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G had nothing to do with what I thought was the story and nothing lse was said about race after that itherOne can usually ignore or overlook a grammar or spelling rror or two specially if it is otherwise a good story which in my opinion this is not but the book seems to be just about totally unedited or proofread From beginning to the nd it is filled with numerous Grammatical Errors And Bad errors and bad no punctuation There was ven a section that was repeated though I guess that could have been an rror caused by whatever method was used to render the manuscript into PDF form maybe it was just a glitch Also there is something that I find a little peculiar about the way some of the sentences are structured They kind of remind me of the way a friend of mine from Germany speaks so perhaps English is a second language for the author I suppose that could xplain some of the awkward wording Or maybe it s just the difference between Irish English and American English since the author lives in Ireland I don t think so though I ve not had a problem with reading books by other Irish authors What I m hoping here is that since this is a free book this is merely a first draft and that the Author Intends To Get intends to get proofread and dited I don t think that will do much for the story but it will at least make the book look betterMy personal feeling though is that this book needs to The Shadow Reader either go back for a total re write or the writer should just scrap it and start clean I lean toward it being scrappedGood cover thoug. This all a mentally ill patient from Dublin Ireland is about to take part in medicalxperiments not knowing he is going to be deeply involved with a terrorist groupMind games travels through two continents via five different countri.

C.J. DeLange ß 6 Summary

As much as I would like to give this BOOK A GOOD REVIEW SORRY I FIND MYSELF UNABLE a good review sorry I find myself unable The author contacted me about a review swap and since she has already reviewed my short story I feel sort of obligated So here goesI had a really tough time reading this In the PDF version it is four hundred and ninety nine pages though that includes the title and copyright page and a couple of pages after the Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies ending tacked on by the free site from which it was downloaded The length is not why I had a tough time reading it I ve read andnjoyed much longer books However this was not an njoyable or xciting read just confusing and tiringPlease keep in mind THAT THIS IS JUST MY OPINION SOMEONE ELSE MAY this is just my opinion Someone The Power Of A Choice else may this is perfectly acceptable as is and find this to be a great book First the charactersven the main ones are so undeveloped that as hard as I tried I could dredge up no mpathy or connection with any of them and there are just way too many xtraneous charactersThe premise A man who is slowly losing his mind is sent from Ireland to the USA for xperimental treatments Add to that a young woman from Amsterdam who has brain cancer and is for some reason being sent to the same place in the USA for the same xperimental treatment And then there s the theft of a medical secret from a lab in AmericaIn the nd I think the story is supposed to be about all of the above but it has such a plethora of confusing and unnecessary sub plots thrown in that I found it very difficult to follow It never uite came together. In Thompson Research Station TRS scientists have been working on a semi synthetic virus The virus is a breakthrough in several brain diseases When a test tube goes missing the suspicion falls on Edgar Ellis one of the scientists On .
As a coherent whole The book reads like it was written by someone who has watched one Too Many TV Crime Dramas many TV crime dramas medical xaminers a feisty female cop who I think is supposed to be a main character though it s a while before she shows up and mostly just runs around on a motorcycle the uncooperative FBI incompetent cops a bad cop another main character though he shows up late too and I believe there was an unscrupulous doctor or three thrown into the pot tooThen there are the gratuitous killings one that seemed happen just so the insane man s wife would have someone to travel with to America another so that the medical Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling examiner would have something toxamine And the other Monsieur Pain eually gratuitous deaths of various characters justbecause Example One of the main characters was killed for no reason that I could see It was as if the author couldn t think of anythinglse to do with her so she had to go None of this is making for the thriller or intrigue type story hyped in the book s blurb Not only is the story terribly disjointed and rambling there are various scenes and tidbits thrown in for no discernible reason such as a racial pithet that one character throws in as the reason for the murder he is about
commit at the behest of I thought was the ringleader who wasn t having this man killed for any racial reason Or at least I thought that s who gave the order to kill the guy and there nothing in the story up to that point about the targeted guy being of a different race The race thin. He same vening of the disappearance of the tube a young Latino is found death in a car dump When Detective Sarah Wolters discovers the victim is Rodrigo Mendez the son of her new boyfriend she takes the case personalIn the midst of. Mind Games

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