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Roaring Up the Wrong Tree Grayslake #3Ugh I #am not liking these books The shifter sexism acismspecies ism is just too much for me #not liking these books The shifter sexism acismspecies ism is just too much for me enough escapism too much stress and unhappiness I just Beer Law: What Brewers Need to Know reead the blurbs an I find I uite dislike series books that make previous H s or h s jerks Why have the person likable in their book and then a total jerk in a later book That happened with Van AND Ty in this story When you add that to the fact that none of the other characters were Really Likable Either I likable either I a hard time with this book I GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany really liked the first two books in the series and am hoping the forth will be like them 45 StarsI loved this book I love that Keen was such a hidden treasure This was by far my favorite book so far I loved that He had a dark past and that even though he was strong enough to be an Itan he chose to let others lead as it suited him better even though he was stronger I loved that he was immediately absorbed in Trista and that he protected her I love Parker he s always growing and growling I love that he is willing to apologize and he is extremely cute and loveableIf I was Lauren I probably would cut Van Just saying he needs a good swatI absolutely loved Trista and her inner strength I wasn t sure how Ms Kyle was going to be able to pull off the Hyena bit but I The third book features Keen the neglected baby brother and Trista the tormented half hyena sister to the hyena Alpha The Good The Bad and Everything In Between Solid character writing I started this book because I was in between ARCeads and frankly I wanted to clear off my kindle I was kind of meh about the earlier two books and I didn t have alot of hopes for this one I was pleasantly surprised it was unexpectedly touching the story pulled me in and while there are always familiar elements in shifter The Confederate Privateers romances this one was well done A tortured protective hero I neverealized how crappy Keen s family was to him which frankly made me like the heroes from the earlier books less I will sa. Librarian Note Alternate cover edition ASIN B00MM7XGYWhat should Trista you do when faced with a hunky werebear who can’t decide if he wants to kill her or screw herHalf hyena Trista has spent years otating between Grayslake Redby and Boyne Falls When the Grayslake Itan the local clan’s werebear leader orders a purge of all hyenas she finds herself fighting to hold onto the hand to mouth life she’s created Her carefully buil.

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Y that it made the entire family situation feel a little eal than what s typically portrayed in these books usually the family may exchange some banter but there s never this deep esentment and anger because of past actions and
i enjoyed that 
enjoyed that touch It made Keen come alive in my mind and differentiated him from the other Abrams Other than this Keen s protectiveness of Trista and women in his family in general was lovely A long suffering heroine Trista suffers for being a minority shifter half hyena and tortured by her half brother for as long as she can #Remember Trista And Her #Trista and her mother spent most of her life never staying in one place for too long because of shifter laws No insta love eally Part and parcel of shifter Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism romances are the instant connection usually by the hero to the heroine that prompts them to pursue aelationship Keen is attracted to Trista The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, right away and he does his fair share of mine speak but the actual love andelationship builds gradually It s when they start to share their pain and Keen stands up against everyone to protect Trista that you see their Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness relationship start to blossom Ieally liked the fact that this book is about two incredibly likeable leads who find solace in each other As they were treated unfairly you can t help but oot for them to stand together in each other As they were treated unfairly you can t help but oot for them to stand together tell everyone else to eff off Deus ex machina in full effect The story was plugging along building towards an tense and emotional climaxand then a plot twist comes along that pretty much wraps up all the problems up in a neat little bow A bit too neatly But I was so invested in ooting for Keen and Trista that I let it work on me and I only side eyed it a little Standalone HEA Yes it s part of this continuing series and yes you d benefit from eading the earlier books but I don t think it s necessaryThe Bottom LineI think it s my fave of the series an unexpected treat My eview and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted. T existence is threatened further when a gorgeous werebear strides into her life and demands not just her heart but her very soul She’ll think about it but not until her shift ends at sevenKeen seems like a happy go lucky sex and sin werebear but that’s nowhere near the truth In eality his inner animal wants to go on a bloody ampage and kill half of Grayslake just because it can After that it wants to claim the seductive curv. At HotlistenscomSo we are back in Grayslake surrounded by bears Keen is the youngest of four brothers Each of his Other Brothers Had A Place brothers had a place the inner circle of the clan the youngest of four brothers Each of his other brothers had a place in the inner circle of the clan the oldest is the alpha Van is the enforcer Isaac is the healer Keen has been functioning as the clan s Keeper He knows the laws inside and out but he has never been officially given the title He has always felt a little apart from his brothers It has made him a little bit bitterTrista is a half hyena Her father was the old alpha who has caused all kinds of mischief in the area So much that a purge has been called all hyenas must leave the area or be killed Trista has been living a hard life Her father wouldn t let her mother take her out of the area but she was also only allow in the different areas on a visit which limited her time in each area She knew all the laws and fought hard to stay in them If she overstayed in anyone else s territory her life would be forfeitKeen is uickly taken to Trista and doesn t take kindly when his family doesn t treat her well because of her father They don t ever talk to her and learn that her father treated her like crap tooI love the characters that Celia Kyle writes They aren t perfect but their flaws make them better I can see people I know myself included having to deal with some of the many issues that better I can see people I know myself included having to deal with some of the many issues that Kyle makes her characters go through Life isn t easy for her characters but I think they are better people for their troubles I also think we see a lot of lessons learned throughout this series And the books are eally funny too NarrationKendall Taylor continues to do eally well with this series I eally like all the voices that she does for each of the characters She has no problems with the growing cast of male and female characters I think her pacing and tone are eally well done I would ecommend herI like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris review. Aceous half hyena female Keen can’t get out of his head The animal doesn’t care that most bears wouldn’t mind a little hyena tartare for breakfast lunch and dinner Nope it peers at her through Keen’s human eyes and has one thought mateWhen push comes to shove Keen has to decide if he wouldather have the family he was born with or Trista the woman who makes him Letters to Rollins realize that true happiness comes in a lush hyena shaped packa.

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