Amora by Grant J. Hallstrom

Book Excellence Awards chose Amora as a finalist for the best historical book of 2020, and New York City Book Awards selected Amora as the third best independent Historical Fiction published in 2020. It is remarkable that a Christian historical novel would even be considered, let alone place. These awards demonstrate the universality of the book’s message and its cross genre appeal.“With all the anger in our world today, this book is a good read to inspire your soul.” –Kendra Campbell.“Amora is a superbly written and richly descriptive novel with brilliantly drawn characters and settings. The author weaves a well crafted historical fiction based on a true story that will captivate the reader’s attention from the start. Skillfully constructed, this well researched story will have you turning the pages from beginning to end. This for me was a phenomenal read…It has been a while since I enjoyed a book this much. It’s a first class historical fiction with perfect pacing. Highly recommended and a well deserved five stars from me.” –Piaras, an distinguished Vine Voice Reviewer.“Amora is without a doubt, the most emotional Historical Christian story I have ever read.” –Chick Lit Café“Amora is a very visual story rich in details that pulls you in and doesn’t let you go.” –Sandra GotlaufaThis multiple award winning historical novel “is based on the true story of the noblewoman who inspired Justin Martyr’s petition to the Roman Senate. The basic theme is forgiveness versus vengeance set in a sweeping action adventure tale of sacrifice that examines spirituality and faith and explores the path to healing as the characters struggle with their pains of loss, betrayal, and guilt.” –Wayne S. Walker“I was pleasantly surprised at not only how inspiring but also how captivating and exciting the storyline was; I could not put it down! It also gave me a better understanding of the Greco Roman world and a greater appreciation of what the early Christians had to endure and the sacrifices they made. The author did a beautiful job telling this story and incorporating so many different emotions: happiness, sadness, courage, fear, hate, and, most importantly, the power of love and forgiveness. I highly recommend this book; it will not disappoint!” –Toni PowellEXECUTIVE REVIEWS:“This is a powerful story that will, unquestionably, resonate with people of faith, but has enough universal appeal to find a home with crossover readers as well.”“The core concept of the novel feels like Christian forgiveness on a collision course with revenge.”“The ideas of vengeance and forgiveness as two sides of a coin is a really compelling underlying motif for this novel.”“I loved the inexorable pull of vengeance and betrayal pulling on all the characters. Knowing that the merciless hand of fate is moving towards Leo, creates the kind of delicious tension that drives stories in this genre.”“We watch these characters struggle in different ways but all of them find their way to the same place at the end. I liked seeing the tension throughout the book as these moments of fate and decision wound together.”“The novel does a great job zooming out for the big picture but also being able to really focus in on intimate human details and moments with these characters.”“The blending of several distinct and quite separate storylines come together very well and provide an emotionally satisfying end to the book.” #1 New Release for Ancient Historical Fiction September 10, 2020 #1 New Release for Christian Historical Fiction September 10, 2020

To Be to Is to Was by Stephen C. Bird

(200 words) Welcome to a collection of worlds that collide, collude, conflict, cooperate or exist in indifferent isolation.  In the late 1970s, Sunnie Deelite, a young gay male with one foot still in the closet, undergoes a trial by fire among his tribe of queer brothers.  Isabella Gloucester experiences the torment of unrequited love, alongside show business success, in Lost Angelist, Amourrica Profunda, Pangolina, Blue Green Planet.  Baba Yaga terrorizes the bourgeois neighborhood of Drowsydayle, Near Wanna, in the province of Orckario, Narniada.  South of the Narniadan border, Turmerico Inflammatorio, an unstable demagogue, creates havoc in Amourrica Profunda.  In outer space, the people of Planet Gorp transcend hyper capitalism through practices involving synesthesia and chromesthesia.  Bryanna Dolls gives birth by Immaculate Conception to her doppelgänger, Clawdeeya.  Upon reaching adulthood, Clawdeeya indulges in Schadenfreude while terrorizing the city of Near Wanna, Orckario.  Tommy Massageny hosts a highly anticipated contest in the Galatea galaxy, in which Bryanna, Clawdeeya, Ophelia Wainwright  and Luchadora Madrugadora (Queen of Stepford Ken and Barbie Westworld) battle for interstellar supremacy.  Meanwhile back in Amourrica Profunda, resisters band together to celebrate the demise of Fascibook.  Even though Fascibook has stolen their souls, they make the best of a bad situation and party into oblivion.Please refer to the Blog Posting on the Stephen C. Bird Author Profile Page for Reviews and Quotes from Goodreads Reviews for "To Be to Is to Was".

Life After Gravity by Patricia Fara

Enter for a chance to win one of 15 copies of "Life after Gravity: Isaac Newton's London Career" by historian of science Patricia Fara the story of Isaac Newton's decades in London as ambitious cosmopolitan gentleman, President of London's Royal Society, Master of the Mint, and investor in the slave tradeIsaac Newton is celebrated throughout the world as a great scientific genius who conceived the theory of gravity. But in his early fifties, he abandoned his life as a reclusive university scholar to spend three decades in London, a long period of metropolitan activity that is often overlooked. Enmeshed in Enlightenment politics and social affairs, Newton participated in the linked spheres of early science and imperialist capitalism. Instead of the quiet cloisters and dark libraries of Cambridge's all male world, he now moved in fashionable London society, which was characterized by patronage relationships, sexual intrigues and ruthless ambition.Knighted by Queen Anne, and a close ally of influential Whig politicians, Newton occupied a powerful position as President of London's Royal Society. He also became Master of the Mint, responsible for the nation's money at a time of financial crisis, and himself making and losing small fortunes on the stock market. A major investor in the East India Company, Newton benefited from the global trading networks that relied on selling African captives to wealthy plantation owners in the Americas.

Damnation Spring by Ash Davidson

“In her astonishingly accomplished first novel, Ash Davidson reminds us that we are never profoundly shaped by our environment than when we destroy it. Nearly every page left me in awe.” —Anthony Marra, author of A Constellation of Vital PhenomenaEnter to win one of 45 early copies of Damnation Spring, the incredible debut from Ash Davidson.

The President's Daughter by Bill Clinton

The Founding Fathers of the presidential thriller are teaming up once again! James Patterson and Bill Clinton are set to deliver one of the best books of 2021!Enter now for your chance to win one of 50 advanced reading copies of THE PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER. Every detail is accurate—because one of the authors is President Bill Clinton. The drama and action never stop—because the other author is James Patterson. Matthew Keating, a one time Navy SEAL—and a past president—has always defended his family as staunchly as he has his country. Now those defenses are under attack. A madman abducts Keating’s teenage daughter, Melanie—turning every parent’s deepest fear into a matter of national security. As the world watches in real time, Keating embarks on a one man special ops mission that tests his strengths: as a leader, a warrior, and a father. The authors’ first collaboration, The President Is Missing, a #1 New York Times bestseller and the #1 bestselling novel of 2018, was praised as “ambitious and wildly readable” (New York Times Book Review) and “a fabulously entertaining thriller” (Pulitzer Prize–winning author Ron Chernow).

Mom Genes by Abigail Tucker

“For anyone who is a mother, or who has a mother, [Mom Genes] is an eye opening tour through the biology and psychology of a role that is at once utterly ordinary and wondrously strange.” —Annie Murphy Paul, author of Origins From the New York Times bestselling author of The Lion in the Living Room comes a fascinating and provocative exploration of the biology of motherhood.Everyone knows how babies are made, but scientists are only just beginning to understand the making of a mother. Mom Genes reveals the hard science behind our tenderest maternal impulses, tackling questions such as whether a new mom’s brain ever really bounces back, why mothers are destined to mimic their own moms (or not), and how maternal aggression makes females the world’s most formidable creatures. Part scientific odyssey, part memoir, Mom Genes weaves the latest research with Abigail Tucker’s personal experiences to create a delightful, surprising, and poignant portrait of motherhood. It’s vital reading for anyone who has ever wondered what rocks the hand that rocks the cradle.

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