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I confirm that if it is not explored so nicely his actions and others reactions towards the same might not be that convincing With that let me tell you that each of the character is given its ue importanceThe book is good at philosophical and spiritual level as well The expertise of the author in building scenes and explaining surroundings and exploring battle is admirable He is a worthy competitor to the bestselling authors in this genre in many aspectsHere are some of the interesting lines from the bookIn every country or society there exists a few who are unhappy with the way things are No matter how far one travelled one had to come back home at the end of the journey Well what is history but the variation of facts by the victorious and the self sympathizing American Africans in Ghana Black Expatriates and the Civil Rights Era The John Hope Franklin Series in African American History and Culture delusions of theefeatedThe cover page is good but could have been a little betterSummaryOverall a fantastically retold mythological tale with logical approach The book has good literary attributes and strong characters Parshuram The embodiment of Lord Vishnu himself the isciple of Lord Shiva wielder of both the axe of Shiva and Vishnu s bow one of the seven immortals the man who clansed the earth from the arrogant Kshatriyas for twenty *one times the teacher of legendary warriors like Bheeshma Karna Dronacharya and Kripacharya the only Bharamakhsatriya known *times the teacher of legendary warriors like Bheeshma Karna Dronacharya and Kripacharya the only Bharamakhsatriya known the history of mankindEven after having such a larger than time personality there is no epic is available which chronicles the entire life of Parshuram as the Ramayana for Ram and the Mahabharat for Krishna We only hear the stories of this man from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana and from many folk tales alsoWhen I came to know about this book I picked it with great expectations and enthusiasm that finally someone tried to chronicle the life of this legend But the book can t lived up to the expactations The book is about the situations which led a Bhramin boy Ram to become the Bharamakhsatriya Parshuram Rather than the legend of Parshuram it s Parshuram Origins The first three parts of the book covers only the story of Kartavirya Arjun and his exploits The author tried to make Kartavirya Arjun as the second protagonist of the book but the character lacked the epth The story of transformation of Arjun from protagonist to antagonist was unacceptable It was a bad and impractical idea Ravan s character is used as Shakuni of the novel Some events were very similar to the Shiva trilogyThe author has My Hero Academia done a good job inescribing the political and social conditions of India at that time but in the midst of great political canvas which covers than half of the book main story which I was expecting was lost somewhere The narration was simple and good If this book was first book of any series the book would be a great start to the seriesIt was not what expacted25 Stars Good one by Dr Vineet Aggarwal though I would have liked if the author elaborated a bit on the transformation of Raam to Parshu Raam A fitting tribute to the wielder of Siva s axI couldn t find a book in realm of fiction completely Gotham Academy, Volume 3: Yearbook dedicated to Parasu Ramrather than portraying him as a supporting character and when I find this oneThanks to the author I m notisappointedRight from the beginning to the endI ve thoroughly enjoyed the book The main protagonist idn t appear till halfway through the bookthat came as a bit surprisebut the void was c This book is a treasure trove of information for all #Those Who Love Mythology Vineet #who love mythology Vineet a great friend we went to the same school and that makes this book very special I have read his first book Vishwamitra and have now finished reading this second one That besides I have also been an avid reader of his blog ecodehindumythologyblogspotcom He is a talented writer and is thorough with his research Legend of Parshuraam tracks the story of Raam the scion of Bhargava clan the Brahmin boy who cleansed the Earth of Asurs and efeated the bravest of Kshatriyas The narrative is speckled with stories from Hindu mythology and the writing flows effortlessly across three hundred pages I got my signed copy what about you. Age It is the story of the man who rose to the level of ivinity the story of the making of a legend The Legend of Parshu Raam. ,

The Legend of Parshu RaamA remarkable story of a remarkable manEveryone knows Parshu RAAM AS AN AVATAR WHO MASSACRED KSHATRIYAS BUT WHAT as an avatar who massacred kshatriyas But what him a slayer is a story seldom narrated There is Fabulous book on one of the most fascinating characters of Indian mythology DrVineet Agarwal sticks to the original Purana giving his interpretation without The Devil’s Historians How Modern Extremists Abuse the Medieval Past deviation And fortunatelyoes not inject pseudo science or force fit contemporary events Interestingly the title character actually makes his appearance half way in the book The first half is on Parashuram s lineage his parents his ancestors and the gradual transformation of Kartyavira Arjun the antagonist from a just wise #Ruler To A Merciless #to a merciless The machinations of the Naga Asur tribes are well The African American Odyssey Volume 2 depicted While DrAgarwaloes explore the inter relations between the Naga Asur and Kshatriya clans his language is far better than the vastly overrated Amish Tripathi s And no teen speak to make it reach out to younger audiences This is some one who knows his history mythology and philosophy well unlike Tripathi s half baked theories And that in itself is a reason to read this book The Legend of Parshu Raam Simple gripping and interesting read Everything about this book is pure perfection right from the etailed *description of each character to each event which one can visualize while reading Pushpak vimana s escription is *of each character to each event which one can visualize while reading Pushpak vimana s Hardcore physical child abuse description is on and thorough research of un touched side of legendary action hero which makes this book a tightly bound storyline There are a lot of back stories This is much needed for people who are not familiar with themThe story goes on tell how situations prevailing before his birth forced a Brahmin of Alambayin gotra Raam turns out to be the Bramhakshtriya Parshu raam The wielder of the axe Dr Vineet has managed to keep a perfect balance between true mythological facts and fresh use of his imagination Plus he has maintained the authenticity of the period very well If you love to read mythology you re in for a treat with The Legend of Parshu Raam with Vineet Aman Aggarwal The lesser known mortals of Indian mythology seen in a new insightful lightMany Indians will know of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu but seldomo any of us know any avatar aside of Lord Ram and Krishna This book is the life story of Parshuraam the warrior avatar of Lord Vishnu The Legend of Parshuraam methodically retraces his life beginning with a perspective of how things had shaped up in the generation that ruled prior to him in Nabhivarsh older I have been following Dr Vineet Aggarwal s blog Handbook of Agricultural Entomology decodehindumythologyblogspotcom since many years now and we have become good friends because of hours ofiscussion on various mythologiesOne Dare for More day I went to a movie an hour early and just to pass my time I went into Crossword and that is how I got my copy of The Legend of Parshu RaamI bought it the second I saw it because first I admired the author because of his blog and second it was a book about Parshu RaamMany Indian authors have written about mythology but they limited themselves to the popular stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat Vineet hasived THE COCAINE ADDICTION CURE (Drug Addiction, 12 Step Program, Road to Recovery, Alcohol Addiction) deep into the mythology with both his books about popular but lesser known characters Vishwamitra and now ParshuramThe book isivided into three parts First part is about Parshuram s family second is about the antagonist Kartavirya Arjun and third is about the man of the hour Parshuram But throughout the book the evil is rising in the backgroundWhat I loved about the book is that it is filled with mythological information and the scientific explanations of what could have been Another thing was that whenever I heard the story of Parshuram Kartavirya Arjun was already a villain no explanation just a messy king Boku no Hero Academia dj - Osananajimi ga Sugoku Yakkai na Kosei ni Kakatteru drunk with power but this book explains what went wrong and how it happenedA very easy yet gripping read Congratulations to Dr Vineet Aggarwal and Best of luck for the future endeavors Really a nice book for mythology loversDetailed book review is available at Ram aka Raam was aescendant of Brahma considered as the 6th avatar of Vishnu and worshiper of Shiva He is known better as. The story of a simple Brahmin boy who was forced to challenge the powerful Kshatriya rulers of his time for establishing a fair. ,
ParshuRaam aka Parshuram the one who holds the A Gypsy Promise divine Parshu aagger which is blessed to him by Lord Shiva There is a lot written about him but there is a lot unknown about him as well You can find traces of his tale even in Ramayana and Mahabharata as well and yet it is tough to find a consolidated account of Parshuram s lifeDr Vineet Aggrawal a famous author who started his career as an author by writing a book about Vishwamitra came with a Imprisoned with the Alien Rohilian Warrior detailed book on ParshuramThe plot of this book has its root in the book about Vishwamitra howeveron t worry if you haven t read it yet The book is complete in itself and you can enjoy reading it without missing any important etailThe PlotLet us take a bird s eye View To The Plot Of The Book to the plot of the book I will try to keep most of the spoilers at the bay but some of them are unavoidable It all stars with the actions of Ruchik the escendant of Bhrigu who feel African American History Black History Month Book 1 disheartened by the actions of his wife Satyavati and her mother asecided to leave the African Literature and Social Change domestic life He leaves everything in a moment including his newborn and went to the Himalayas to complete his spiritual journeyThe Karma is a great leveler and one has to fulfill all hisheruties and thus the circumstances took the turn and Ruchik has to come back into the lives of his wife Satyavati and son Yamadagni aka JamadagniArjun is one of the great rulers of Nabhivarsh and he followed the path of Dharma With the able guidance of his father and immense warrior skills of his own he went ahead to have some of the most remarkable political alliances and fought some great wars all to establish the kingdom of Dharma all over the earth He #was almost successful in his effortsAlmost because there are tribes which want to keep following their own way of ruling #almost successful in his effortsAlmost because there are tribes which want to keep following their own way of ruling The Alchemy of Yoga don t care much about the ideal practices advised by the Dharma And some of the most cunning minds and brave fighters were there at their side also Adding to them was Ravana the rising figure in Asura tribe who is of mixed origin and possessor of the good ualities of both the clansWhy Arjun the ferocious warrior better known as Sahatrarjun then is considered as the one whoid some wrong stuffs Why he is killed by Raam who became Parshuram by then And why Raam started a series of wiping out the Kshatryia rulers who were not following the path of Dharma The seuence of actions and their reactions are better to explore by reading this bookViews and ReviewsThe book is written in a gripping manner and is a elight for the lovers of Indian Mythogoly More importantly it explore the characters which are comparatively less explored but played a very important role in making Bharat that is India what it is todayOf course there are some gaps when you try to trace the incidents mentioned in various scriptures which the author may need to go through to collect material for this book and he had to instill the imaginary stuff thereWhile I to collect material for this book and he had to instill the imaginary stuff thereWhile I that the character of the protagonist could have been given footage especially his ays of teen whatever explored is good in terms of content and representation both Despite it being the story of Raam the incident which were responsible to make him Parshuram are explored uite nicely Before many years when reading reviews for a movie I found a nice line written by a reviewer which was telling something like without properly exploring the antagonist you cannot explore the abilities of the protagonist Very true The stronger the antagonist is the protagonist will automatically become stronger than himher Often we start marking various characters as black and white while there is nothing can be attributes so in absolute manner Practically almost everyone has the shades of grays and it is the responsibility of the storyteller to explore them in that wayWhat I like in this book is the way the character of Arjun is explored Of course the way characters of Ravana Ruchik Satyavati Yamadagni Renuka Ram and others are explored are pretty effective and nice Arjun s character is given proper footage I Aliens Abroad d not seen it is explored so much in other scriptures I came across so far And. And just society This book shall introduce you to the clash that completely transformed India's social structure in a bygone.

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