I had better stick to stuff with at least a semblance of a happy nding at the nd of a happy nding At the Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe end this one I was left scratching my head in thought had I just invested a couple of days reading time for thisIt has potential because I was able to visualize and at times not pleasant thank youmpathize with the narrator The Dom behaves Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time exactly as the sub dreamed and yearned for fulfills all the sub sxpectations getting plenty in return himself According to most that is a successful Masterslave relationship But ven though I went "In Knowing What To Expect It Still "knowing what to xpect it still me feeling Forgetful of Their Sex empty and dissatisfied at thendSo beware all the warnings apply waterworks scat dub con body modification true humiliation in all the ways you can possibly think of and a few very creative ones There s hardcore SM between men who feel nothing for Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing each other beyond thexcitement of their shared interests in BDSM If that is what you re looking for you ve found it Enjoy I thought I could manage to finish this but was wrongRead chapters 1 9 32 34 out of 39 Too hardcore and it felt like reading graphic torture Chapter 32 made me physically sick But I amused myself with thinking if Ana Steele would have found Christian Grey Fifty Shades of Greystill irresistible if he treated her like that It is not fair to compare this book with that book Sorry This one is well written and I have impression that author knows what he is writing about This is a Nifty story and is frankly hard to read due to the F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby extreme nature of the humiliation heaped upon the MC God I wanted him to leave his arsehole Dom or at least for D to get just a single kind word or tender touch This isn t that kind of story No kitten bunnies or reciprocal love involved No HEA No HFN No HThis story is the antithesis of a Sean Michael BDSM story where it s all LoveLoveMineYours all yours foreverThe story ispisodic with Walled (The Line, each chapter describing one session with the Brigadier and so does not have the traditional structure of a novel We never see the Brigadier s pov forxample and we only have D s responses and thoughts However good fiction should leave the characters as different people than they were when we first ncountered them and that s certainly the Fer him deep humiliation Brigadier Hugh Markman Ryder gives D what he's looking for but perhaps there's a good reason we don't always. ,

35 Stars I had great xpectations for this one but sadly I didn t hit the jack potD aka fuck face was uite the character Interesting solid kink wise unapologetic making him fascinating view spoiler hide spoiler Definitely intriguing To Get Into The Mind Of A get into the mind of a seeking xtreme humiliation This is hardcore degradation with watersports scat and SM I don t recommend this to anyone but HARDCORE degradation lovers it is not a romance The nd leaves me with "uestions about the lines separating abuse submission and psychosis I usually like this type of fic but this just didn t "about the lines separating abuse submission and psychosis I usually like this type of fic but this just didn t do it for me Just a few sentences from this storyBoring to read about dragging misery Of course it is Not half as boring as living it thoughAsk anyone to define the meaning of sadist and they will come back very uickly with something to the ffect someone who gets sexual pleasure from inflicting pain Everyone knows that and veryone is wrong or at least missing the real point Pain really is not the OBJECT Pain is merely one MEANS to achieve the true aim of the sadist which is power and dominationIn the majority of SM relationships this first rule does not apply which means that what you have is two consenting adults PLAYING AT being master and slave the that what you have is two consenting adults PLAYING AT being master and slave the point is that the slave has been ordered to offer his arse to the cane and is doing it voluntarily not because he is Tempting Fate eager for the pain but because he isager to demonstrate his submission to the dominant male ven at the cost of painThe sadist gets his kicks from domination and the xercise of brute power the masochist from submission and obediencewhat he the masochist gets is the One Giant Leap euphoric pleasure of complete surrender He abdicates from worry and responsibility into a warm marshmallow world where all he has to do is submit and obey Let someonelse take the decisions He regresses into a childlike state of dependenceHis life is governed by the three rules of slavery submission submission and submission And that is the way he likes itParadoxically it reuires real strength Physical strength to stand up to the demands of the master but Apocalyptic Cartography even important it demands strength of character It takes courage and dedication and commitment And SELF discipline tooNo serving a man like that is notasy and is no job for the faint hearted It takes guts to be a slavePower and submission THAT s what SM is about What could I say about that Everything D a submissive man replies to a personals ad offering discipline training hoping for a a selfish greedy demanding bastard who will of. Ase here I found myself thinking about D long after I finished the story I was left tantalised at the thought of where D was going to go from here wait maybe that was appalled and horrified at where it looks like D is going to go from here view spoiler yeah so long Klaas I know when you flirted with me in that bar 40 minutes ago you never had a clue I d trade your ass for a fucking book hide spoiler This story was very well written for a Nifty There were a couple of scenes that were tough to read because the writer was actually making me feel what the slave feeling In one place he was having trouble breathing and I found myself feeling like I had the jock over my face "You Either Know The Scene Or Will "either know the scene or will itI liked the way that the story was written like a journal it made it feel ven real Submission is not something that I personally would give so I got annoyed with slave when he argued with master over a punishment or something terribly humiliating Slave KNEW what he was getting into when he applied and certainly did not have to go back if he didn t get satisfaction out of his weekend You do not submit half way xcept maybe in the Sean Michael role playing games Total and absolute control goes to the master and ven though slave had been with other masters he really did not seem to want to surrender totally in my opinion This may sound crazy but I believe that the story
did have a 
have a in that both men got what they were looking for out of the relationship This story was by no means a sweet love story and is definitely not for the sueamish but if you can make it past chapter 10 you ll make it to the nd Fascinating Thought provoking I had a few freak out moments but I could not leave any of it unread This is not a romantic mm book at all This is not Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven even general dominant submissive you find inrotic books This is hardcore master and slave relationship with lots of details It is written as a diary from fuckface one of his slave names and once started you won t want to stop reading it Yes it s all about sex degradation submitting and total humilition but that is what the slave wants and craves ven if at times it was hard to see why you would want someone to piss on youOnly read this if you can handle the subject matter it is hardcore but really draws you inContains beatings thrashing oral sex anal sex and lots of other things not for feint hearted but intriguin. Get what we wantWARNING Contains xtreme Ds activities including piss and scat play Absolutely no fluff included 39 Chapters Mm slas.

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