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 Principles of Pharmacology: The Pathophysiologic Basis of Drug Therapy

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Ible I never look back at textbooks I "bought I see no point in paying for
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when you get the same one for "so I see no point in paying for one when you can get the same one for the price Good Thanks Wolter Kluwer for promoting this Good book for southeast Asian people at economy budget Excellent boook I am teacher of pharmacology I mean there s much to say when a textbook is reuired I certainly would not recommend as a supplement It puts me to sleep instantly Wonderful desktop book refreshing the things forgotten from medical school days. Lowed by a discussion of the biochemistry physiology and pathophysiology of the system; and concluding with a presentation of the pharmacology of the drugs and drug classes that activate or inhibit the system by interacting with specific molecular and cellular targets Chapters are integrated into sections that focus on organ systems and therapeutic areas of highest importance Clear concise illustrations highlight key points and drug summary tables offer ick access to essential informationThe Fourth Edition featuresComprehensive pdates to all chapters including recently approved drugsNearly 40 popular and practical Drug Summary Tables Very good book on Pharmacology Nicely explained most concept in drug therapy You will not going to regret Not a heavy book like Tripathi Easy to carry And has summary tables of the text Fake black and white photocopied kind of book recieved perfect condition received In my pharm class I didn t end p sing this book at all since all the material was on powerpoint slides With that being said if you are barely going to se a book you might as well get it at the to se a book you might as well get it at the price poss. Selected as a Doodys Core Title for 2021This new edition was recognized as a highly commended title by the British Medical Association "At The 2017 BMA Medical "the 2017 BMA Medical Awards Regarded by both students and instructors Principles of Pharmacology The Pathophysiologic Basis of Drug Therapy 4th Edition offers an integrated mechanism based and systems based approach to contemporary pharmacology and drug development An easy to follow format helps first and second year students grasp challenging concepts ickly and efficiently Each chapter presents a clinical vignette illustrating a therapeutic problem within a physiologic or biochemical system; fol.
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And importantly the new work that has been done "SINCE GREAT VALUE AS A PROFESSOR EMERITUS AT A "Great value As a Professor Emeritus at a medical school in this country I casually examined this a Professor Emeritus at a medical school in this country I casually examined this on the web I loved what I saw and promptly purchased the Kindle version I love the way it integrates physiology and biochemistry with pharmacology A true asset to the medical student and to the physician in Internal Medicine and Oh yes great pleasure for retired faculty such as myself to read by the fireplace in the evenin. Ith state of the art information on clinical applications serious and common adverse effects contraindications and therapeutic considerationsA new chapter on drug transporters and extensively revised information on drug receptor interactions pharmacodynamics drug toxicity and pharmacogenomicsKey changes to Section 1 Fundamental Principles of Pharmacology which now provides a comprehensive framework for #MATERIAL IN ALL SUBSEUENT CHAPTERSHUNDREDS OF METICULOUSLY UPDATED AND #in all subseuent chaptersHundreds of meticulously La muralla verde updated and illustrations including many that are new or substantially modified to highlight newnderstanding of physiologic pathophysiologic and pharmacologic mechanism. ,

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