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Nd continue to reproduce So lad to have read something like this So deep and poetically written It s difficult to live with both hope and rief I didn t really know what to expect when oing into Swimming Lessons I haven t read the author s previous work Our Endless Numbered Days and I couldn t decide from the synopsis whether I was An Audience of Artists: Dada, Neo-Dada, and the Emergence of Abstract Expressionism going toet myself into another thriller spawned by the Gone Girl craze or a uiet contemporary like say Everything I Never Told You I can say confidently now that it s the latterSwimming Lessons is a character driven novel about a family a love a marriage and how hope can be the worst thing sometimes Here the hope of Gil Coleman and his daughters Nan and Flora has haunted the family for twelve years ever since Ingrid Coleman Gil s wife and the irls mother disappeared and was never found Though Ingrid presumably drowned the lack of a concrete answer plagues the family could that woman disappearing around the corner be her Could the phone ringing in the middle of the night be their mother finally wanting to return homeThe opening chapter sees Gil suffering an accident after seeing his long lost wife standing below his window His daughters rush home to be with their father but are perturbed by Gil s claims that he saw Ingrid and that she is alive Mysterious phone calls in the middle of the night from withheld numbers make Nan and Flora even anxious especially when Gil claims their mother was on the phoneIt s a beautiful uiet sometimes eerie novel On the one hand it s simply a compelling story of people s lives from Flora s perspective in the present and through Ingrid s letters that reveal the history of her relationship with Gil but on the other it constantly has the reader wondering what is real Did Gil really see Ingrid that day Or is it the delusions of an old man keeping Ingrid aliveThe best parts of the story are Ingrid s letters They weave a tale of a young woman who ets caught up in a love affair with her enigmatic college professor before becoming pregnant and settling into a troubled marriage Secrets emerge and tragedy arises all in the author s straight forward non manipulative style All books are created by the reader I really loved perhaps most of all the running theme of how the reader brings their own interpretations and experiences to a book Early on we see a young Gil collecting used books with notes in the margin because he believes these are special little insights into the readers themselves And then of course Ingrid s story and all the answers Gil Nan and Flora seek are hidden within the books of Gil s collection Ingrid leaves her letters and little pieces of herself behind in the books scattered around the house meaning the answers were always right there within reach The author leaves us with this thought provoking message books contain the stories of the readers are defined and interpreted by the readers no two readers ever read the same book or leave the same things behind in itBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube A few years ago somebody told me that in any relationship there is always an Ernie and a Bert from sesame street you know i am always the Street you know I am always the and I used to not particularly like that because being the Ernie is fun and people tend to like the Ernie s of the world Even at 17 I was always the person to tell others to be uiet at parties as to not disturb the neighbours I was the one blowing out candles when the drunkest person in the room decided having candles would make the party intimate that did happen on parties I went to than you would believe and teenagers tend to not appreciate this person at parties Why am I telling you this Because Flora one of the main characters of this book and the focus of most chapters is such an Ernie and her poor older sister had to take on the role of Bert when their mother disappeared Flora drove me up the walls she is so unbelievably self centered and just refuses to row up and then has the nerve to be annoyed at her sister for being responsible I think that was not the emotional response I was supposed to take from this book and it made this at parts really difficult to read for me The story is told both in the present when Gil had an accident and his two daughters come to look after him in the past through a series of letters that their mother "Ingrid Left For Her "left her to find in different books all over the house I love stories framed in an unconventional manner so this structure worked extremely well for me I like how the two story lines were woven together and how Claire Fuller uses this device to show how memory can be deceivingIngrid was by far my favourite characters and I so wanted her to be happy She is also the most convincing fully fleshed out character out of this family and I would have liked to spend even time with her It is a pretty reat book but in the end I couldn t ignore my emotional response to it But this is pretty much a me thing and I am sure lots of others will love this book than meI received an arc of this book curtesy of NetGalley and Penguin Books Fig Tree in exchange for an honest review Thanks for that There s not much new in the plot of an older professor seducing a young student who could have easily been his daughter and then through debauchery and a decadent lifestyle pushed her out of his life She left him with two children allegedly disappearing after a swim never to be heard from againIngrid Coleman was the realist and Gil her husband the dreamer He hanged onto imagination as a prereuisite for his existence like a tick on a dog But it is Ingrid writing their life story in seualled letters hidden in his thousands of books he hoarded over the years who confronted him with his 5 Stars Oh my I loved this book Didn t want it to en. To finally discover what happened to Ingrid But what Flora doesn’t realize is that the answers to her uestions are hidden in the books that surround her Scandalous and whip smart Swimming Lessons holds the Coleman family up to the light exposing the mysterious truths of a passionate and troubled marriage?. Swimming LessonsG Pool Library by Alan Hollinghurst It s been on my TBR list for some time now anyway Last I mentioned that the BOY meets GIRL scene which I adored so much at the beginning of this novel became an eye opener at the endWell without Anthropology as Cultural Critique: An Experimental Moment in the Human Sciences giving anything away Ingrid s and Gil s relationship from the start was founded on non communication messagesso why would it be surprising that things would be any different for the next 16 years Swimming Lessons offersreat lessonsLove this CLAIRE FULLERlooks like I need to read books by her I like her writing VERY MUCHThank You Tin House Books NetGalley and Claire Fuller Black waves would lift the boat up and roll it with the swell like mountains rising where there had been no mountains before Flora has an awful burden on her shoulders Trying to pursue her studies coping with having a rather dull boyfriend distancing herself from the tiniest trace of emotion Her dysfunctional family has taught her that you have only yourself to rely on A mother who couldn t cope with having an indifferent husband who was also a manipulative fraud and a sister who cannot understand her However Flora is now forced to face the past in a house full of abandoned stacks of books and unread letters And the sea is a neighbour that seems to know all the answers but reveals nothingClaire Fuller s novel is very different from Bitter Orange Here we have a family story told in a uiet haunting language Anaphora and Conceptual Structure graced with some of the most beautiful descriptions dedicated to the sea Ingrid and Flora are two sides of the same coin Ingrid is a child of the 70s a young woman who had to abandon her dreams to start a family and Flora is trying to come to terms with a life devoid of the motherly presence in the most difficult of times Around them are hypocrites like Gil the fraud of a husband and a father Louise a terrible toxic woman and Nan who enjoys hiding the problems under the carpetClaire Fuller masterfully tackles themes that are always relevant to women and the way we are still viewed by society We are still asked to play the family type role model to becomeood wives and mothers to forget a career driven life Otherwise we are pressured to combine the two and excel in both roles which is often the case Although there have been huge steps ahead these notions still thrive In certain parts of the world they are stronger than ever because what is progress I felt that Fuller posed many crucial uestions and provided much food for thought in this novel What about oing against the flow What happens when you realize rather late I fear that motherhood isn t for you What are the conseuences when you feel you are doing your duty obeying to the wishes of others ignoring your own instincts because of a silly infatuation And lies Lies are everywhere paving the way to isolation and regretAs always she provides a sharp realistic and honest view of the literary world The writer s microcosm the pressure of the best seller that is trash often than not the male dominated publishing lifestyle of the 70s "The Perception Of The Readers "perception of the readers creates characters that I would characterize as deeply unsympathetic reflecting the worst aspects of our lying nature and this is a reat token of how marvelous a writer she is I didn t like the cast At all And yet I couldn t wait to hold the book in my hands and continue reading because I wanted to live with them and witness the conseuences of their actions And it is often these characters that stay with you For me the strongest symbol in the novel is with you For me the strongest symbol in the novel is sea a ruthless witness A silent presence observing and judging and offering shelter a majorly ambiguous symbol Swimming is an act of freedom and momentary oblivion or a deathly trap The sea is the origin of life and a mortal danger Watching the open sea is like looking into the abyss and who can say what thoughts are born in our minds during these moments Claire Fuller takes the story of a family and creates a novel that feels like a brewing storm Family dynamics and aspirations motherhood and social status isolation and impending loss And the sea is watching What do you think happens in the Betrayals gaps the unsaid things everything you don t write The reader fills them from their own imagination But does each reader fill them how you want or in the same way Of course not My reviews can also be found on GilThis is what happened the facts the reality I ve always found that reality is so much conventional than imagination And over the years I ve imagined far too many things IngridThis is such a beautifully heartbreaking book It s also cathartic and hopeful If I had known the premise of the book I than likely wouldn t have been too inclined to read it Ingrid s letters to her husband kept me turning pages until the very end What a dear dear womanI won t spoil this review with too many plot details but theist of it revolves around Ingrid s account of her marriage to her famous writer husband Gil She writes a series of letters and places them in corresponding books from her husband s personal library to be found at some point in the future Shortly afterwards she disappears leaving behind her two daughters and so many unanswered uestions Alternating between present day and 1970s London this is a wonderful character study about the choices people make and the effects these decisions have on their futures and those of the effects these decisions have on their futures and those of Betrayals: The Unpredictability of Human Relations generations Fuller s depiction of motherhood and its various challenges and joys was also so spot on The world had become harder abrasive sheets scratched clothes irritated and peoplerated It was when I was underwater or in the Bat Ode garden that I felt relief But precise moments ofrief like the pangs of childbirth are hard to recall after the most intense pain has passed nature s trick to ensure we survive Ed house by the sea her husband and her two daughters Flora and NanTwelve years later Gil thinks he sees Ingrid from a bookshop window but he’s etting older and this unlikely sighting is chalked up to senility Flora who has never believed her mother drowned returns home to care for her father and to try.

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35 We first meet Flora when she is driving home through the night a night it rains fishes Having heard her father has had an accident she is trying to et to him to make sure he is alright her sister Nan is there but Flora has been a daddy s irl and needs to see for herself Her mother presumed dead from drowning though Flora who shared her love of swimming with her mother never believed her mother had drowned I was drawn to this book because of the synopsis a woman who hides letters in books letters to her husband and this house has books in it than even mine does Way An interesting premise though and it is through these letters that we learn the story of Ingrid and Gil This was also my favorite part and Ingrid is the most fleshed out character in the bookThis book was intriguing and frustrating I really wanted to know what had happened to Ingrid Kept reading story no answers when and would this be known Not saying but enjoyed the read Different somewhat uirky Gil though easy to feel sorry for I didn t much like after reading some of the letters Easy to form opinions with this one which I did What a strange family strange lifestyle Hooked me though enjoyed reading this and so lad this is not my familyARC from NetgalleyRelease date February 7th by Tin House books Swimming lessons by Claire Fuller tells the story of the marriage between the literary proffesor Gil Coleman and the 20 year younger student Ingrid The novel tells the story of mother and daughter in two stories in different times Ingrid s story is told by Ingrid herself in a letter form which she hides in His Library A family history and a nice piece of literature The end unfortunately disappointed me here I would have at least a clear attitude wishedPS Also worth mentioning is the cover with yellow and waves simple and very beautiful to the original title Dull undeveloped cookie cutter characters boring plot poorly paced and lacks tension It was very readable somehow yet I could ve stopped at any point without wondering what happened next Disappointingly mediocre Beautiful Beautiful BEAUTIFUL I m excited to share this book It s another wonderful book I ve read this year with many terrific ualities The orgeous writing pulled me in immediately Shielding her eyes Flora look in the direction of the fading headlights hundreds of creatures lay across the road a handful of flapping feebly They may have been baby mackerel The wind pulled at the open door and Flora yanked it shut climbed back over the driver seat and sat staring She wasn t sure she could bear to drive forward She closed her eyes and turn the ignition The engine clunked and wheezed twice and when she tried again it produced an old man s cough slow painful phlegmy She pulled the choke out although Richard has said she wouldn t need it when the engine was warm but this time the car wouldn t start On the fourth try the headlights went out and she was sitting in the darkThe mystery was incredibly thought provoking Ingrid Colman disappeared from Dorset beach 11 years ago She often went swimming alone but her body was never found Did she die Or did she leave on her ownThere is a charming BOY meets GIRL 1976 creative heartwarming scene in the beginning a love affair between Gil Colman Professor later he becomes a famous author and Ingrid student later becomes his wife for 16 years and mother of Nan and Flora who is 5 12 years younger than her sister However this scene I liked so much becomes a huge eye opener in my final interpretations of this tale at the end of the storyThe Tension unfolds The story is told in duel perspectives and duel timelines Flora never believed her mother died She was only 10 when she disappearedso when she ets a call from her older sister Nan that their "father had an accident he is alive but that he thought "had an accident he is alive but that he thought saw Ingrid nan thought he was just senilebut flora believes thought he was just senilebut Flora believes did see her and is on a mission to et to the truth once and for all about her mother s disappearance The other part of the story are letters from Ingrid that she wrote to Gil stashed away in books hidden expressing Her Deepest Thoughts Before She deepest thoughts before she about her unhappy marriage the mishaps the decline his infidelity his selfishness and his aloofness from the family as both a husband and fatherMy final thoughts feelings and conclusions I enjoyed this book very much It s not that I liked the characters but I lovedall the thoughts that ran through my head while reading it In one of the letters Ingrid writes one of her early letters she was describing the way Gil as the Professor was talking to the students I felt it was a little harsh parts of it in the way he delivered his message at the same time I liked thinking about the message Here is the example You ve missed the essence of literature and reading Who ives a fuck about Jackson and her intentions She s dead literally and metaphorically This book you snatched Elizabeth s copy from her lap and flapped it in the air and all books are created by the reader And if you haven t realized that and what it means to your work you know shit about writing and you re never Back to the Breast: Natural Motherhood and Breastfeeding in America going to so you might as well stop now OUCH The letters have insight to things that were not working in the marriage they were powerful to readbutI was left thinking of ALL THE MANY FAILED RELATIONSHIPS because of lacking effective positive communication skills There was regret lies secrets betrayal ALL of which are products of the lack of power and skill to fully communicate Well it may not be the complete problem but it s sure a big problem in a failed marriage Two things to say It was enjoyable to me that the author named the BOOKS that Ingrid stashed the letters in I became interested in the books I hadn t read One of those books is The Swimmin. Ingrid Coleman writes letters to her husband Gil about the truth of their marriage but instead ofiving them to him she hides them in the thousands of books he has collected over the years When Ingrid has written her final letter she disappears from a Dorset beach leaving behind her beautiful but dilapidat.

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