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Moonshiners SonS Brown and his pa told him Not To Marry A Flatlander This to marry flatlander While this is 100% appropriate there are some topics covered with the mountain community and the moonshine that need an older audience Domestic abuse drunkenness and children out of wedlock are all mentioned without details but still are all mentioned without details but still a really sweet story slightly reminiscent of Christy Hated it The book was poorly written with all the ain ts and stinkin and stupid talk Like by the time that I was finished with it I starte thinkin in my heed likk em See how annoying that can get And the plot form was SLOW and dull Tom was flat as card board What a Gary Stu I will tell you school makes me read the dumbest books ever I didn t like it at all Even from the very first chapter I was irritated by the characters The writing was borin. Om wants nothing than to please this rough distant man Then a preacher comes to the wilds of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains to rid Bad Camp Hollow of the evils of liuor This is when Tom and his father begin their campaign to match wits with the preacher and try to outsmar. .

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I enjoyed this book a lot than I had originally expected Set during the beginning of the Prohibition in the mountains this story tells of a rural mountain community who makes their living primarily off of moonshine And then a preacher moves to town with his wife and daughter and starts a mission His favorite topic though is the evils of liuor which does not go over well I loved Amy June and Tom Mrs Taylor and Mrs Brown were lovely as well Preacher Taylor seemed ridiculous to me for the large majority of the book but he ended p ok in the end My one complaint is that I wanted to see Tom as a grown p I think that would have been cool to SEE HIM AS THE FIRST GENERATION him as the first generation his family who didn t make moonshine for a living and I also would have liked to see him marry Amy especially since both Mr. Twelve year old Tom Higgins is learning the craft of making whiskey Even though Prohibition forbids the production and sale of alcoholic beverages Tom is determined to be a good apprentice He is after all a moonshiner's of alcoholic beverages Tom is determined to be a good apprentice He is after all a moonshiner's His father has raised moonshining to an art and ,
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G dull slow cheap and weak There wasn t a proper climax and I didn t sympathise with any characters Tom weak There wasn t a proper climax and I didn t sympathise with any characters Tom and I didn t sympathise with any characters Tom was idiot Amy was pathetic Pa was stupid the Preacher was infuriating and Mrs Taylor was the only person I actually found myself liking a bit than the othersI feel ite bad getting so worked Goodbye My Fancy up about this but I honestly I thought this book was rubbish Tom lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with hisick tempered father Moonshining is their way of life That way of life starts to turn pside down when a new preacher comes to town bringing with him a hate of moonshining and a pretty but fiery daughter Will they change the way Tom sees his lifeDon t let the title of this book turned you off My parents gave it to me for Christmas several years ago and I enjoyed it It is a clean and niue stor. T the law officers he calls in Tom's father is elouent in defense of a way of life long and respectfully lived by the Higgins family But the preacher and his pretty daughter make a powerful case against it And when drink causes a tragedy in the community Tom Higgins is tor.

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