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Everal times over the characters antics and getting misty eyed over the wedding ceremony And now I can t wait to read the next book 375 stars rounded upI couldn t can t wait to read the next book 375 stars rounded upI couldn t that Skyler was getting married and actually went through with it all the way until the honeymoon Even when Skyler sort of having a panic attack over the fact that he would spend the rest of his ife with Keith but I thought he did really well handling everything Seriously so much growing up have been happening with him for the past several books I felt proud of himIt doesn t mean that Stone Cold Foxe is all about wedding and doesn t offer its own mystery Amidst the wedding preparation it appears that Skyler gains his own stalker At first I thought that the mishaps that happened to him was universe s own signs for Skyler to postpone the wedding apparently I wasn t as convinced as Skyler that he would really walk down the aisle sorry Skyler but then I realized it was something sinister I was happy that Keith and the rest of the SFC posse plus Sydney were able to find the person responsibleAll in all it was a good read and I totally can t wait to read the next book Because it appeared that the story would be a cold case murder THAT always perks me up EDITED ON MARCH 2018Based on the author s newsletter apparently this is the LAST book of the series Stone 2018Based on the author s newsletter apparently this is the LAST book of the series Stone FoxeBy Haley WalshFoxe Press 2017Four starsKeith Fletcher and Skyler Foxe get married It seemed inevitable right But as we know Skyler is only 26 and since starting college which I assume means at 18 has been a committed slut no shaming just fact and happily so But Keith Fletcher handsome hairy jock to Skyler s pretty tow headed twink dropped into Skyler s ife and changed all that One of the eitmotifs of this entire series has always been that Skyler slept around His best friends are all guys he s been with It is not only a running joke but something that continues to make Keith suirm Despite the prejudices of inland California and his mother s initial aversion to his orientation Skyler has been able to be who he is He is out and proud With Keith it seems that Skyler has also become someone different from who he d been previouslyImpulsive and headstrong it is Skyler who asked Keith to marry him as the sort of cliffhanger at the end of the ast book These two have been through an enormous amount in the year they ve known each other Why would Skyler s sudden wish to tie the knot with his favorite football coach be a surprise Isn t than eight years of never sleeping alone enough Isn t Keith enough to make Skyler want to settle down This is such a twenty first century dilemma for gay men Or is it Settling down Monogamy Giving up sexual freedom for a different kind of contentment These are issues that gay men have faced forever regardless of the cultural and egal context in which they ived Fear made men eager to pair up in the bad old days if they weren t too afraid to be spotted as a they weren t too afraid to be spotted as a AIDS also caused a seismic shift toward monogamous pairing among gay men in the 1980s I know I ived it That was just another kind of fear Skyler and Keith face an entirely different dilemma just because you can do you want to Haley Walsh is not generally digging deep in her charming fast paced and amusing novels They re sit coms than romances Skyler is a bit of Jessica Fletcher or maybe Will and Grace meets Murder She Wrote His mind is sharp and curious and he can t help but try to figure out mysteries when they drop in his ap This time he s a ittle distracted by wedding plans and doesn t notice right away when something wicked his way comesThe presence of Skyler s closest and dearest including his forever bestie Sidney has been a constant throughout this series Sidney is not Ethel to his Lucy so much as Jiminy Cricket to his Pinocchio In this book we also get weightier presence for his parents Cynthia and Dale This matters because there are big issues about Buried life andove being raised here It s been fun all along but now is a pivotal moment Because you know the weddingWeddings are usually the romantic terminus on a ove story etting the curtain fall on the Happily Ever After But no Walsh does something that sort of blew me away because I didn t expect. Package that eads him to the inescapable conclusion that someone may be trying to kill him Keith and Skyler’s gang of friends put their heads together to investigate And then the wedding day comes off without a hitch and Keith and Skyler go off on their surprise honeymoon for a weekend cruise But Sidney and the SFC discover that Skyler is still in danger and se.

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summary Stone Cold Foxe Skyler Foxe Mysteries #7

It to be effective She gives us
*the entire wedding *
entire wedding painful detail And not only does it work it s powerful and beautiful I was moved to tears several times This is the moment when all of the nonsense in all of the previous books comes into focus and we realize how all these people have affected Skyler over the years Suddenly Skyler ooks in the metaphorical mirror and sees someone who ooks the same but in fact is not the same But betterI will say that the honeymoon hijinks got a ittle broad in their comedy after the beauty of the protracted wedding seuence The bad guy almost seemed well perfunctory But it doesn t much matter Walsh plays it rather coy with the sex until the honeymoon too and I confess that I was ready for a ittle Skyler and Keith one on one It s an excellent example of using sex with skill in the course of a narrative rather than just tossing it around ike croutons in a bland salad I am glad this is not the end of the Foxe novels We get to see the after of the HEA How can that not be fascinating 45 stars Skyler and Keith get married I Love You I want what we have to go on and on And I don t think it matters one bit that we haven t known each other that ong I don t need time I know what I want just as I ve known that I wanted to be a teacher and to stay in Redlands and everything else in my ife This is my ife You are my A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, life I ve never doubted you and your feelings for me And you know what You must never ever doubt my feelings for you Iove you I ve never The Shadow Reader loved anyoneike this Some time between the wedding planning and wedding Skyler discovers that some weird accidents might not be accidents at allbut potentially MURDERTold in multiple POV which I ove accidents might not be accidents at allbut potentially MURDERTold in multiple POV which I ove Walsh does Keith and Skyler get the beginning of their Happily Ever After all the while dealing with the mystery surrounding who s stalking and potentially trying to kill Skyler Of course the SFC is there to help investigate keep Skyler safe and save the dayThis was fun sexy a ittle emotional everyone cries at weddings shut up and just plain fun to read I really enjoyed the interactive hyperlinks that are included with the ebook that give you glimpses of the rings wedding cake boutonni res and reception hall It made it so I could easily picture Skyler and Keith s special day happy sigh Advanced Review Galley copy of Stone Cold Foxe Skyler Foxe Mysteries 7 provided by the author in exchange of an honest review This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews 5 Great as usual Super fan of Haley Walsh I never miss a Skylar Foxe mystery The continuation of the series picks up where Crazy Like a Foxe eft off If you follow this series be sure you read this one you won t be disappointed No spoilers here just read 425 starsI am a huge fan of this series mainly because of characters I The Power Of A Choice love not only SkylerKeith but also SFC the school kids and of course SidneyMark I m thrilled that there will be Review for BookWinked Skyler Foxe is back in this fun sweet romantic and mysterious new adventure of Skyler and his merry band This time it s not just wedding bells that seem to dodge Skyler s steps but he also needs to stay one step ahead of a crazy stalker that doesn t have Skyler s best interest at heartThis seventh instalment in the contemporary mystery series picks up right where Crazy Like a Foxeeaves off In typical Skyler style Skyler popped THE uestion and now he has to own up to it What follows creates a new ayer for both Skyler s character but also Keith s We get insights into what makes them tick and motivates them Especially Skyler We already knew about most of them but this story creates another dimension I certainly iked thatIt s one very sweet story but I iked that there was not just a wedding to focus on It might have become a ittle too sticky sweet otherwise Although the mystery was not as big as it was in previous books it was still there and nicely done tooStone Cold Foxe brought the series to a new height with some solid writing humour a ittle angst romance that wedding and the SFC trying to be helpful and not always succeeding Although that cake mmmmFans of the series will ove this new instalment of the Skyler Foxe series and if you haven t read it yet go get it no. Cretly follow Rather than ruin Skyler’s one and only honeymoon they hitch a ride Can Sidney Jamie Rodolfo Dave and Philip keep out of sight of the happy couple and at the same time catch a killer before the cruise ends in murder It’s the Scooby Gang to the rescue What could possibly go wrong Special for ebook readers only Inside are interactive hyperlinks Enjoy. Stone Cold Foxe Skyler Foxe Mysteries #7I really Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling love this series and this was another great addition I even found itess over the top than previous books And I m glad to know that there will be another one to Monsieur Pain look forward to If youike fun ittle mysteries with ovable characters and haven t started this series I encourage you to give it a shot Are some of the plotlines a ittle unrealistic Yes I mean hello a high school English teacher who manages to stumble upon and solve several murders over the course of seven books taking place over one year span Definitely have to give probability some eeway But I l be honest you know those seriesbooks that are your go to books that have the perfect mix of fun and serious Those ones that are ike an old friend when you aren t in the mood to try something new or maybe are in a ittle reading slump and just need a comfort read Those ones that take you to a happy place every time I have very few of those but The Skyler Foxe Mysteries is one of them books or audio it is one of those series that just puts me in a cheerful moodI couldn t wait to see what would happen after the ending of book six and Stone Cold Foxe iterally picks up right where it ending of book six and Stone Cold Foxe iterally picks up right where it off I l admit I was surprised by the first chapter Getting insight to Keith and his feelings on that kind of evel was definitely new and I was glad for it You can t go through what Skyler and Keith have and not come away unaffected It really started the tone for the book in the perfect wayThis book had a different pacing and focus than I am used to It was a nice ittle change as we accompany Skyler on his emotional rollercoaster of wedding planning and realizing the Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, leap he is taking Iaughed at his reality checks and dawning realizations on what changes would be made In true Skyler fashion he HAS FREAK OUTS WOULD RATHER ASK FORGIVENESS THAN PERMISSION freak outs would rather ask forgiveness than permission is mentally all over the place Though his focus is where it should be on his fianc and upcoming nuptials this wouldn t be a mystery if there wasn t a well mystery So have no fear despite the focus being on Skyler and his crazy weddinghoneymoon shenanigans there is a nice ittle whodunnit thrown in for the SFC is a nice ittle whodunnit thrown in for the SFC course they all get up to their antics and ucky for Skyler the Scooby Gang has his back even if it means following him to his honeymoonDo you want to know what makes this entire series for me Well I am gonna tell you by far its the SFC The books are than just about Skyler We have accompanied his whole crew as they have matured and found themselves and their own individual happiness They each have such distinct personalities and add something to the dynamic of the group Phillip always trying to be the voice of reason and point out all the ways things can and probably will go wrong but can never say no when it comes down to it Jaime and his excitement and jubilance often encouraging the crazy and Skyler s go to when he wants someone he can count on Rodolfo with his always over the top reactions and dramatic personality but with such a soft heart and supportive of Skyler in his shenanigans Dave and his down to earth personality often the ogical one but willing to throw caution out the window and jump into the fire with both feet Sidney and her mother hen ways calling Skyler on his BS but will turn around and take him drinking and dancing or just be the shoulder he needs and the voice of reason when he needs it And obviously Keith poor endearing Keith who oves Skyler for all he is and all his uirky ualities who gets Skyler in a way no one else really does who sees the true character of Skyler and his oyal personality So because I Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition love all of the other characters I have to admit I am really into the fact we are starting to get to experience different characters POVs and getting a different voice and perspective to see how those close to him truly feel their affection and need to protect himStone Cold Foxe is another exciting adventure for the SFC With a great mix of uirky and fun with aittle mystery thrown in I can t wait for the next book to see what is in store for Skyler Keith and the SFCReviewed by Lindsey for The Novel Approach One of my favorite couples beautiful wedding amusing SFC and a sprinkle of mystery I read it in one sitting chuckling Is it wedding bells for confirmed bachelor Skyler Foxe The rocky road to marriage keeps the high school English teacher on edge yet his football coach fiancé Keith Fletcher seems far too cool by half Still as the nuptials draw near strange things seem to be plaguing Skyler Small things that seem Billionaires Contract Engagement (Kings of the Boardroom likeittle accidents and coincidences Until he receives a mysterious.

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