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Y patron She described a sweet book that she had enjoyed reading to her children and I agreed with her through the first half of the children and I agreed with her through the first half of the story begins on Halloween night when a little witch gets stuck in a Tree With Her Broken Broom When The with her broken broom When the family finds her she s snarly and rude as she explains that witches can only fly into the human world on Halloween As midnight strikes without a functional broom she tries several cleaning implements in the Doon s house little leftover Felina is stuck with the humans for a whole year The Doon s daughter Lucinda becomes Felina s role model for good behavior She s docile well behaved uiet clean and not nearly as independent as her This was one of my favorite books when I was in elementary school I m so glad it s back in print AND available for Kindle I was surprised by how much I remembered some of it word for word It clearly made an impression on me I had this book when I was nine years old I can t believe I d forgotten about it I m not a big fan of books about witches well I don t necessarily hate witch stories but I m not seeking them out either So this one had slipped my mind Anyway it s a really funny little story surprisingly not dark or creepy at all and the illustrations are great too This is a sweet little book that will be perfect for Halloween read aloud It reminded me a little of the Paddington books in pacing and the fact that each chapter is a little story within the story At only 75 pages it s also a very uick read While it is a bit dated in attitude than anything the story stands up to the test of time The only thing it would benefit from are some nice up to the test of time The only thing it would benefit from are some nice illustrations This was my very favorite book as a child I checked it out repeatedly at the library and read and re read it many times I am looking to purchase a copy of it so I can revisit the Doon family as an adult and see if the magic is still there This was a book I remember discovering in one of my 5th grade teachers rooms I picked it up to read then and loved it immediately I never owned my own copy but was able to find one recently Upon reading it again after than 30 years it reminded why I loved it so much It was such a beautiful and touching story about belonging with people who love you. Ch undergoes a magical transformation when she s loved by a human family in this heartwarming story When Felina a little witch breaks her broom on Halloween and can t fly home she Title The Little Leftover Witch; Author Florence Laughlin; ISBN ; Page ; Format Mass Market Paperback; A little lost witch undergoes a magical The little leftover witch edition | Open Library The little leftover witch nd Aladdin Books ed This edition published in by Aladdin Books Collier Macmillan Canada Maxwell Macmillan International in New York Toronto New York Edition Description Stranded for a year on the ground after a crash landing from her broom a little witch is taken in by the Doon family a situation which causes compromises on both sides many happy The Little Leftover Witch Livros The Little Leftover Witch Livros na Brasil Pular para contedo principalcombr Assine Prime Ol Faa seu login Contas e Listas Devolues e Pedidos Experimente Prime Carrinho Livros Ir Pesuisa Ol Selecione The Little Leftover Witch Livros na Brasil Compre o livro The Little Leftover Witch na combr confira as ofertas para livros em ingls e importad. The Little Leftover WitchUnfortunately this new edition does not have the pictures by Greenwald Doing a Google image search reveals some and it clear that they would have added a lot to the storyAnd I feel fortunate in that I m old enough to recognize some of the dated cultural references and assumptions They might jar a modern child Otoh they might intrigue him or herHowever it s still a nearly perfect fable about an abandoned forlorn child who acts out her insecurities but is loved by her new family nonetheless and finally learns to love them back and to feel secure and be happyNo it is not about suelching differences the resolution is explicit about that And no it is not about modern Pagan good witches It is a fable Iow it is a theme that is made subtle by being disguised as a fun children s storyI wish I had nown it when I was young Absolutely delightful Highly recommended And very short so you can easily read it yourself before passing it to your child if you re still nervous I will try to find others by author Very cute story about Felina a little witch who broke her broomstick on Halloween and the Doon family who owned the tree she landed in Witches can only fly on Halloween as everyone nows and so Felina was Earth bound for a whole year The Doon family did what any family would do they put a found witch ad in the newspaper Over the year Felina faced all the challenges that any seven year old would There was reading and math to do doctor s to visit figuring out birthday parties and even the rules of Christmas In fourth grade I had a magical teacher Her name was Mrs Darflinger She had flaming red hair much like my own and dressed in colors I had only dreamed of She ran a tight ship but if we had reached all of our goals for the day the final half hour of class was dedicated to listening as she read to us from books that still dance in my memory October was filled with stories of chilly nights spooky goblins and eerie adventures as we worked our way to what was hands down the best class party every yearthat of Halloween The last book of the month was by far my favorite The Little Leftover Witch by Florence LaughlinThe Little Leftover Witch is the sweet tale of Felina a young witch that somehow manages to break her bro. The Little Leftover Witch de Laughlin Like almost everyone else here I remembered Florence Laughlin's charming book The Little Leftover Witch from my childhood The plot on Halloween night yr old Lucinda Doon is awakened to find a little witch around her age crying on a tree branch outside her bedroom window The witch Felina has broken her broom and can't fly home until next Halloween So Lucinda invites Felina The Little Leftover Witch eBook

By Florence The Little Leftover 
Florence The Little Leftover by Florence Laughlin Thanks for Sharing You submitted the following rating and review We'll publish them on our site once we've reviewed them by on July OK close Write your review eBook Details Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers Release Date August ; Imprint Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers; ISBN The Little Leftover Witch by Florence Laughlin The Little Leftover Witch It was Halloween The wind moaned like a thousand ghosts at the windows of the houses on Mockingbird Lane Black cats chased one another across rooftops And ghosts and goblins of all sizes ran through the streets Lucinda Doon was dressed like a ghost A white ,
Om thus grounding herself with the humans until the next Halloween She s invited to stay with The Doon Family And They Warmly Welcome Doon family and they warmly welcome into their home and their lives Felina is determined to retain all her witchiness and to be as miserable as possible in the face of all their indness It s not long though until she finds herself warming up to their acceptance and she begins to learn what it means to be part of a family Mr and Mrs Doon allow her to continue wearing her witch s hat where she eeps all of her magic but they insist she attend school with Lucinda their daughter of about the same age Human attend school with Lucinda their daughter of about the same age Human is very different from witch school with very different subjects but Felina dives in and with the help of the humans surrounding her learns to read and begins to make friendsFelina is eagerly anticipating the upcoming holiday season but is terrified when a neighborhood bully tells her that witches don t get visits from Santa because he only visits good little boys and girls Convinced she ll receive nothing she pours all of her energy into being as mischievous as she can possibly be When gifts arrive for her on Christmas morning she can hardly believe her eyes A transformation begins to take place in Felina that day and by the time the next Halloween rolls around she has embraced a whole new magic that of a loving familyThe story was written in the early 60 s and is a bit dated but not at all to the point of removing the enjoyment of the tale being spun The unrepentant moral of the story is that the love of a family is the true magic When preparing this review I came across a few others that felt that the book was flawed in that it presented the message that you can t be who you really are if you want to be accepted Felina did not remain an angry witch She changed But in my opinion they couldn t be farther off the mark Felina didn t change in order to be accepted she changed because she was accepted Love has a way of doing that Sweet little old fashioned chapter book about a family who takes in a little lost witch Yes at times it slips toward the saccharine and the story is definitely dated But for the most part this is just a nice story about the powe I checked out this book on the recommendation of a librar. Heet covered her clothes It covered her yellow gold hair and small brown shoes It hid everything about The Little Leftover Witch by Florence Laughlin Book Short and sweet The Little Leftover Witch is a story that features the struggles many children have when growing up in a little supernatural manner This is a reprint from the original edition that was published in and I think this one would have done well from a few things being updated there were a few references and procedures that were out of date Lucinda and Felina are The Little Leftover Witch couk Buy The Little Leftover Witch by ISBN from 's Book Store Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders The Little Leftover Witch Laughlin Florence The Little Leftover Witch Laughlin Florence nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren onze services aan te bieden te begrijpen hoe lanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen Orality in Igbo (African) Literature kunnen aanbrengen en om advertenties weer te geven Free Download Thriller Book ☆ The Little Leftover The Little Leftover Witch A little lost wit.

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