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Before I go into this review I feel like I should mention that I probably wouldn t have read this book if I wasn t in a particular challenge that features read books set in Africa Now that doesn t mean that I didn t like the book or that I hated it because that s not the case It was new and different for me and I thought it was just an okay ind of read However I will blame work for me not liking it as much as I probably should ve because I work with anno I was a big fan of CS Forester s Hornblower series and had become completely enthralled by that world So reading The African ueen and Hornblower series and had become completely enthralled by that world So reading The African ueen and Forester works like The General directly after finishing the Hornblower series felt strange I still enjoyed them Forester was a very solid writer But those books were their own thing separated by time and setting It took some switching of gears to get into them and then they were done Finished before I This novel by CS Forester was published in 1935 The famous movie was filmed in 1951 I saw the movie first so when I read the book I pictured in my mind Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn Nothing unusual about that I imagine everyone does the same But it has been many years since I saw the movie and then only once so I don t remember if the movie followed the book or not so much So the point of all this rambling is as I read the book all the scenes were playing in my mind like a movie with Katherine and Bogey as big as life which I think made the book enjoyable foe me In the remote German colony of East Africa now Tanzania Burundi and Rwanda comprising 7 million natives and ten thousand Europeans today 75 million they finally learn war has begun in faraway Europe this is August 1914 the most lethal conflict in history twenty years later a bigger one commences but that is another story you d think nobody cares here about distant Europewrong people bring their loyalties suspicions and loathings with them The Great Lakes area of central Africa in the Rift Valley is larger than North Americas still not many people now it exists this is where the action starts On the Ulanga River appears the African ueen a small steam powered launch owned by a Belgian gold mining corporation in the where else the Belgian Congo the only person onboard Charles mining corporation in the where else the Belgian Congo the only person onboard Charles 30 is this a pun he prefers Charlie a Cockney mechanic working in the mine likes to take a drink or two for medicinal purposes only lets give him the benefit of the doubt the boat owners also do a little trading on the side flowing down the stream I say this since the wood fueled vessel s top speed is 4 nots The grubby looking man feels concern about fellow citizens the British missionary couple Samuel and sister Rose Sayer age 33 he travels to the mission to find out their situation The German campaign has just come through here destroying anything which could be a possible threat looting and capturing Africans living at the mission others fled as did the Captain s Mr Allnutt s crew all two members Ten years of hard work for nought illness and failure cause Samuel s deathThe new passenger on the African ueen has a preposterous idea insane maybe go down the dangerous Ulanga River still unmapped the patriotic lady urges the uite reluctant Englishman forget the hazards remember your duty we need to journey plenty of wood in the forests and river for fuel and initiate actionrevenge will be sweetThrough the numerous ominous rapids primeval jungles on both banks risking their lives in insect infested swamps malaria sure to follow and the always present bugs unceasing mosuitoes biting sucking your precious blood past a German fort that will give no uarter to man or woman go to fictitious Lake Wittelsach if a connection is discovered sink a well armed large gunboat the Luisa Rose surprisingly is made of harder substance than Charlie the dubious soon agrees though helping good old England to win the war The highlight is shooting the endless rapids on the wide wild river soaked to the gillsyes they have explosives and begin to really really like each other the dirtier their clothes become the little left they wear when the bodies unpleasant scents permeates the atmosphere so the affections accelerate A magnificent romantic nonsense which thrills lovers of books as a new couple form an unlikely alliance a happy ending is for the reader to imagine And I believe in happy endingsA few changes from the classic film be warned but Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn were brilliant Watching them on screen is such a pleasure and I hope the curious will read and view the two versions of this excellent product If you do a uick scan through reviews for this book uite a number of them read something like thisthis is one case where the mo. A classic story of adventure and romance the novel that inspired the legendary movie starring Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart A fast moving tale and a very good yarnMr Forester again and again proves himself a master of suspense New York Times Book ReviewAs World War ,

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The African ueenOr thirty three years of passive MISERY C S FORESTER IS CLEARLY C S Forester is clearly at writing nautical adventures than at exploring character motivations and the highpoint of the book is the perilous journey on the Ulanga river depicted in vivid detail especially when it comes to riding the white water cataracts and the gruelling traverse of the delta labyrinth An added bonus for me was to discover some technical engineering passages I actually work in pumps turbines compressors repairs and the details on improvised repairs on the African ueen Under the urgings of necessity and with the stimulus given him by Rose s confiding faith in his ability Allnutt devised all sorts of ways of dealing with that boiler tube it might be almost be said that he reinvented some of his processess A significant difference between the book and the movie can be found in the conclusion with Hollywood going for a safe conventional tryumph of love and courage and Forester preferring a subtle ambiguous resolution Actually the book ending compensates for the overt nationalistic claims in earlier passages If English explorers had turned back at the sight of apparent impossibilities the British Empire would not be nearly its present size I was tempted to laugh when the author not only turned introvert shy Rose into a white water master pilot overnight but later compared her to Napoleon and Nelson in her efforts to strike a blow at the German foes Yet both Allnutt and Rose end up as fallible credible and dissillusioned people with "even their passion probably insufficient to steer them into a safe harbour And I liked them better for it "their passion probably insufficient to steer them into a safe harbour And I liked them better for it in the above mentioned Hollywood cliche Forester himself chooses to ualify his shaky psychological speculations towards he end of the story accepting both the inscrutable in human motivations and the hollowness of the patriotic fever Perhaps no one can really understand the state of mind of a man who volunteers in war for duty that may lead to death but that such volunteers are always forthcoming has been proved by too many pitiful events in history Conclusion check out both movie and book they complete each other view spoilerBettie s BooksThe rating any status updates and those bookshelves indicate my feelings for this book hide spoiler For the first time in 2017 I participated in bingo in the group catching up on classics One suare is read a classic romance and initially I was thrown for a loss because I do not even read contemporary romance as a genre After typing classic romance into lists one of the books offered was The African ueen by C S Forester I had been exposed to the movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn many times because it is one of my mother s favorite movies but had never read the 1935 classic until now It is 1914 Rose Sayers is deep in the African Congo when World War I arrives on the continent Germans fighting the British for control of the interior of the territory murder her brother Samuel Immediately help arrives in the form of cockney mechanic Charlie Allnut who had been working for the Belgians in Nigasi After burying Samuel Rose and Charlie concoct a plan to avenge his death Guiding Allnuts s small steamer the African ueen over the waterfalls of the Ulanga River to a Lake most likely Victoria they will torpedo the German fighter Konigin Luise and gain of the Ulanga River to a Lake most likely Victoria they will torpedo the German fighter Konigin Luise and gain for the British The plot comes with many pitfalls mainly that the African ueen is ill suited for much than lazy river travel The boat breaks down and the couple has to repair it many times over not before falling in love while in close uarters Charlie and Rose share a honeymoon and I could envision Bogart and Hepburn here as I uickly read through to find a resolution I found the book to be dated Even though it was three hundred pages in length they were short pages and the novel read fast Forester employs simplistic language and role of both men and women is indicative of the era in which he wrote Yet the story was fun with Forester turning the plot into both an adventure of good versus evil and a racy romance starring the protagonists If he did not intend the novel to be a screenplay it is evident that the story translated well to the silver screen with the roles of Charlie and Rose being earmarked for the stars of the day Most likely I would not have read The African ueen if classic romance was not a bingo suare Romance is a genre I tend to avoid as it overlooks positive character traits of both men and women in favor of romantic undertones The story behind this classic story was a fun adventure by an author whose work I would be willing to revisit The African ueen was a fun 4 star read for a lazy afternoon and I am eagerly awaiting to see the film again. Ueenand hatch their own outrageous military plan Originally published in 1935 The African ueen is a tale replete with vintage Forester drama unrelenting suspense reckless heroism impromptu military manoeuvres near death experiences and a good old fashioned love story to boot. Vie was betterI should have just stuck with the movie and not bothered with the bookThe book pales in comparison with the movieand so onThat s all fine and well Yes the movie is excellent Yes books brought to life are often much interesting than the original work itself But can t books just be reviewed on their own without having to compare them to their cinematic counterparts Or is that impossible nowadays sigh Oh well It is what it is right For now let s move alongIt s 1914 and the German Army is attempting to claim central Africa Its local leader has "Come To A Small Mission " to a small mission on the Ulanga River in what was at that time Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque : St Seiya, tome 28 known as the Belgian Congo and has taken away the converts food materials anything the Army might need to succeed The stress of it all hasilled British missionary Samuel Sayer leaving his spinster sister Rose on her own Luckily she manages to convince Charlie Allnut the cockney speaking skipper of the African ueen to take her on as a passenger Her grand plan is to take this rambling wreck of a boat downriver to w If you think the movie was good wait until you read the book The book was written in 1935 so while Germans were the bad guys they weren t the villains of the 1951 movie It made for a much better ending view spoiler The Germans don t want to hang them or stupidly run into the African ueen but drop them off with the English after giving them clothes The last sentence of the novel almost had me spraying coffee Whether or not they lived happily ever after is not easily decided hide spoiler This 1935 classic is a wonderful old fashioned love story full of adventure and suspense Set deep in the African jungle with WWI about to break loose prim and proper missionary Rosie Sayer and scruffy trader Charlie Allnut an unlikely pair to say the least escape down the Ulanga River in his old beat up boat The African ueen to escape the GermansWhile enduring infestations of biting flies masses of mosuitos bouts of malaria and flying bullets to boot Rosie and Charlie fall in love and concoct an idiotic plan to do their part for the war effort AND avenge her brother s deathThis fast paced read is much like the grand old movie with Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogartexcept for the ending Enjoyed it 710 The launch hardly seemed worthy of her grandilouent name of African ueen She was suat flat bottomed and thirty feet long Her paint was peeling off her and she reeked of decay A tattered awning roofed in six feet of the stern amidships stood the engine and boiler with the stumpy funnel reaching up just higher than the awning Two people are thrown together into this derelict with the stumpy funnel reaching up just higher than the awning Two people are thrown together into this derelict by the fortunes of war It is 1914 and the events in Europe are echoed in the middle of Africa as the German colonists on the East coast mobilize to oppose the Allies Belgian and English on the West Rose and Allnutt are both English but even they are engaged in a private little war of domination they come from different backgrounds at a time where class differences were the defining element of the British social structure Rose is a middle aged spinster from a reasonably wealthy background doing missionary work with her dominating elderly brother Allnutt is an upstart Cockney drifter who sailed the high seas as a stoker until he landed a realtively safe job as a currier on the Ulanga river based on his nautical and mechanical experience Gender politics also come into play in the duel of wills between Rose and Allnutt He wants to stay out of trouble she wants to do a grand gesture striking at the Germans who destroyed her cosy household with her brother at the same time affirming and validating her new found independence So the two imcompatible partners set out to descend the Ulanga River and attack a much stronger German gunship Konigin Louise guarding the access to West Africa As we have come to expect from romantic comedies the initial repulsion will turn into something passionate as the couple spend time together and get to Os pastôres da noite know each otherThe story should be familiar to most of us from the famous Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn movie directed by John Huston I believe the movie is almost flawless due to the genius of the two leads to inhabit their characters and to transmit their passion to the viewers something the book only partially manages through unconvincing psychological speculations and a heavy dose a patriotic fervor Yet the book has its merits and I would recommend giving it a try even for those who like me have seen the movie about a dozen times There could be no monotony on the river with its snags and mud bars its bends and its backwaters its eddies and its swirls Perhaps those few days of active happiness were sufficient recompense to Rose Reaches the heart of the African jungle Charlie Allnutt and Rose Sayer a dishevelled trader and an English spinster missionary find themselves thrown together by circumstance Fighting time heat malaria and bullets they make their escape on the rickety steamboat The African.

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