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The government Yes I realize that regulation in America also provides a revenue stream but I don t wish to have that argument here As to the particulars of the story Morgan is Richard Morgan a real life historical figure in Norfolk Island history Norfolk Island is in the middle of the Tasman Sea between Australia and Zealand and a part of the Commonwealth of Australia He was convicted of larceny in England and eventually to 7 ears transportation to Botany Bay The story tells the epic of his to Botany Bay The story tells the epic of his and how his steady character work eithic insight and luck allowed him to make a new life for himself on Norfolk Island The author lives in Norfolk Island and as a result I m sure her basic familiarity with the story of the island and Richard Morgan is than most folks have particularly non Australians I don t know much about it so I can t attest to how much liberty has been taken with the history Having read this I do want to read about Australian history in general realizing that I really know very little about it beyond the basic concept that it was settled primarily by convicts who were resettled thereIf I had one complaint about the story it would be that Richard Morgan dosen t seem to have any fatal flaws Granted things happened which led to the conviction right or wrong which were certainly influenced by his character but ultimately things seemed to have worked out better for him as a result This story certainly glorifies him I suppose that is the liberty of historical fictionAside from the somewhat greater appreciation of the circustances leading to the American Revolution and Australian settlement that I now I have I also really liked the handling of the character of Stephan Donovan fictionalized although there was a Stephen Donovan Midshipman in the First Fleet In Morgan s Run he is an openly gay Miss Molly who is Morgan s best friend All very interestingly written As an emerging writer deep into learning the skills of the craft I read a lot of professionals advice Most experts suggest that a novel be developed with a plot full of action Not surprisingly then I find that most books regardless of genre follow this model Not so with Colleen McCullough s Morgan s Run This historical novel based on the founding of The Botany Bay #colony centers on the life of one man Richard Morgan Begun in the mid 1700s the story tells of #centers on the life of one man Richard Morgan Begun in the mid 1700s the story tells of ricochet effect on British citizens as the American Colonies gained their independence from England Times may be difficult for many in our world but this book makes a case for calling the past anything except the good ole days I highly reccommend Morgan s Run for those who want to read a compelling story told in a uniue voice This is the story of Richard Morgan a convict who spent twelve months on the seas and how this kind of people were used in order to populate an unknown continent With the advent of the American Revolution has closed the New World to England s prisonersThe author thus describes the 18th century England s colonization of Australia with the foundation of a new prison colony of Botany Bay the same place where Captain Cook landed in 1770The ships disembarked in Port Jackson which will become later the Sydney Harbour Morgan moves then to the Norfolk Island in the South PacificSince I ve been to Australia uite recently I wanted to learn a little about the colonization of this relative oung countryThis book was supposed to be the first one of a trilogy but as far as I know the author never finished it4 Tim4 An Indecent Obsession4 Thorn Birds3 A Creed for the Third Millennium3 The ladies of Missalonghi3 Morgan s RunTBR The First Man in RomeTBR The Song of TroyTBR Bittersweeet This was a challenging read The author does SO MUCH historical research and includes lots of period language descriptions of items that I m not familiar with etc This makes it slow going but the story was SO good The main character Richard Morgan was a real person sent from England as a convict to colonize Australia Fascinating historical fiction I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by one of my favourite authors he has her own voice for whatever she writes and this is no different her voice was uniue to this novel and not like her voice for the Masters of Rome series The differences in voice or maybe I should say style between booksseries is very unusual I think. Rom England's shores to Botany Bay and the rugged frontier of a hostile new world Morgan's Run is the epic tale of love lost and found and the man whose strength and character helped settle a country and define its futureCover Artist Tom Hallma.

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He author and how he or she writes because in the end it doesn t actually matter what the book is about eventually a good author could make watching paint dry sound riveting Not that either of these books was like watching paint dryMorgan s Run is about the first convicts to be sent to Australia after the American revolution put a stop to them shipping them over there So merry olde England decided that it would be a good idea to ship them out to an unknown country and leave them there The story follows Richard Morgan a character of whom ou will fall in love with it s impossible not to I get the feeling that McCullough seems to like tall men with long dark curly hair as that is how she described Father Ralph in The Thorn Birds too In fact it seems all the decent good attractive characters in this book happen to have long dark curly hair which is absolutely fine by me as I happen to like that in men too One thing that seems to be a running criticism with McCullough is that she can spend ages describing certain things in such detail and then uickly rush through something else that is uite important in about a paragraph so much that if Hooking Him you re not carefulou could miss itShe writes with a calm confidence that I find very trustworthy part of her style feels as if she is nurturing Training the Trainer you the reader and then sometimes there is a harder edge straight forward and informative It is a rather peculiar style I think but I like it and it works It makes me feel as if I am really there part of the history and the world she has created but not uite lost or abandoned to it I have not read very much about Australia I confess it is a very hot country and I feel comfortable reading books in cold or wet countries which I know makes very little sense on the face of things Australia always seems so far away andou do not hear of it very much which should be of a reason to go out and read about it which I fully intend to doI really enjoyed Morgan s Run and can t wait to startThe First Man in Rome soon sometime this ear Added 1213132414 I am still trying to get through this book in between other books I m on p291 out of 832 pages in this paperback edition Don t know if I ll stick with this book Some of the GR reviewers say the last part of the book is better that the first part Guess I ll stick with it and do a lot of skimming21314 I ve decided to give up on this book I read to page 388 and still wasn t enjoying it Among other things there were too many names without any real character development The plot was "Very Slow With Too "slow with too uninteresting detailsThe following comments in reviews by GR readers seem to be true about this bookthis bit of over researched fluff McCullough desperately needs an editorI have tried to read her books before and found them ponderous and excessive in description to make up for plotFar far too long winded and still the characters remain two dimensional Good story but could have been cut by two thirdsit s just too long and with too man This has been the shelf for ears and I finally got around to reading it The story takes place in the late 1700s after the American Revolution in Bristol England on a slaverconvict transport vessel #and eventually in Norfolk Island by way of Botany Bay Australia Colleen McCullough does amazing #eventually in Norfolk Island by way of Botany Bay Australia Colleen McCullough does amazing to provide incredible details about life in whatever period she is writing using language which is not too modern and describing things as they might be perceived by the character who knows nothing of what we know today Not only does it help the reader to feel a part of the time and place but this serves to feel that ou re going deeper into that time period to understand the regular person s experience of those history stories that we superficially learn about in schoolIn particular by reading this novel not only did I learn a bit about the settlement of Australia by British convicts the obvious history lesson here but the state of the lives of the working class English really gave me an insight about American culture and its revolt against government taxation which continues until this day For example the British pervasiveness of licensing every aspect of commerce in England was insane Unlike in America where licensing or less serves the purpose of ensuring safety and compliance with social norms in England it served only to raise revenue for. Oned and exiled to the penal colonies of eighteenth century Australia His life is shattered but Morgan refuses to surrender overcoming all obstacles to find unexpected contentment and happiness in the harsh early days of Australia's settlementF. .

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One s reading life is too abbreviated to waste on books that are long on page length and short on information As evidenced by her otherwise excellent Masters of Rome series and this bit of over researched fluff McCullough desperately needs an editor Morgan s Run aka life as in I had a good run as well as the name of a government sanction rum distillery on Norfolk Island is a biography of Richard Morgan freeman of Bristol transported by a typical late 18th century British miscarriage of justice to Norfolk Island a First Fleet colony of convict settled Australia The book begins with the announcement of the War of Independence in 1776 albeit from a typical Bristol tavern point of view though Richard s transporting aboard the Alexander doesn t take place until 1788 This represents 236 mind numbing pages into the book with arrival in Botany Bay awaiting the turn of et another 100 pages meaning that than half of the book s 600 pages are dull and irrelevant prologue in which Richard Morgan is acted upon than actorThings pick up a bit as Morgan is taken from Plymouth for a ear s sail to arrive in Botany Bay Through revealed competence and an apparent encyclopedic memory Morgan becomes head man among his small set of convicts Unfortunately most of the conflict is fleeting and uickly resolved or abandoned and the laconic Morgan makes for such poor company that even McCullough appears glad for opportunities to abandon him as the focus of her narrative chiefly toward the end when she introduces a new character from off the Lady Juliana of the Second Fleet As always McCullough captures the tenor of the times and dialogue well but she appears overwhelmed by ephemera descriptions of daily weather Morgan s random accounting of the Norfolk Island sawpit intake for a given week what Morgan plans to have for dinner of an evening based on current garden inventory the seuential moves in a game of chess the distribution list of the latest litter of terrier puppies and so forth And her afterword suggests she hoped to write a follow up The book was as substantial as styrofoam cumbersome bulky and in need of compression More worth a skim than a full read I wanted to throw this book out of the window at least 5 times while reading it Yet somehow I struggled to the bitter ending I have two main complaints1 Richard Morgan is annoying No #ending I have two main complaints1 Richard Morgan is seriously annoying No human is that perfect all the time He has the perfect body perfect mind perfect manners perfect skills for every situation and perfect ability to control himself no matter what happens During hundreds of pages the man never does anything wrong and everyone adores him Personally I couldn t care less what happens to him which is already a bad sign in a book that revolves so heavily around one person2 The women in this book are either non existent or completely unrealistic There is not a single believable female in this story The women in England are hysterical caretakers who can t control their feelings The female prisoners are sad victims who if they are smart and understand their place are being sexually abused by the men not Mr Morgan of course he has no sexual desires The women who came to Botany Bay with the officers are only mentioned as providing sexual services to each other s husbands At the end of the book we meet one woman who is described in detail Her main characteristic Being Hopelessly Dependant On Richard Morgan I hopelessly dependant on Richard Morgan I it hard to believe that this would be the whole truth about women in the 18th century Without wanting to exaggerate I would describe this book as anti feministIn conclusion I would have much rather read an honestly historical account about this journey Listened first to the abridged audio read by Tim Curry excellent It was then selected by my f2f discussion group so I read the book as well Always like stories set in days of Australian pen Not long ago I read The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough and so I surprised myself by reading this book so soon afterwards as I do not tend to read the same author twice in such close proximityIn The Thorn Birds I recognised a good author although the story itself did not interest me In Morgan s Run the two were combined together a great story written by a good authorMcCullough has a very definite style and voice in the way she writes I think the most important part of a book is In a story of breathtaking scope Colleen McCullough returns to the magnificent setting of her international bestseller The Thorn BirdsFollowing the disappearance of his only son and the death of his beloved wife Richard Morgan is falsely impris. .
Morgan's Run

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