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Re a little dry and repetitive The author stressed that research is still being conducted on this subjectOn a #personal note I did not agree with the author s belief that the theory of #note I did not agree with the author s belief that the theory of produced such fascinating and complex nervous systems in our bodies Something this exceptional could only have come from an intelligent mind This book could have been really great and I was very excited about it as it is written by a doctor with extensive experience in studying bacteria and the body Unfortunately he veers as it is written by a doctor with extensive experience in studying bacteria and the body Unfortunately he veers the territory of the nknown too often ending most sections and chapters with statements such as well we don t know this yet and haven t confirmed it yet but there s good reason to believe this should work In a book written by a medical physician with research experience I am looking for firm science and evidence based recommendations I really appreciate it this book as a psychologist and as someone who has multiple digestive issues This reading helped me to ncover potential reasons why my immune system sucks and what I can do to practically help myself After trying some of the suggestions in this book I must say that I do feel a whole lot better healthier and functional A great read for anyone who is interested in the mind or can t find relief with their digestive issues I ve learned a few new things from the book such as how your gut microbes may influence your brain and vice versa the role of vagus nerve and how a bad gut microbiome may cause issues such as IBS difficulty in weight control etc Yes the food additives and many practices in the modern industrial agriculture are harmful but the author does not provide an answer or two of how to feed the world s ever growing population without such practices I find it irritating that the author dwells on the important effect of pre natal and early life experience on one s health in a way as if everything is just a simple life style choice chosen by the mother or mother to be and nothing to do with the social and economic adversity He raves about the Yanomami teenage mom who gave birth on the jungle floor in silence without giving a balanced analysis or providing rich anthropological contextOn dietary choice I d recommend Michael Pollan such as In Defense of Food An Eater s Manifesto On microbes and human microbiome I Contain Multitudes The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life is superb There are better books on the microbiome Ifwhen I read one I ll pdate this review UPDATE I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong is fantastic start thereThis book felt meandering with a lot of postulating about implications of small studies What little actionable information you get in the last chapter information you get in the last chapter exactly what you d expect There s no clear goal beyond general education and interesting theoriesOverall I don t feel like I got any value out of this with the exception of his computer vs machine gut explanation in the intro and realizing how short the window of influence during pregnancyfirst 3 years of life is in developing a healthy gut flora There were some interesting facts in here Like did you know that your gut has its own nervous system made Cirsova (Issue up of 50 100 million nerve cells as many as are contained in your spinal cord Or that 95% of the body s Chinese medicine Western medicine has failed to appreciate the complexity of how the brain gut and recently the microbiome the microorganisms that live insides communicate with one another In The Mind Gut Connection Dr Emeran Mayer Executive Director of the UCLA Center for Neurobiology of Stress offers a revolutionary look at this developing science teaching s how to harness the power of the mind gut connection to take charge of our health The Mind Gut Connection shows how to keep the brain gut communication clear and balanced to• Heal the gut by focusing on a plant based diet. ,

Erotonin is stored in the gut Overall I felt like the book was written at an easily digestible see what I did there level euivalent of a YA reader There were anecdotal stories from the author s practice references to studies involving rats and a bunch of non proven theories Even though there were no footnotes for the research studies mentioned the back of the book does cite sources referenced vaguely earlierThe author advises pretty much the same stuff you hear from every other source out there talking about eating for health eat real nonprocessed foods eat smaller portions eat probiotics and fermented foods eat plants and lean meats and pay attention to and address emotional and spiritual health Everything is connectedI don t know if I just already knew a lot on the topic or if this book was pointed toward people who didn t know that only eating meat and cheese and starches can affect than just your waistline It held my attention all the way
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but I I had hoped for a in depth scientific read This book could have been condensed to about a third of its size Repetitive Also I felt the whole thing was a big maybe as it is clear research needs to be done to confidently state claims made by this book While the author does note this by sing alifying words like may might perhaps I walked away from this feeling as if I was told ehhhhhwe really aren t sure yet about all of this This book delves into the concept of the microbiome in our bodies and how changes to it can affect our mind body and overall health I love that the author parrots Michael Pollan s dietary advice from his book In Defense of Food An Eater s Manifesto Eat food Mostly plants Not too much It s one of my favorite otes by Mr Pollan and advice I try to heedSticking to real and whole ingredients may not have dramatically changed my waistline but it has made me feel better about the food I am providing for our familyThe discussions about the wildly out it has made me feel better about the food I am providing for our familyThe discussions about the wildly out control American food production systems and highly processed ingredients and additives also ruminated over at length in Mr Pollan s book The Omnivore s Dilemma A Natural History of Four Meals really reinforce my conviction about how important it is to purchase local food including seasonal produce meats from humanely raised animals and eggs from pastured raised chickens interesting otes page numbers from edition with ISBN13 The longitudinal studies on breast fed infants have shown the longer an infant is breast fedthe larger his brain is a trait associated with improved cognitive development p What we experienced first hand in our few days of living in this environment showed that the close interdependence of historical spiritual environmental and biological factors contributes significantly to the impressive health benefits of the Mediterranean diet p p p p p The most p to date medical ideas about gut feelings They are very real and much important than we had realized according to this author from UCLA and the many studies from Stanford Oxford and elsewhere that he cites A first rate if detailed book you might want to be sure you known your cytokines from your serotonin before you tackle it But you will learn what those butterflies in your stomach are really telling yo. • Balance the microbiome by consuming fermented foods and probiotics fasting and cutting out sugar and processed foods• Promote weight loss by detoxifying and creating a healthy digestion and maximum nutrient absorption• Boost immunity and prevent the onset of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s• Generate a happier mindset and reduce fatigue moodiness anxiety and depression• Prevent and heal GI disorders such as leaky gut syndrome; food sensitivities and allergies; and IBS; as well as digestive discomfort such as heartburn and bloating• And muc. ,

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Pensar con el estómagoTo get a firsthand impression of these gut sensations try this experiment take a day when you re not too distracted and focus your attention from morning to night on all the sensations that your gut generates throughout the day You may also want to add information about what you were doing at the time how you were feeling and what you were eatingEarly life programming affects The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins us all Our mothers our families did the best they could to steers through a complex world All this leaves Twisted (LOST, us with a lasting trace on our basic emotional makeup and influences how we cope how we make decisions and possibly our personality Bynderstanding how this natural programming operates and by learning how to patch any maladapted software we can avoid overreactions that no longer serve s if they ever did Life is a waste without humor living is all about happiness and laughter Fauja Singh the so called Turbaned Tornado running at age 89 London marathon at 101How and What to Feed Your Gut Microbes Practice natural and organic farming of your gut microbiome Aim to maximize gut microbial diversity by maximizing regular intake of naturally fermented foods and probiotics Reduce the inflammatory potential of your gut microbiota by making better nutritional choices1Cut down on animal fat in your diet2Avoid whenever possible microbiota by making better nutritional choices1Cut down on animal fat in your diet2Avoid whenever possible produced processed food and select organically grown food Eat smaller servings at meals Be mindful of prenatal nutrition Reduce stress and practice mindfulness Avoid eating when you are stressed angry or sad Enjoy the secret pleasures and social aspects of food Become an expert in listening to your gut feelings Keep your brain and your gut microbiota fitKimchi sauerkraut kombucha miso Kefir yogurts cheesesFermented dairy products and fermented vegetables The little brain in your gutHaving already read literature about this subject I was eager to read Dr Mayer s explanation of the relationship between our mind and our intestinal tract Dr Mayer explains Your gut has capabilities that surpass all your other organs and even rival your brain It has it s own nervous system know in scientific literature as the enteric nervous system or ENS and often referred to in the media as the second brainI also learned that the gut is the largest storage facility for serotonin in our body Serotonin plays a crucial role in such vital functions as sleep appetite pain sensitivity mood and overall well beingOther interesting topics covered in the book areEarly stress and the hypersensitive gutHow stress effects can be transmitted from one generation to the nextStress in the wombCan your gut microbes change your brainThe role of the microbiota in depressionThe role of stressPositive emotionsUnderstanding intuitive decision makingThe lure of comfort foodsMaximize your gut microbial diversityI like the advice that Michael Pollan gives in his book Food Rules buy only things in the market that look like food If they don t they most likely will contain food additives that could harm your brain including artificial sweeteners emulsifiers fructose corn Syrup And Vital GlutenI and vital glutenI the book to be interesting overall #i did find that there were perhaps too #did find that there were perhaps too different subjects lumped together in this one text and some of the chapters we. Combining cutting edge neuroscience with the latest discoveries on the human microbiome a practical guide in the tradition of Wheat Belly and Grain Brain that conclusively demonstrates the inextricable biological link between mind and bodyWe have all experienced the connection between our mind and our gut the decision we made because it “felt right;” the butterflies in our stomach before a big meeting; the anxious stomach rumbling when we’re stressed out While the dialogue between the gut and the brain has been recognized by ancient healing traditions including Aryuvedic and.

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