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F what he is *trying to do I definitely enjoyed listening to the book and made ponder what exactly SV is *to do I definitely enjoyed listening to the book and made ponder what exactly SV is #To Better The World While #better the world While HARD TO BE ON THE SIDE to be on the side changing the world since it always seems like an impossible goal its still uite the noble cause and leaves you aspiring for in your life The book describes Musk leadership and his vision At one point despite that I m inspired by his leadership and commitment it ponders me on his on his less empathetic towards his team in the course of pursuing his dream Does visionaries behave this way Does it take such in order to become successful. S and c He wanted to give power to the world with free safe solar energyMusk and his companies Tesla Motors SpaceX and SolarCity were speeding full steam ahead to success by 2012Available in a variety of formats this summary is aimed for those who want to capture the gist of the book but don't have the current time to devour all 400 pages You get the main summary along with all of the benefits and lessons the actual book has to offer This summary is intended to be used with reference to the original book. Ngous odds and uncertainties ruthless working style are some of the #most inspiring features of his personality Overall this book is a #inspiring features of his personality Overall this book is a read with reasonable amount of depth Happy Reading Reviewing biographies are always tough its hard to be critical of someone that has managed to execute on a vision they had and the efforts they put in to get there At The Same Time The Book Seems To Be Angled the same time the book seems to be angled much into musks favour glancing over much of the not ideal parts of his businessesStill having read the book i now feel that i the book I now feel that I a much deeper respect for him and possibly a better understanding S changing or inserting his version of the story in places where he didn't agree The author refused to give him this He did however manage to ask Musk to hear out his personal as well as ournalistic reasons on why he wouldn't allow this Surprisingly Musk complied and agreed with him In turn Vance got full access to Musk's friends staff and his familyMusk had three goals he wanted to achieve in his life a He wanted humans to be space colonizers b He wanted to build beautiful and environmentally sound car. .

It gives an inner side view of life of a non traditional billionaire #This book was a birthday gift and after reading it I am finding #book was a birthday gift and after reading it I am finding as an actual gift The story of super humans who worked days and nights without getting tired is literally fascinating and has given me a lot of inspiration And it is not all about ust Musk it is about all the engineers and entrepreneurs who worked very hard to achieve a new leap in the history of mankind But our hero Elon Musk is the most passionate person from all of them working on unrealistic goals risking everything including his personal life fighting humo. This is a Summary of the original book Elon Musk Tesla SpaceX and the uest for a Fantastic Future This is an intense book written about Elon Musk When Musk was initially approached by Vance about the book he originally declined to work with him This was expected as Musk was uite controlling of what people wrote about him and his companies While Vance had reliable sources from within he wanted to get the story from the man himselfEarlier on Musk reuired that he would be privy to vetting the book as well

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Ashlee Vances Elon Musk

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