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It happened again I was sucked in by a title I was lulled into reading a story by the book write up It sounded interesting For my ABC Challenge

i needed a 
needed a that started with K to substitute for another that I found I could not read after discovering it was a 5th in a series and I had not read the 4th and I did not understand what was going on after I started I looked at the other book titles on my TBR list and I can only say thank you TD McKinney I ve been a Sherlock Holmes fan since I was a id I guess that s why I have *a hard time liking modern mysteries They just don t always measure up *hard time liking modern mysteries They just don t always measure up this thoughtful caring and romantic telling of the first Black Heart, Red Ruby kiss between these long time friends was wonderfully written I ll never read my Holmes and Watson again without thinking of this story and how much enriching their friendship will become I can only give this story 5 stars here but it is on my six star favs listI enjoyed the writing so much I had to get some from this writer so I m currently reading Portrait of a Kiss and it s turning out just as good as I d hoped1st read Oct 30 20112nd read Nov 18 20123rd read Jul 05 20134th read Jun 14 2014This second read was even better than the first I was in the mood for some Sherlock Holmes so I watched a movie then found the series Sherlock and watched that The last show of the second season was Reichenbach Falls and wenow how that ended It was so sad I just had to have something happy after that so I pulled this up to give myself one of the happiest Holmes stories I love Holmes but the true blue Dr Watson has always been one of my favorite literary characters and in "this story we see how much he meant to Sherlock and how much Sherlock always meant to him Thank goodness "story we see how much he meant to Sherlock and how much Sherlock always meant to him Thank goodness this happy endingFourth reading I guess no matter how many times I read and re read this story I always have to say I was reading some Sherlock Holmes this weekend as well as viewing the third season of Sherlock where he returns Nothing tops off one of my Sherlock Holmes marathons better than a re read of Kissing Sherlock Holmes We ve always nown that Dr Watson and Holmes have a high regard for each other but when Watson s demonstration turns into we find that the regard they have for each other is so much deeper This story is placed after Holmes return after his apparent death at Reichenbach so they both now how much they missed each other during those years of separation I also like that Watson is revealed as worldly therefore not afraid to share his love for Sherlock I find I can New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood keep re reading and always finding layers to this But I guess what it boils down to is that I love Sherlock and John together and this story is the cherry on top of all the other HolmesWatson writings 35 4This was a nice story Understated British comes to mindWatson feels real in his narration of the story and it feels true to the time it is set inThe mystery wasn t very mysterious to me but I found it enjoyable anyway I would definitely read another one of Sherlock and Watson s adventures and see the new aspect of their relationship developed uite possibly one of the worst books I ever managed to finish It took me two months to get through all the purple prose and dead horse romance tropes and predictable plot twists and in the end I think it was just bile fascinationThis book doesn t just fail at being a believable romance or a believable mystery or a believed Sherlock Holmes story It just fails Falls flat on his face after a couple of pages and doesn t manage to get up EverHolmes and Watson are two lovesick puppies who d rather spend the day cuddling and promising undying love to each other rather than catch a criminal They bumble through the case with Holmes failing every important deduction ever but luckily the. My dear Watson how does one go aboutissing a woman”Sherlock Holmes’ uestion leads to a lesson Watson never expected to teach And feelings he never thought to explore A single iss alters Watson’s world while the announcement of Holmes’ upcom. .

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Kissing Sherlock HolmesSolution to the mystery falls in their laps But it doesn t matter because Holmes managed to impress the ladies at dinner with his deductions about cellos and gardening so he s a proper detective see And anyway there s no need for any genius sleuth when the culprit is so obvious they might as well have a sign that says Hate Me I m Evil on their back Everyone talks as if they were in the 21st century save for one id plagued by phonetic spelling and they go around doing all ind of things that would have a Victorian lady in a faint calling strangers by their first names and forgetting to wear gloves at dinnerThe thing that left me most baffled was that several reviews and blurbs state that the authors have a great nowledge of the characters and the historical period Let me ask where and when and how was that apparent It takes than offhand mentions of a country manor and horses and English house parties to make a historical novel Just take the dinner scene The characters address each other in the wrong way address the servants in the wrong way talk about all the wrong subjects act inappropriately and are improperly dressedUnless you re looking for bad fiction don t read this book It s not even hilariously bad fiction just terribly written The dialogue was witty and I found myself laughing at odd moments very cleverly written enjoyable mystery and a fun read That first iss Lets just say interesting Reviewed by Joe I "Am A Huge Holmes "a huge Holmes I ve read all the stories seen all the movies Holmes and Watson have given me much companionship on many nights so I was a little hesitant when I saw this title but also new I had to pick it up and I was not disappointed in the least McKinney and Wylis write "with a grace and elegance that would make Doyle himself proud It s almost as if they channelled his creative "a grace and elegance that would make Doyle himself proud It s almost as if they channelled his creative to create a wonderful tale that feels as if it s a part of the official Holmes cannon The authors write with great respect for these beloved iconic characters and it was obvious that I was reading work by two fans The language they used made me feel like I was reading a book that had been published during the 1800s not a modern book that was trying to feel old fashioned which I loved I also cared deeply for Holmes and Watson and could relate to them McKinney and Wylis have not written some ind of gay pornographic slash fantasy between the two characters but have rather created a world that show two men who are best friends as close as brothers and who love each other deeply and have started to uestion just what ind of love they have for each other So rather you are a dedicated Holmesaholic or are just curious about the great detective I highly recommend that you pick up a copyA This book greatly impressed me A friend bought it and had it uploaded to my indle as a joke because he *knows that the idea of sherlock and watson *that the idea of Sherlock and Watson in a romantic sense suicks me in ways that possibly boggle the mind However I figured that if my friend had spend six dollars on a joke the least I could do was read the first chapterThen the next thing I new is that I had reached my train stop and was just starting chapter threeI wasn t at all exaggerating when I say I hate the idea of Holmes and Watson being together but if that s the case then how could I like this book at all Simple T D McKinneyand Terry Wylis understand Sherlock Holmes and Watson When reading Watson sounds like Watson which I have occasionally noticed to be my biggest critiue of Sherlock Holmes books written by authors other than Doyle and Sherlock Holmes sounds like Sherlock Holmes Perhaps the reason them being together in this book doesn t bother me is because it takes place long after Holmes return I d give this one a 45Changing the classic Holmes and Wa. Ing marriage sets an odd fear in his heartAmidst the beauty of an English country party the greatest detective the world has ever nown searches for a traitor Somewhere among the glittering nobility a sadist lurks using blackmail to destroy lives and. ,

Tson into lovers was a unexpected but great idea I loved the changes they made in their personalities to fit into the MM genre It showed the restraint needed for the historical era but also exhibited their creative flairI loved the characters They still maintained the base of who they were while still exploring the change in their relationship and seeing Holmes become protective of Watson was greatThe attention to period detail whether characters locale or social status were well done And the dialogue was witty often making me chuckle I certainly wouldn t mind seeing the authors give new lovers Holmes and Watson another mystery to solve in the future A trilogy might be nice I really enjoyed this cozy mystery Loved the characters voice *EVEN THOUGH I IMMEDIATELY HAD THE *though I immediately had the guy figured out I still enjoyed the process Holmes took to reveal the mystery I was a bit disappointed that there was no smexin after the first 30% of the book the beginning was HOTalthough the story wouldn t have appropriately allowed for it I still wanted lovin between Holmes and Watson It seems delightfully in character that Sherlock Holmes would launch this story by precipitating a change in his and Watson s relationship in the name of acuiring information While Kissing Sherlock Holmes does not break new ground in assuming a homosexual attraction between them TD McKinney and Terry Wylis do provide a sexually charged pastiche with a mystery to solveThe mystery elements have a well weighted share of page time the problem is worthy of Sherlock Holmes attention before Watson arrives at Toddington Oaks Once he s there the danger is no longer confined to treason and blackmail but becomes personal when a freshly issed Watson is repeatedly endangered The culprit becomes evident far too early in the book but there is a certain entertainment value to watching Holmes flounder around before he figures it out The authors pay attention to the late Victorian sensibilities very well at some times though not so well at others Holmes and Watson pay lip service to not being caught but when they are found out by one person Watson does not even contemplate the possible conseuences and not because they are too horrid to think about The entire matter takes on the same social importance as spitting in the potted plants it disappears entirely The whirlwind romance of a few weeks from first meeting to wedding that Holmes and Winnifred are planning would "have been a scandal everyone would have assumed he d gotten her pregnant with such "been a scandal everyone would have assumed he d gotten her pregnant with such short engagement Yet Holmes does play the stern male authority figure putting her in her place when she steps out of the assigned female roleThe unfolding of Holmes and Watson s physical explorations is very sweetly done they need to invent everything for themselves every small touch is new and wondrous The change in their relationship is marked with vast numbers of darlings and dearests which rather stepped on the sheer intimacy of Holmes using Watson s given name I boggled at Watson using darling in front of another person no matter how sympathetic that person wasThe language darlings aside matched the tone of Holmes canon nicely and the ending was certainly the best that could be hoped for as far as the Toddingham family was concerned The mystery was tragic in the classical sense being made inevitable by the character s fatal flaw I had sympathy for the villain though to explain why is a spoiler Some of the villainous behavior was just over the top reuiring a huge amount of collusion from other parties and could have been dispensed withAll in all the joys of this well done pastiche outweigh the flaws Kissing Sherlock Holmes is a good solid read and the prospect of Holmes and Watson s return to 221b Baker Street is a joyful one. Endanger a nationOnly Sherlock Holmes can save an innocent man and bring the traitor to justice It’s a search that could cement the greatest friendship of all time into something far deeper and strongerif the hunt doesn’t end Watson’s life first.

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