Black Brown Beige (KINDLE)

Black Brown BeigeSon dawn no longer spreads a pathto welcome our weary footstepsour silver voicesI hold a memory of mists past timestorches lit our wayI drink deeply of the sands of oblivion Awareness pg 106From John La RoseThe lineal connectionBetween space and timeTangles like ship s ropeNo coils unwindBut stretch their stenchTo unobtained oblivionTormentTwined n an underbrushOf corroding customUnwinds tself n INKY BLOOD LETTINGSUNSTATISTICATEDMEMORYMOUNTS ITS PASTIN MUDDLED PRIDE CONNECTING LINK blood lettingsUnstatisticatedMemoryMounts ts pastIn muddled pride Connecting Link 113From L on Gontran DamasFor a moment believein a hand without a glovea hand luminous of springtimenaked n the birth of springspringtime born from magicmagic of rhythmthe toothlessdiseased mobsingle eyed and paranoidcried All Overmy Insane Heart overmy nsane heart hate A Single Instant of Belief pg 130From Joyce MansourMy mother eats meTortures meAnd to prevent me from following herShe buries meI eat my familyI spit on their remainsI hate their tightrope diseasesAnd their ear hallucinationsBe careful of toothpasteThat bleaches without destroyingIt Stahl's Illustrated Substance Use and Impulsive Disorders is wiser to have fun by devouring one s own peopleThan to walk on all foursTo drinkOr try to pleaseGirls Fresh Cream pg 166From Henri Kr aOh yes the lovely sceneryLofty appearancesGood breedingCorrectnessGood mannersDistinctionJust the right amount of mineral waterThe cold elegance of milkHermetically sealedOh yes oh yes Oh Yes pg 176From Tchicaya U Tam siI pulled up my throat with multicoloured glassI wished to kick chancen the pantsmy second victorya little pox on the brainand I don t know how to save myselfthen I dreamt of returningto my villagewith eyes behind dark glassesand I had to fear my sorcererI leaped the seawith my sensual nsomniasalt fills my headI must arm my people against their destiny tonightin order to name t laterin golden figureshe earned his deathlong live love Against Destiny pg 182From Jean Joseph Rab ariveloA purple starevolved Crisis: The Anatomy of Two Major Foreign Policy Crises in the depth of the sky a flower of blood unfolding on the prairie of nightEvolve evolveYou see nothing of her but her myriads of eyesher triangular reptile eyesthat open one by oneamong celestial lianas A Purple Star pg 189From Fenton JohnsonLook my weary brother ere you die Nights here the phantom nigh Soul of rabbit with the magic breathSoul of Life and foe of living DeathEre we die my brother ere we die O er the hills the phantom shadows lie Rabbit ghostly soothes your aching fearsRabbit ghostly dries your endless tearsEre we die my sister ere we die The Phantom Rabbit pg 211From Bob KaufmanAbomunists join nothing but their hands or legs or other sameAbomunists spit anti poetry for poetic reasons and frinkAbomunists do no look at pictures painted by presidents or other sameAbomunists spit anti poetry for poetic reasons and frinkAbomunists do no look at pictures painted by presidents unemployed prime ministersIn times o national peril Abomunists as reality Americans stand ready to drink themselves to death for their countryAbomunists do not feel pain no matter how much Angola to Zydeco: Louisiana Lives it hurtsAbomunists do not use Ck poets have beennvisible Academic histories and anthologies typically but very wrongly persist Kaltblau in conveying surrealism as an all white movement like other artistic schools of European origin In glaring contrast the many publications of thenternational surrealist movement have regularly featured texts and reproductions of works by comrades from Martiniue Haiti Cuba Puerto Rico South America the United States and other lands Some of these publications are readily available to researchers; others He word Suare except when talking to SuaresAbomunists read newspapers only to ascertain their AbominubilityAbomunists never carry than fifty dollars n debt on themAbomunists believe that the solution to problems of religious bigotry s to have a Catholic candidate for president and a Protestant candidate for popeAbomunists do not write for money they write the money Between Octobers itselfAbomunists believe only what they dream only aftert comes trueAbomunist children must be reared abominubly Abomunist poets confident that the new literary form foot printism has freed the artist of outmoded restrictions such as the ability to read and write or the desire to communicate must be prepared to read their work at dental colleges embalming schools homes for unwed mothers homes for wed mothers Julian 3: The Works of the Emperor Julian insane asylums USO canteens kindergartens and county jails Abomunists never compromise their rejectionary philosophy Abomunists reject everything except snowmen Abomunist Manifesto pg 231From Hart Leroy BibbsBe bleak spring but roll on northwardswith me through central park sign winding trailaround the lake and reservoirthrough the hilly singing bird sanctuaryover the underpass of the horse the newly discovered path where a talewas told but five minutes ago by one who had returned southwardof a sinister black bar Black Spring pg 253From Jayne CortezI know they want me to maketto enter eye dropper and nvade pillsturn around or get shotI know they wanna vaccinate me withthe fear of myselfso I ll pull down my face and nodI know know they wanna vaccinate me withthe fear of myselfso I ll pull down my face and nodI know want me to make tBut I m not n a hurry Making It pg 256From Sunny RaThen another tomorrowThey never told me ofCame with the abruptness of a fiery dawnAnd spoke of Cosmic EuationsThe euations of slight similarityThe euations of sound similaritySubtle Living EuationsClear only to thoseWho wish to be attunedTo the vibrations of the Outer Cosmic WorldsSubtle living euationsof the outer realmsDear only to

thosewho fervently wish 
fervently wish greater life Cosmic Euation pg 278From Ted JoansBob Kaufman has said I acknowledge the demands of surrealist realization and his great dazzling poem Song of the Broken Giraffe s an affirmation of his surrealization Kaufman Second Biennial Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Iowa: For the Fiscal Period Ending June 30, 1883 (Classic Reprint) is one of true poets that became known during the Beat Generation Hismages are magical and humorous than those of his contemporaries Immersed n the Marvelous Kaufman confronts the human condition directly n all ts tragic facets Yet he giggles while struggling He s one of the greatest poets on this planet EarthKaufman First Cosmic Velocity is like Bird he too has always been High on Life Hes the man that walks down crowded streets High on Life He Philosophy of Psychopharmacology: Smart Pills, Happy Pills, and Pepp Pills is the man that walks down crowded streets aloud to himselfn spite of many too many unhip people running n the opposite direction nstead of toward him Kaufman Joshi Mousou Shoukougun, Vol. 4 is a Bird of the poetic word called Bob His Solitudes give us all a chance to share his poetry with thenternational multitude Dig him Kaufman s a Bird Called Bob pg 312 45. Re not and a few fall outside academia's narrow definition of surrealismThis collection s the first to document the extensive participation of people of African descent Tryst with Prosperity in thenternational surrealist movement over the past seventy five years Editors Franklin Rosemont and Robin D G Kelley aim to Tryst with Prosperity: Indian Business and the Bombay Plan of 1944 introduce readers to the black brown and beige surrealists of the world to provide sketches of their overlooked lives and deeds as well as theirmportant place n history especially the history of surrealism. .

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